Some key rules for effective security guarding
12 Sep 2019

Some key rules for effective security guarding

It’s not news that businesses rely heavily on security guards to help keep their businesses safe and secure. But are there effective methods to get the very best from your security guards?

Security guards are a wonderful investment for businesses as they save you a lot of money and stress. They act as a visual deterrent while actively securing buildings, assets, stock and people.

Here are some simple rules for effective security guarding

Ensure that security guards are aware of the premises

Some key rules for effective security guarding
Why Have a SIA company?

There’s nothing worse than a security guard who is not familiar with the premises he is securing. Security guards should know where things are and have a good understanding of the layout of the premises and where things are.

This is important as they will need to know about vulnerable areas and other parts of the premises that might require particular attention.

This is also important for when security is asked for directions from visitors and even staff.

Security guards should be trained in customer service

Yes! It’s true – the world of security guarding has changed. It’s no longer about the burly man stood at the entrance glaring and growling at people as they walk in. Security guarding is more about having a sophisticated approach to providing security while representing a venue’s reputation and values.

What does that mean exactly?

Security guards are usually the first people you see when you enter a building and the last people you see when you leave. This makes their engagement with staff and visitors crucial in people’s perception of the venue’s image and reputation.

This means that they should be in a presentable uniform that reflects the company image. Security guards should be presentable in their general appearance – hair, groomed, hygiene, etc.

Security guards should be polite and helpful

This is vital for offering an overall good customer experience for staff and visitors. Helpful and polite security guards can reflect directly on how people feel about your business.

This also helps when people are lost or need to find a specific area in the premises. Security guards can help coordinate people which can also contribute to their safety.

Security guards should be skilled in first aid and fire safety

It is not unusual for people to turn to security guards when facing an injury or a fire.

Skilled security guards can help deal with injuries and can act as fire marshals until the fire brigade attends.

This is not only helpful but can be lifesaving.   

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Why are so many businesses choosing rapid alarm response?
30 Aug 2019
complete security solution

Many businesses across the UK have clocked onto the fact that there are some great security solutions for their business. Not all of them are suited to everyone. This is why security providers such as All Time Security offer a wide variety of effective, efficient and affordable solutions.

All Time Security has the advantage of being on of the very few security providers in the UK that is an SIA approved contractor in Security Guarding, Door Supervision, Key Holding, Close Protection and CCTV Public Surveillance.

This gives ATS a broader understanding of the industry and what solutions fit what business. ATS has dedicated risk assessment officers who are highly skilled in analysing businesses’ security needs and developing a bespoke security plan that suits there business and their budget.

One of the more popular solutions in recent months is Alarm response.

So, what is Alarm response?

Alarm response is a security service whereby a security services provider such as All Time Security provides remote monitoring of alarm activations in a premises and has highly trained rapid response officers on standby.

If an alarm activation occurs, and this is particularly important at night or at any other time that the premises are vacant, the SIA response unit will attend the premises to investigate the activation and take the appropriate actions.

What does this mean for the client?

This means that business owners can rest assured that their business, premises and assets will be kept safe even when they are not around. This means that they will not be disturbed at night or when they are away on holiday. The response team have direct contact with the All Time Security control room and with the emergency services.

So, the response until stop burglaries?

Yes, of course, they stop burglaries but they do so much more. If your premises is being burgled, you will incur huge losses and could potentially lose valuable data and other resources along with it.

But there are other ways that you could incur similar loses.

For example, alarm activations occur in many circumstances:

  • Vandalism
  • Arson
  • Accidental fire
  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks

And if you have a business that requires temperature-controlled environments such as cold rooms etc, then you could incur losses in terms of products and goods.

The response team will conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that the problem is solved before it causes major harm to your premises.      

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A few great ways to save money when securing your premises
06 Aug 2019

Securing your premises
Securing your premises

If you are looking into saving money when securing your premises or even if you are looking to save some money when organising an event, you are in the right place.

All Time Security is a reputable security provider, SIA accredited training centre and is one of the very few companies in the UK that is an SIA approved contractor in 5 different areas: Security Guarding, Door Supervision, Key Holding, Close Protection and CCTV Public Surveillance.

This gives us a great oversight into the security industry and being accredited by ISO 9001 and an approved Safe Contractor means we have a sound understanding of the industry.

Here are a few efficient ways to save money when securing your premises or an event.

Consider getting full-time security guards

Many businesses are reluctant to employ full-time security guards because they can’t see the value in having them. But well-trained security guards are a huge asset to a business and can often save you a lot of money and headache in the long run.

