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CCTV Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring Service

All Time Security is SIA approved contractor who comply with the British Standard for the public space surveillance.

At All Time Security we can provide you with a range of CCTV Monitoring Services unique to your organisation’s requirements. Whether you require dedicated monitoring in real time or reactive monitoring by motion sensors, our highly trained CCTV Supervisors will provide you with a valuable off-site presence.

ATS also offers a professional CCTV camera installation service - all security systems installations are carried out by trained and experienced engineers. This service can be tailored in conjunction with our Intruder Alarm Response and Keyholding service for effective alarm monitoring, or can be combined with a security officer on site for a comprehensive security solution.

ATS offers a 24-hour CCTV remote monitoring service for 356 days a year. This means that even when you are not around there will be a fully trained, SIA qualified operator keeping a close eye on the CCTV cameras on your premises all day, every day.

What are the benefits to Remote CCTV Monitoring from All Time Security?

1. Efficient service

You will never have to be worried about your business – whether you are asleep, away on business or even on holiday, you can rest assured that your business is secured and is constantly being monitored.

2. Fully trained SIA qualified CCTV system operator

There is a huge advantage in having a SIA qualified CCTV operator keeping an eye on your business. As well as being highly skilled in operating the CCTV system, they will know what to look out for. They will be skilled in identifying issues such as flooding, fire and crime.

3. Cost effective

The ATS, CCTV remote monitoring service is just like having an SIA qualified CCTV operator at your premises. With an operator who remotely monitors CCTV, they are keeping a close eye on things at a fraction of the cost.

4. Management of security issues

Another great advantage to having this service is that the CCTV monitoring operator will have direct links to the emergency services and manned guards. So, if there is an issue such as a fire or flood, the CCTV operator will discover the problem fast and be able to notify the manned guards, management and the emergency services. All our team is trained to analyse each situation carefully and professionally, so emergency services are only called if necessary.  

5. Complete Protection

Remote CCTV mobile surveillance monitoring also gives the added benefit of securing all areas in your business. In many building there are areas that not often visited, and this puts them in particular risk of suffering from leaks and fires and going undetected.

The service offers the ability to prevent issues such as flooding, fire and crime before they become serious or most cases before they occur.

We are one of the few security firms in the UK that holds SIA Approved certification for in Door Supervision, Key Holding, Security Guard, Close Protection and CCTV. By choosing All Time Security for your remote CCTV monitoring services, you know you are hiring the best security personnel in the industry. You can customise your security needs with ease as we will create a bespoke security service for your requirements.

Contact us today to enquire about our CCTV Monitoring Services and find out more about our complete security solutions.


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