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Event & Show Security: Where Do I Start?

16 Jul 2018













Setting up an event or a show where you intend to draw in a crowd of people to enjoy entertainment can be exciting and fun. But where crowds are involved, you must ensure a good level of event security is in place. Whether you are organising gigs, festivals or conferences, the need for security services is crucial to run a smooth and safe event.

Organisers are so busy dealing with guests, staff and all the other elements of running a smooth operation that sometimes security gets overlooked. This can be detrimental to your event.     

Why you should have event security

Show security is not just for controlling crowds and keeping the peace, it demonstrates professionalism and shows your guests that you take their safety seriously. Hiring a good event security service promotes a safe environment that your guests and staff will appreciate.

A security service will mean that you have professionally trained event security guards keeping a close eye on your event and the safety of the people within it. The security agency will ensure that they have understood the processes and procedures of the intended event, along with carrying out a specialised risk assessment.

A risk assessment is essential to ensuring that all vulnerabilities are taken into consideration and identified risks are eliminated or reduced.

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Hiring a security agency

When hiring a security agency for your event or show, there are many things to consider:

  • Is this a reputable security services provider?
  • What type of security services does the security agency provide?
  • Does it have the relevant experience in event and show security?
  • Is it an accredited security agency?

Along with this, you must consider whether the security agency offers event bodyguards to help protect VIP’s and entertainers. This is an important step as people you have hired to come and entertain at your event will appreciate that you have taken their safety seriously.

Having event and show bodyguards

Show bodyguards are there as a strong visual security presence and can act as a deterrent. When entertainers, staff and guests feel safe they have a good time at your event.

The great thing about having show bodyguards is that if things get out of hand, they will be there, ready to keep things under control and maintain people’s safety.

When considering a security agency to provide security services and show bodyguards, it is important to ensure that it is an accredited company. Unfortunately, there are many security companies out there that are not accredited by the SIA (Security Industry Authority). Therefore they do not have their policies and procedures audited and verified to ensure that they meet the industry standards.

It is also useful to check whether the agency has the ISO9001 accreditation for quality management. This audit inspects and verifies that the security agency is offering a respectable quality of service for its customers. This gives customers the peace of mind that they will be receiving a high standard of service.

Customer Service

We have ascertained that having a professional security service at your event is essential. Ensuring that the security agency is accredited and approved by the SIA and ISO9001 is paramount. But what about the delivery of great customer service?

Gone are the days where bouncers or event bodyguards stood staring at guests with menacing looks. Most people who attend your events are there to have a great time. A good security team will only add value to the experience.

For your event you should look for a security agency that trains its staff to deliver security services whilst maintaining a great customer experience. What you should look for in security services is:

  • Punctuality
  • Smartly dressed
  • Polite/well mannered
  • Professional
  • Be aware of the venue and its fire exits and fire assembly points
  • Know who the key people of contact are, eg, organisers, etc.  
  • Have all the necessary security equipment, including radios and high visibility coats, etc
  • Capable and confident enough to apply their conflict resolution training
  • Deal with people with respect and an attitude that reflects the event’s image

If you require a security agency that is an SIA approved contractor and the ISO 9001 accreditation for your event, then contact All Time Security now.  Read more of our blogs to discover more about All Time Security and the services we offer.

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