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All Time Security News and Articles

All Time Security News and Articles
21 Sep 2020
If you're searching for firms that offer trained bodyguards.
14 Sep 2020
Do you need security guards that both protect and promote the reputation of your business?
07 Sep 2020
Do you think you could improve the security at your building site?
31 Aug 2020
Although this year could not have started how anyone could have planned for or wanted.
24 Aug 2020
There are many advantages to choosing a keyholding firm.
17 Aug 2020
Do you need manned security guards for your site or are looking to have CCTV installed?
10 Aug 2020
The retail industry has come under unprecedented pressure this past year.
27 Jul 2020
Whether you need corporate security, extra protection for your private home.
20 Jul 2020
All Time Security offers a 24-hour CCTV remote monitoring service for 356 days a year.
06 Jul 2020
With the retail sector under great pressure at the moment.
29 Jun 2020
The installation and monitoring of alarms systems are just one of the security services.
22 Jun 2020
Keyholding can be an onerous responsibility since it means staff have to on-call 24 hours a day.
15 Jun 2020
CCTV is not only highly efficient for capturing any intruders.
08 Jun 2020
The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the leading voice in this particular industry.
01 Jun 2020
All Time Security Ltd is committed to protecting your premises day and night.
25 May 2020
All Time Security Ltd offers a wide range of security services to keep you safe.
18 May 2020
When having an alarm installed, you naturally want assurance there will be a quick.
11 May 2020
SIA approved security contractors in London
04 May 2020
All Time Security offers a great choice of security solutions for your home or business in London.
13 Apr 2020
Worried about protecting your retail store or commercial office in such challenging times?
06 Apr 2020
All Time Security Ltd is dedicated to protecting your premises day and night.
30 Mar 2020
Do you think you could improve the security at your premises?
23 Mar 2020
Keep things under control during this uncertain time with All Time Security.
16 Mar 2020
All Time Security specialises in getting you all the security systems and services you need.
09 Mar 2020
Without the correct security services, a fight between two people can turn into a brawl.
02 Mar 2020
All Time Security are an SIA approved contractor, ready to carry out a variety of services.
24 Feb 2020
All Time Security is an SIA approved security contractor with a large variety of different products.
17 Feb 2020
Avoid accidents and incidents in the middle of the night by getting 24/7 security.
10 Feb 2020
Certain spaces need to be managed, who goes in, who goes out.
03 Feb 2020
Get your event under control through All Time Security.
27 Jan 2020
All Time Security is an SIA approved security contractor.
20 Jan 2020
Are you looking to get the very best out of your security? We
13 Jan 2020
Whether your building is still in construction, your business is taking off.
06 Jan 2020
All Time Security are an SIA approved contractor, we go above and beyond to build a team.
30 Dec 2019
All Time Security is here to help you this year if you are looking online for key holding and alarm response companies in the UK.
23 Dec 2019
If you need around the clock security for your business or for private requirements.
16 Dec 2019
Whether you need help with door supervision, alarm response, corporate security or retail security.
09 Dec 2019
With December upon us, now is a great time to take stock and look back over 2019. We are pleased to say that it has been an excellent year for us here at All Time Security and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our clients both past and present for their business.
02 Dec 2019
All Time Security is here to provide the full security solutions you need. Whether
25 Nov 2019
A construction site is a highly valuable place. There are plenty of things, not least the actual construction.
18 Nov 2019
The varied needs of a company, corporation, property or shopping centre change throughout the year. The security is one element that must be understood and considered above everything else.
11 Nov 2019
Trusting a security team with any project, construction site, commercial outlet.
05 Nov 2019
You will have the protection and security of your business on your mind a lot.
28 Oct 2019
The appearance of your business will be an important asset and one that needs to be retained.
21 Oct 2019
Owning a commercial property is a great asset. It will offer a range of benefits over time, but it can become difficult to maintain and support as you develop along other avenues.
14 Oct 2019
Diggers, tools, machinery and more can all be stolen from building sites.
