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What to Look for in a Security Company

25 May 2018













Choosing the right security company for your requirements is very important. The selection process for finding the right security service that puts the public first can be difficult. Some security firms can present themselves as professional but there is more to private security than just “looking the part”.

Whether the client is hiring a service for event security or site security, a private security agency should be able to adapt to fit the needs of whatever industry they are working for. After all, every client’s needs are different which means an exceptional service is expected. This is achieved through robust security training, clear communication, valid licences, dutiful vigilance and the importance in the safety of your employees and customers. All security firms should be offering this.

All Time Security is proud of its service which is why we have outlined why you should choose us. To lay this out further, here is our list of what to look for in a security company.

1.Safety of your employees and clients

This should be something expected of a security agency without having to say it. However, with how incredibly vital the safety of everybody is, you want to know that the security firm you hire places that importance above everything else. If the security strategy has even the slimmest of chances to harm the public, then it is down to that security company to inform the client of such a possibility. Health and safety checks also need to be made, to ensure no stone is unturned. Your chosen security agency must also have the correct insurance, with public liability cover essential.

2. Adapting to Clients Needs

A security company should be fit for purpose for a plethora of security services. Retail security guards will have different tasks compared to building and construction security guards. Every client will require different services and knowing that a security firm has many talents is certainly reassuring. When looking for that complete security solution, you want to know that you can customise your needs with clear understanding from both sides.

3. Clear Communication

Customising and adapting the needs of your security is achieved through clear communication. The security firm you choose should be able to communicate their service in terms that are easy to understand. This effective communication should be clear before any safety work is commissioned and is routinely present throughout the project. From there, the security officers on the ground will be expected to have routine communication between each other and the client whilst on the job.

4. Dutiful Vigilance

For the majority of the time, a company will hire security as a precautionary measure with the hope it will not be required. Often the mere presence of physical or remote security is enough of a deterrent for those who don’t want to keep the peace. As a client, you would expect dutiful vigilance for your on-site security, alarm response as well as your CCTV Remote Monitoring. What you don’t want from your security, is a team that stands around and does nothing.

A professional security officer will always be vigilant to their surroundings. They will notice if a vehicle looks out of place or the presence of somebody who isn’t where they are supposed to be. The security team will also be aware of potential blind spots as well as monitoring crowd capacity at an event. The security team should make the client feel safe and secure from the moment they start. If they don’t, then you will need to look elsewhere.

5. Robust Training and Valid Licences

As a client, you would expect the security personnel of the security firm you have hired to be trained. Providing security is a skill that needs to be mastered and isn’t something one can do overnight. You would expect officers to be trained in dealing with the management of conflict, physical intervention and door supervision as standard. The company should be able to prove that its training is of an industry standard.

A security company also needs to have its current valid licences that a client can look over, if such a request is made. If you require a security firm for key holding services, you want to be able to trust them entirely with that job. For this reason, a high standard of training and license holding should be expected.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced security team, then you should look no further than All Time Security. We are one of the few security companies that holds SIA Approved certification in Door Supervision, Key Holding, Security Guard, Close Protection and CCTV. Our security personnel are trained to industry standards with ATS being one of the leading security training providers in the UK.

Contact All Time Security today to see if we can fulfill your security solutions.

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