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Door Supervision Services

Door Supervisor Services

Door supervision services refer to door supervisors that protect premises and its inhabitants, deterring and preventing crime and disorder. A professional door security guard is important as they can enhance the security and safety of the premises and anyone inside. Their very presence alone can discourage criminal or disorderly behaviour.


Roles and Responsibilities of Door Supervisors

  • Handle conflict and difficult situations with ease and expertise

  • Control and manage crowds  

  • Screen people that enter the venue - such as checking ID and confiscating alcohol

  • Eject people from the premises 


Benefits of Door Supervision Services  

  • Enhanced security and crime prevention

  • Mitigating risks and maintaining a safe environment

  • Creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for patrons

  • Professional, trained, and qualified door staff, with appropriate dress code and equipment


Industries and Establishments that Benefit from Door Supervision

  • Nightclubs, bars, private parties, and pubs - deters and handles unruly behaviour from intoxicated patrons, and thoroughly screens customers before entering 

  • Hotels and Hospitality Venues - securing safety of hotel guests and patrons

  • Concerts, Festivals, and Large-scale events - prevents suspicious or deviant behaviour, with the ability to excellently control crowds 

  • Retail stores and Shopping Centres - actively stops shoplifters 

  • Sports stadiums and Arenas - crowd control and management

  • Holiday Parks - ensures the safety of guests 


Licensing and Compliance

All Time Security is a SIA compliant security agency that adheres to all legal requirements and regulations for door supervisors. We are SIA approved contractors and SafeContractor approved, so you can rest assured that you are safe in our hands. Our door staff are trained to the highest standards, complying with best practices at all times. 


Collaborative Approach to Door Supervision

All Time Security works closely with venue staff, management, and law enforcement agencies. We build excellent relationships with both patrons and amongst door staff for positive and collaborative experiences. 


Technology and Innovation in Door Supervision

All Time Security utilises advanced security systems, such as CCTV, access control and digital solutions for efficient and swift communication. This enhances the effectiveness of our door supervision services.


Choosing the Right Door Supervision Service Provider

You must also look at experience, reputation, and credentials.

At All Time Security, we provide all of these, and more. As a security firm with SIA door supervision certifications door supervision, as well as highly trained door staff with qualifications in Fire Safety, First Aid, and more, you can count on us to protect you with our customisable security packages. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Door Supervision Services:

1. What is door supervision?

Safety and security protection from a door security guard for an establishment.

2. Why do establishments need door supervision services?

For enhanced protection of the premises and its inhabitants.

3. Are door supervisors licensed and trained?

All Time Security is one of the leading door supervisor companies that provides SIA Approved door staff that have been expertly trained.

4. How do door supervisors handle conflicts or unruly behaviour?

Door staff are well-versed in calmly handling conflicts, de-escalating the situation and carefully ejecting unruly patrons from the premises.

5. Can door supervisors assist with emergency situations?

All Time Security door supervisors also hold qualifications in First Aid, Fire Safety, and more.

6. How do I choose the right door supervision service provider?

Look at credentials, reputation, and experience - which All Time Security offers as one of few door supervisor companies with SIA door supervision certifications.

7. Are door supervision services customisable?

All Time Security’s door supervision services can be customised according to your needs and requirements.

8. How can I request door supervision services for my establishment? 

All Time Security’ door supervision services are available for your use. Contact us for prices.



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