07 Oct 2019
Your company will have protection in place for the days and nights.
01 Oct 2019
Your assets are under threat for much of the day. Although this may be a defeatist way to look at things.
25 Sep 2019
Keeping your whole business in check during the day will be easy.
19 Sep 2019
As your construction project flows through its various stages and begins to become more and more valuable, you will want security.
09 Sep 2019
Outsourcing your security concerns to a highly trained team of security guards
04 Sep 2019
Everything that you need for the security and protection of your assets will need to be completely organised.
04 Sep 2019
Any property with any value will need to be protected during the day and night.
21 Aug 2019
The vast number of housing and building projects that are going up each day in the UK are quite astonishing.
13 Aug 2019
If you are the owner of a property, vacant building or a construction site.
07 Aug 2019
Maintaining the status quo in your business will be important. Whether
05 Aug 2019
The importance of making sure your business premises is safe and secure should never go understated.
29 Jul 2019
Making sure your business is safe is our priority here at All Time Security.
18 Jul 2019
Security comes in many different forms. Knowing which type is right for your specific setting is something that will help to improve your cost-effectiveness.
15 Jul 2019
Are you the owner of a retail unit? Have you recently taken up ownership of a retail complex?
03 Jul 2019
Trusting a security services company will be a big decision. Whether you are in charge of a construction site, a retail unit, event or anything in between.
27 Jun 2019
The sheer number of people involved in a construction job.
17 Jun 2019
Have you found us online because you are looking for private security agencies in London or the surrounding area?
05 Jun 2019
The cost and value of a construction project will be huge. Housing, redevelopments, skyscrapers and renovations will all need site barriers.
30 May 2019
How are you protecting your assets? Do you have a team of dedicated security guards?
22 May 2019
We should all be able to relax, take a step back, go on holiday, venture somewhere new and go our own way without needing to be tied down.
15 May 2019
Private and corporate security is used the world over to offer a complete service throughout an event or a contracted time.
09 May 2019
If you are tasked with organising the security for a shopping centre, you will be looking for one thing only at the outset.
01 May 2019
Installing CCTV for your business will be an important step in securing your building.
25 Apr 2019
The livelihood and safety of your business comes down to a number of factors.
17 Apr 2019
There are naturally a number of worries and concerns when you receive the keys for your commercial or residential property, and you will want to ensure that it is protected throughout its lifespan.
15 Apr 2019
In modern times a lot of emphasis is placed on technology, with numerous companies opting for IT solutions to deal with their security problems.
15 Apr 2019
It is vital that you have assurances that your event or property is under control and surveillance throughout the day and night.
15 Apr 2019
We all want to feel safe in our home. Once we have closed the door, we should feel comfortable, without a single worry other than what to make for dinner, what chores need to be done and which TV show to stick on afterwards.
15 Apr 2019
A building site will contain mightily valuable materials, machinery and vehicles which are vital to the ongoing construction job.
25 Mar 2019
Securing your premises will already be a point of anxiety and searching for the right people to keep your premises safe will be another to add to the list.
07 Mar 2019
Large spaces and areas of land are difficult to protect all of the time. Whether you are looking to get security support for your land, you need to defend your assets from a threat, or you want to ensure your land is secure while you are away, we have the ideal solutions.
07 Mar 2019
The perfect retail centre, shopping mall or commercial space will be an attractive, lucrative and enjoyable area for everyone from businesspeople, customers, clients, staff and more.
18 Feb 2019
Alarms, CCTV, fire doors and more are all integral parts of any fully secured property. The ability to not only monitor, track, watch and get notifications about the state of your property at any time of the day is something any company or organisation can benefit from.
12 Feb 2019
A badge can mean a lot of things. When it comes to choosing and trusting a security firm, you will want absolute assurances that you are hiring the right people for your job.
05 Feb 2019
Security guards are chosen and selected across the UK to cope with a range of problems concerning the safety and security of properties, people, assets and locations.