Security guards can potentially save you a lot of money in losses through theft, burglary, vandalism and arson. Also, have employed guards means that staff will get familiar with the guards and vice-versa. This can be great to instil confidence in staff and guests that you take their safety seriously. And the guards will be familiar with company protocols.

Having employed Security guards is usually cheaper than getting agency guards in the long run.

What about Alarm Response?

Alarm response is becoming a very popular security option for many businesses as it is effective, convenient, reliable and affordable.

The great thing about Alarm Response is that if an alarm is activated in the middle of the night, you will not be disturbed unless it is deemed completely necessary. The professionally trained security response guards will take action by attending your premises to investigate the cause for the activation.

The guards are trained to deal with various security issues and can save you a lot of money in losses form fire, burst pipes, vandalism, theft, burglaries, arson and sabotage.

Remote Alarm and CCTV monitoring

Another great way of keeping your premises and assets safe while keeping the costs down is to consider a remote alarm and CCTV response service.

This popular option means that your premises will be monitored 24 hours a day. If activation occurs, guards will take the appropriate action to keep your premises safe and secure.  

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Key factors to think about when securing your premises
14 Jul 2019
Some key things to think about when securing your premises
Some key things to think about when securing your premises

Some key factors to think about when securing your premises

If you own a business, then you know how much work goes into building a strong business and clients. Your services, products and customer service must be outstanding and prices competitive.

The problem is often in losses – as an owner and organiser of your business you are so engrossed in keeping the business making a profit to sustain itself, that you often overlook where you may be losing money or may be at potential risk of losing money.

There are many reasons why you should consider using tried and tested methods of incorporating a good level of security to protect your business, products, assets, guests and staff.

Here are some key things to think about when you’re securing your premises

Is your location a problem area?  

Does the area or surrounding area of your premises have a high crime rate, especially with regards to burglary, vandalism and arson?

If the area in which you operate does have a high crime rate then you might want to consider adding some security measures to help reduce the risk to your business.

What are your options?

After identifying the types of risks, you are facing you must consider the most effective methods to help.

Many companies resort to having Security Guards. And with good reason! Professional SIA trained security guards are highly trained to prevent burglaries, thefts, vandalism and arson. Security guards are vigilant and are good at identifying potential problems.

Security guards are also trained to man reception desks and operate access control systems. This gives you the confidence that only authorised personnel will be permitted entrance to your premises. This also reassures your guests and staff that you take their security seriously.

Security guards are trained to patrol your premise and help identify risks, vulnerabilities and other serious issues like leeks and fires which could end up saving you hundreds of thousands in losses.


Some companies choose to have professional CCTV Close Circuit Television installed in their premises. This is a fantastic visual deterrent as would be thieves, vandals and arsonists, will think twice about attacking a building that has CCTV installed.

Having CCTV installed means that perpetrators are more likely to be identified and apprehended. CCTV footage is also a solid form of evidence for the prosecution in court.

Most professional businesses choose to incorporate a combination of Security Guards and CCTV giving you a varied and robust form of security.          

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Personal Protection
09 Jul 2019

Personal Protection

If you are looking for a professional Close Protection Service then contact All Time Security today and see how we can help you get protected.

There are many occasions where people require a more personalised security service. This is usually for when VIP’s will be attending an event or are required to make a public appearance.

What is the difference between personal protection and a normal security service?

Event organisers have understood that to have a smooth running event where staff and guests are kept safe and secure, they need to have a reliable security service in place. This is usually achieved by instructing a professional security provide to deploy a professional security team to secure your function or event.

When your event has large crowds of people, the security team is trained and skilled in managing the crowd and keeping things in order.

Personalised security is designed for when you have VIP’s who will require a bespoke security service. This means having a highly trained personal protection security person or team of people who will ensure the safety and security of the VIP or VIP’s.

Why is this important?

This is important because high profile clients can sometimes be the target of attacks. The personal protection will be mean that the VIP will be constantly watched by a professional security guard. The VIP and the people around them will be monitored to ensure they are safe and away from harm’s way.

Close protection security also instils confidence in the VIP that they will be kept safe and can enjoy their time at the event without having the added stress from attacks or hassle from the paparazzi.

Close protection guards stay close by to the VIP and ensure that unless permitted, people are kept at a safe distance. This gives them the peace of mind that they are not alone and feel protected.

Close protection also provide a visual deterrent for people who might want to attack the VIP. This means that VIP’s are less likely to get attacked or suffer any type of abuse from other guests.

