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Security Patrol

All Time Security is a security patrol firm that offers professional and competitive security patrolling services. With mobile security patrolling, you have a proven method of efficient crime prevention and provide extra protection for your home or business. Patrolling security is particularly effective because our personnel at All Time Security are well-trained in strategic planning and providing a timely response to any threats, whether that is on foot or via vehicle.

Our security patrol company operates nationally, working as a top UK security agency. We strive to protect thousands of locations, if not more, across our nation. For this reason, we are highly rated in all that we do, though security patrolling is one of the services we recommend as one of the most important forms of security.

We create bespoke security patrolling packages to suit your individual needs – this includes scheduled daily and nightly mobile patrols and fast responses to incidents. We can provide the proper personnel if you need an SIA-trained and qualified security guard patrolling your premises to look out for threats and security concerns. We know what you should look for in a security company, and that is All Time Security.

Our Security Patrol Guards

We can guarantee that all our security patrol guards will be:

  • Polite

  • Punctual

  • Smartly dressed in security officer uniform

  • High visibility clothing  

  • Vigilant

When it comes to the quality of our security patrol services, we don’t cut corners. All our patrol officers are trained in health and safety and fire safety. They are also highly skilled in providing excellent customer service to our clients, and in specialised services like traffic management, which is why so many people and businesses choose us. Our security patrol services are a worthwhile investment because they are so varied.

Security patrols can be carried out in all weather conditions, day or night, 365 days a year. Our officers are skilled in internal and external parameter patrols. What we prioritise depends on the unique requirements of your premises.

We at All Time Security also provide a consultancy service, with regard to the best practices and red routes for the premises. ‘Red routes’ merely refers to the parts of your premises that are at higher risk of security breaches. This, along with our safety officer conducting a detailed risk assessment, will mean that you will receive a robust service that keeps your premises safe and secure.

What Our Security Patrol Guards Look For

Our security patrol service ensures that a trained professional is looking out for:

  • Vulnerabilities

  • Security concerns

  • Hazards that may affect you business

  • Signs of vandalism

  • Suspicious objects

  • Taking note of suspicious behaviour and reporting it

  • Spotting and stopping crimes   

Out of the many security patrol companies that operate in the UK, we at All Time Security are extremely experienced, and one of the most highly-rated in the field. We completely understand that the needs of a business can change. As a result, we have systems in place to cater to that change. Our security services keep pace with your evolving needs to ensure the security and protection of your premises never dips.

Our security patrol officers are monitored and supported by our 24-hour, 7-day-a-week control room, so we are aware of where they are and able to supply additional support for them and our clients if need be.

If circumstances change and additional support is required, our control room will have the means to deploy further officers on short notice.

Searching for security patrol services? ATS has all the resources and experience to provide you with industry-leading professionals. Contact us today for an enquiry.

Deters Crime: Security patrol companies prevent crime around your premises by providing a physical presence.

Immediate Response: Security patrols can respond quickly to incidents, helping to resolve the situation promptly and efficiently.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that a professional security team is on your property provides peace of mind during events.


Our services range from Manned Guarding, Door Supervision, Close protection, Event security, Alarm Response & Key Holding, CCTV Monitoring, Foot and Mobile surveillance. Retail and Commercial security, corporate security, Building & Construction site Guards, Hotel and Office Reception security.

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