30 Jan 2019
24/7 monitoring and guarding of your properties and assets will come at a price too high for even the biggest companies in the world.
23 Jan 2019
The reasons for reaching out to a professional security team differ from case to case. Some will be trying to secure it as a proactive mechanism while others will be reacting to crime trends or behavioural changes in customers.
21 Jan 2019
Installing a set of CCTV cameras in your business, office, or commercial setting will be a good start, but it can become a time-consuming aspect of your day. If you are constantly worrying about your CCTV and its effectiveness, you may think of hiring our CCTV monitoring services.
10 Jan 2019
Visitors, deliveries, staff and clients will all be vital aspects to your corporation but ensuring that you can differentiate and filter each of these when they arrive at your building is even more important.
03 Jan 2019
The progression and development of any retail unit will be centred around it being secure throughout the course of the whole year.
31 Dec 2018
Your private company or premises will be attractive in a number of ways. Some people may seek to enter with a view of theft. Some may be tempted to vandalise your property. Some deliveries will need to be carefully guarded to ensure safety throughout the process. At All Time Security we understand that you may be worried or have some reservations about hiring a private security agency to help you with this, but we can help to dispel those concerns.
10 Dec 2018
A construction site will be an area worth a lot of money. Not only the land that it is built on, the investment that it provides and the cost of the machinery, but also the progress of the whole project.
03 Dec 2018
A security service that you can trust for a range of scenarios is difficult to come across. You may think that to hire door staff as well as security patrol staff will need to go through different bodies.
24 May 2018
We are proud to announce that we have now opened up our new office in London.
17 May 2018
All Time Security are using fully qualified and experienced engineers to install alarm and CCTV equipment.
08 May 2018
ATS now offers Alarm and CCTV installation and remote monitoring
17 Nov 2017
All Time security is proud to announce that now we are officially accredited by the Safe contractor scheme.
07 Sep 2017
4 days course , Tues 26th September, Wed 27th September, Thurs 28th September and Friday 29th September. 2017.
29 Jun 2017
All Time Security is pleased to announce that we have passed again in our annual assessment for SIA Approved contractor scheme and ISO9001 accreditation in the areas of Security Guarding, Door Supervision, CCTV Surveillance, Close Protection, Alarm Response and Key Holding. We are one the very few companies in the country that is approved in 5 sectors and are the only one in this area. This shows our commitment to our clients that All Time Security will continue to providing highest stranded of service.
21 Dec 2016
National Counter Terrorism Security Office launches Anti Terrorism strategic Options in response to terror threat
14 Oct 2016
All Time Security is proud to announce that we have become for the official sponsor for the Bucks Ladies Football team for the 16/17 season).
27 Sep 2016
SIA is consulting with the public regarding the Physical Intervention & Door Supervision.
16 Sep 2016
SIA recent Changes to Licensing - Help and Guidance for Individuals
24 Aug 2016
All attendees passed SIA Door Supervisor course at All Time Security Training Centre
04 Jul 2016
All Time Security is pleased to announce that we have registered as an approved contractor in the areas of Security Guarding, Door Supervision, CCTV Serveilance, Close Protection, Alarm Response and Key Holding.
13 Jun 2016
We are proud to introduce our brand new website, packed with useful information about us. For information on our training courses, including SIA, personal license and CSCS, please go to our training page.
13 Jun 2016
All Time Security are working in connection with Thames Valley Air Ambulance.
13 Jun 2016
All Time Security donates to Cancer Research UK in order to help beat cancer and save lives.



Our services range from Manned Guarding, Door Supervision, Close protection, Event security, Alarm Response & Key Holding, CCTV Monitoring, Foot and Mobile surveillance. Retail and Commercial security, corporate security, Building & Construction site Guards, Hotel and Office Reception security.

If you need any help or further information regarding All Time Security, our staff or the services that we provide please contact us and we will be happy to help.
ATS Security sponsor Thames Valley Air Ambulance & Cancer Research UK