Close protection guards are also instructed and aware of venues, routes and exits. In case of emergencies, close protection security will keep their attention on the VIP and ensure that they are taken to safety. The close protection security guard or team will ensure that the VIP or VIP’s are their only priority. And due the concentrated level of security, the VIPs will get a great close protection service.

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Are Door Supervisors a thing of the past?
30 Jun 2019

Are Door Supervisors a thing of the past?

Before we can determine whether having door supervisors is a thing of the past, we need to understand what door supervisors are and what they do.

So what is a Door Supervisor and why do we need them? A Door Supervisor as an SIA qualified security professional who is deployed to various different venues to secure events and functions.

They have undergone professional security training and have successfully passed the SIA exam – thus proving that they have the knowledge and skill to help provide a controlled and safe environment for people.

This level of security is particularly important when securing and managing events that will have crowds of people attending, like parties and other functions. Door Supervisors are skilled in managing access control and crowd management. This means that they will ensure that they will monitor the levels of people present to ensure venues do not exceed their maximum capacity.

The security staff are trained in conflict resolution and are capable of handling various types of situations. This is especially important in venues where there are large crowds of people. 

Why is this important?

This is incredibly important as most venues that have maximum capacity limitations can lose their licence if they do not adhere to the correct numbers.

Door supervisors are also trained to search people and bags for any illegal substances that may jeopardise the safety and security of visitors and staff present at the venue.

Dressed to Impress

Security providers that deploy professional Door Supervisors understand that venues have a specific image that they want to portray – this is why they ensure that security staff are dressed in accordance with your company image.

Security Door Supervisors are usually the first to been seen by guests – this why professional security are trained to be punctual, polite and in the right clothing.

They are also briefed on the venue processes, procedures and policies, so that they know who is permitted to enter, number of allowed entries. They will also be familiar with fire exits and fire procedures. They will know about specific parking and generally where things are. This becomes beneficial for the venue as they can help direct guests to where they need to go. 

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Door Supervisors have many benefits and skills that are vital to manage and secure venues and functions. They are very much needed if you want a smooth running event. 

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Benefits of having CCTV installed in your premises
20 Jun 2019

CCTV blog

Many business owners now know of the huge benefits of having CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).

CCTV gives businesses the added bonus of monitoring their premises and the ability to review footage if required.

Where could this help?

This could really help if your premises get broken into. In the unfortunate event that your premises do get broken into, you will have the ability to review CCTV footage which may be incredibly valuable in catching the perpetrators – this footage can be given to the Police in evidence for criminal prosecutions and civil debt recovery.  

CCTV is also a clear and effective visual deterrent for prolific and opportunist thieves. Prolific thieves are usually people who premediate and plan their criminal act of breaking in and stealing money and valuable items, whereas opportunist thieves are people who have not planned to break in and commit an act of criminality but if they see a vulnerability or a clear opportunity, they will commit the crime.

CCTV is a way to deter both types of thieves – they will think twice before they break into premises that have CCTV installed. They know that there is a strong chance that they are being monitored and that they can get caught. They will also know that with CCTV evidence, they are more likely to get prosecuted for their crimes.

CCTV isn’t just good for preventing theft, it also catches people committing other acts of criminality, such as vandalism and arson. Many businesses suffer from vandalism, arson and industrial espionage. CCTV is an effective method to deter and catch people in the act.

The system can also be used to monitor leaks and other potential hazards that can cause losses to the business. If your CCTV is being monitored by a CCTV operator, they can use the cameras to pan in vulnerable areas to identify issues before they become big problems.

To add to the efficiency of such systems, there is also the option of having remote CCTV monitoring – this means that even if you do not have a dedicated CCTV operator on site who is using the cameras to monitor the premises, there is SIA approved CCTV operator monitoring the premises remotely from the CCTV control room. The benefit of having such a process is that the CCTV control room has immediate access to a pool of resources – this includes the emergency services and SIA trained rapid response units.    

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What is alarm response and how can it help your business?
30 May 2019
Alarm response
Alarm response

What is alarm response and how can it help your business?

The problem with many businesses is that they are often left empty overnight. Most of the work is done during the day. This means that during the day there are staff and people around who can deal with issues but once the business is closed, and unless you have night security guards, the premises are left empty.

Having night security guards is a great option in securing your premises. They are professionally trained security personnel who are skilled in identifying problems and dealing with them efficiently and effectively. The problem arises when you don’t have such measures in place.

So what is alarm response and how can this help in securing your business and potentially saving you from incurring losses?

