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Monthly Archives: January 2021
Security Guarding in 2021
05 Jan 2021

Security guarding 2021


The world has been a strange place since the beginning of 2020. COVID19 has shocked the world and changed the way we work, socialise and even communicate. But things will start to go back to normal and the security industry will be needed more than ever.

With emergency services being pushed to their maximum, many businesses and retailers will rely heavily on professional security service providers such as All Time Security to take the lead on offering trained, qualified and professional security guards to help maintain the safety and security of their businesses, products and assets.

Why is security so important in 2021?

Having good security practices is important for any time and situation but it has undoubtedly become increasingly important in 2021.

With the UK going into rolling national lockdowns and tiers, frustration and anxiety will naturally increase. Security service providers offer valuable assistance to emergency staff, retail outlets and venue managers.

Retail Security guards are becoming crucial for ensuring the safety and security of staff and customers at supermarkets – especially in times where supermarkets are the only retail outlets open.

Essential shopping means that supermarkets may get swarmed with shoppers and any place that ha crowds of people need to have crowd management in place to ensure the safety and security of staff and shoppers.

Security guards are also essential to ensuring that social distancing is adhered to and people are following the government safety rule and guidelines.

I times of the pandemic, there are some people who panic and start to panic buy essential items – this causes a lot of distress and sometimes causes conflict. This type of conflict can easily erupt into arguments and even violence.

Trained and qualified security guards are skilled in dealing with these types of situations. Security guards will act as visual deterrents as well as monitors. They will monitor people to ensure that safety rules as well as fair purchase policies are being adhered to.

Security guards will also ensure that only the specified amount of people permitted to be in stores at one time are strictly maintained. This might even result in a one in and one out policy to ensure the safety of everyone.

It is clear that without a good, professional security presence, staff and shoppers in retail outlets are put in unnecessary risk. And by having security guards in place, venue and retail managers are taking the appropriate actions to reduce the risk of conflict and injuries.       

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