Simply put, your business premises are vulnerable when it unattended and empty. It is at risk of burglary and vandalism. Gone are the days when Police would respond rapidly to a burglar alarm – they simply don’t have those sorts of resources available anymore. Now it is down to the business owners themselves to put measures in place to help keep their premises and assets safe and secure.

Loses are not incurred just through burglary, vandalism and arson but thousands are lost in leaks, fires and industrial espionage. If your building were to have a burst pipe or a leak then it may take until someone comes to the premises many hours later to discover it – by which time, your business may have suffered an enormous amount of losses. You can imagine that most businesses have expensive assets on their premises that water from a leaking pipe could cause a considerable amount of damage.

The same would apply in the event of a fire. If a fire is to occur, thousands can be lost in fire damage. With hundreds of false fire alarms activating every night, it is impossible for the emergency fire services to respond to each and every one. The fire services will require verification of an actual fire before valuable resources are allocated to investigate the alarm activation. False alarms cost the fire emergency services thousands and distract them from real emergencies.

This is where a professional alarm response service can really be effective. If your premises has an alarm activated, whether it be something life threatening like a fire or burglary, or whether you have temperature sensitive products that require a certain temperature they cannot rise above or fall below, the rapid alarm response unit will respond immediately. They will investigate the activation and investigate the problem. And after they have located the issue they will take the appropriate actions that could save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

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Top 3 Security Tips for an event
23 May 2019

Top 3 Security Tips for an event

Whether you are a party or any other type of event organiser, there are some key security protocols that you should consider to ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely.

Risk assessment

One of the first things to consider when organising an event is to carry out a detailed inspection of the venue or area that the event will be held. This will help conduct a risk assessment.

Risk assessments help to identify possible issues and vulnerabilities. This will mean that you will get a better understanding of what security protocols you will require to keep your event safe and secure.

Security guards/Door supervisors

Events, where there will be a lot of people, can often mean that you need a measure of crowd control and entry management.

Professional Security staff are trained to ensure only authorised persons are permitted entrance into the event. This will reduce the risk of trouble being caused at the event.

SIA trained Security staff are also skilled in positioning themselves to cover vulnerable areas.   

Security patrols

Security staff are rehearsed in carrying out red routed and random patrols. This will include checking vulnerable areas, low light and high-risk areas. The patrols will include high-risk areas such as toilets and store rooms.

The patrols will include security identifying additional risks such as fire and leaks. Thus creating an overall safer environment.

Security staff make events much safer by offering:

  • A visual security presence
  • Access control
  • Searches (if required)
  • Wrist bands (if required)
  • Patrols
  • Red routes

Professional security guards are SIA approved, fire Marshall and First Aid trained.  

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All Time Security – A complete Security Solutions provider
10 May 2019

All Time Security – A complete Security Solutions provider

How a professional security service can make your event run smoothly

All Time Security is one of the very few security providers in the UK that is SIA approved in Security Guarding, Door Supervision, Key Holding, Close Protection and CCTV Public Surveillance.

This means that ATS has met the standards and requirements for all these areas from the official security Authority.

Security Guarding

ATS ensures that all security guards hold a valid SIA licence – which authorises them to work in the security industry. This also means that they have undergone and qualified from the official SIA training courses.

Within the SIA course, security guards are trained to deal with various difficult situations and in trained in conflict resolution.

If you are organising an event or have a premises that you need guarding – professional security guard will ensure that your event is managed properly. Guards are trained to supervise large crowds and position themselves strategically to ensure the security and safety of everyone present.

When guarding a premises, guards will ensure that they access control is maintained, thus giving people who are working or visiting the premises that they are in a safe and controlled environment.

Reception security

Guards are also trained in reception security duty. They will ensure enquires are taken care off along with dealing with phone calls and signing people in and out of the premises. Security guards are also trained as Fire Marshalls and First Aid trained.

Door Supervision   

ATS also specialises in Door supervision. The security provider deploys professionally trained Door Supervisors nationwide to venues that require them.

Door supervisors are incredibly useful in securing events such as parties and other special events. They are trained in crowd control and can control limited access when appropriate.

Key holding

ATS provide a professional key holding service. Clients can now leave their spare keys with ATS who ensure the keys are locked away in a secure key cabinet in a secure facility. This can be helpful if you require a entry or need your premises locked up and do not have your main keys.

The spare keys can be signed out by an authorised guard who can bring the keys directly to your site. ATS also offer an opening an closing service for your premises. This means that you can rest assured that a professional security guard will be there at the opening times of your promises to allow people in and also be there on the closing time to ensure that no one is remaining in the premises before locking up and securing your premises.  

If you require any of these services, contact All Time Security today and see how we can help you.

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