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Do you really need security guards?
29 Aug 2021

Do you really need security guards?

It’s 2021 and the world is forever changing. With new security solutions frequently being released, as a business owner, do you still need security guards?

Before we go into whether you need security guards or not, let’s have a look at some of the other security solutions businesses are using.

CCTV Closed Circuit Television

This may seem like an obvious security solution, but you will be surprised at how many businesses overlook the importance of having good quality CCTV. Some businesses don’t have CCTV installed while others have it installed but without having a professional security audit to ascertain what type of cameras are the most suited to the business premises and the right locations.

CCTV acts as an immediate and well-recognised deterrent for both opportunities and professional thieves, vandals, arsonists and burglars. This is an effective and affordable way to keep a close eye on your business premises, products, and staff.


Alarms have been used in business premises and retail outlets for many years. Alarms can be used to trigger numerous alerts such as theft, break ins, fire, flooding and even refrigerator temperature warnings. Having good quality alarms can save businesses thousands in losses and damages and can potentially save lives.

Mobile security patrols & alarm response

Not many businesses know that security service providers offer a mobile security patrol service and alarm response service. This can be an affordable way to maintain security – a team of security guards will, at agreed times, patrol your premises to ensure that there are no signs of burglaries, criminal damage, arson, etc.

Security Guards

The traditional and effective security guard service is still considered by many as the best security solution.

Security guards are, along with acting as visual deterrents, trained to identify threats and vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities could include areas of a premises that is not secure. Areas that are not protected with CCTV or entrances and exits that are poorly lit.

Security guards will patrol areas that are susceptible to break-ins and fire. Security guards will also look for areas that may suffer from leaking pipes and fire hazards – this alone can save businesses thousands in damages and can reduce the risk of injury to visitors and staff.

Having security guards is also a great way to instil confidence in your staff and visitors – demonstrating that you as a business owner take their safety and security seriously.     

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Venues are opening – securing your venue
15 Aug 2021

Venues are opening – securing your venue

Now that venues are open again and most are running at full capacity, security has become increasingly important.

An influx of visitors to venues means that security needs to be on point to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.

Here are some quick and effective tips on securing your venue:

Risk assessment

It might seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many business owners overlook doing an effective and thorough risk assessment. A risk assessment is carried out to identify various risks and vulnerabilities – this can lead to a drastic reduction in the risk of injury to guests and staff, theft, criminal and accidental damage, industrial espionage, leaks, and fires.

Security guards/ Door staff

Most venues that cater for crowds of people need to take hiring security guards/door supervisors to assist in crowd control. Not only are SIA trained and qualified security guards equipped with the skills and knowledge of crowd control, they are also trained in conflict management and customer service.

Security guards are usually the first people guests see when entering the venue and the last to see when they are leaving. This makes the guards looking presentable and having excellent communication skills crucial in delivering a great service.

Security guards are also trained in first aid and fire safety and can act as fire wardens in case of a fire. They can assist with injuries and have quick access to the Police in case of emergencies.

Security Service Providers

A venue could hire its own security guards which is great, as any security is better than no security, but there are some essential benefits of instructing a professional security service provider to handle all the security requirements.

What are the advantages of having a Security Service Provider?

Having a security service provider means that they will deal with sending qualified and trained security guards to the venue, and in case of sickness, they will arrange for suitable replacements to fill in, so you are never left without security staff at your venue.

In case of last-minute security requirements, a security service provider can arrange for short notice additional staff if required.

Security guards who are sent to the venue will also have access to the security service providers control room. The control room is manned 24 hours a day and can arrange for additional staff and quick access to the emergency services.     

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Security Guarding in 2021
05 Jan 2021

Security guarding 2021


The world has been a strange place since the beginning of 2020. COVID19 has shocked the world and changed the way we work, socialise and even communicate. But things will start to go back to normal and the security industry will be needed more than ever.

With emergency services being pushed to their maximum, many businesses and retailers will rely heavily on professional security service providers such as All Time Security to take the lead on offering trained, qualified and professional security guards to help maintain the safety and security of their businesses, products and assets.

Why is security so important in 2021?

Having good security practices is important for any time and situation but it has undoubtedly become increasingly important in 2021.

With the UK going into rolling national lockdowns and tiers, frustration and anxiety will naturally increase. Security service providers offer valuable assistance to emergency staff, retail outlets and venue managers.

Retail Security guards are becoming crucial for ensuring the safety and security of staff and customers at supermarkets – especially in times where supermarkets are the only retail outlets open.

Essential shopping means that supermarkets may get swarmed with shoppers and any place that ha crowds of people need to have crowd management in place to ensure the safety and security of staff and shoppers.

Security guards are also essential to ensuring that social distancing is adhered to and people are following the government safety rule and guidelines.

I times of the pandemic, there are some people who panic and start to panic buy essential items – this causes a lot of distress and sometimes causes conflict. This type of conflict can easily erupt into arguments and even violence.

Trained and qualified security guards are skilled in dealing with these types of situations. Security guards will act as visual deterrents as well as monitors. They will monitor people to ensure that safety rules as well as fair purchase policies are being adhered to.

Security guards will also ensure that only the specified amount of people permitted to be in stores at one time are strictly maintained. This might even result in a one in and one out policy to ensure the safety of everyone.

It is clear that without a good, professional security presence, staff and shoppers in retail outlets are put in unnecessary risk. And by having security guards in place, venue and retail managers are taking the appropriate actions to reduce the risk of conflict and injuries.       

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The significance of security as the national lockdown eases
27 Nov 2020

The significance of security as the national lockdown eases

As the national lockdown eases and venues start to open again, there will be a greater need for business owners to show their guests and staff duty of care.

One of the principal ways in which business owners can show their guests and staff that they take their safety and security seriously is by having professional security to ensure that things remain in good order.

Having a professional security team is a sure way of ensuring your guests and staff that you are taking their safety and security seriously. This gives them confidence in you and allows them to better enjoy their time whilst at your venue.

Why is having security important?

Having a robust security process in place is a must for business owners. Security systems include:

  • Security signage
  • Security lighting
  • Security alarms
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Secured entrances and exits
  • Security guards

Although many of these features seem expensive, they usually save business thousands every year in losses due to theft, burglaries, vandalism, and arson.

Having visual deterrents in place mean that both professional and opportunist thieves will be aware that the business has taken security into consideration.

Security lighting is a great way of lighting areas that are particularly dark. Criminals are less likely to commit a crime if the area is well lit and they have more chances of being seen.

Both and intruder alarms and CCTV and a great visual deterrent and an effective way to prevent people from entering a premises without being detected. Although securing entrances and exits properly is a must, having a professional intruder alarm will mean that as soon as they try to enter, the alarm will sound alerting others that there is an intruder.

CCTV cameras can be a brilliant way to see intruders and other criminals in the act. CCTV is also an effective form of evidence when wanting to prosecute criminals.

Having physical security guards has always been one of the most effective ways to keep businesses safe. Trained and skilled security guards are qualified by the SIA to ensure that they keep businesses, people and assets safe and secure. Guards are trained in conflict management and theft/loss prevention.

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Securing construction sites during the lock-down
02 Jul 2020

Securing construction sites during the lock-down

Lock-down during the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many business and construction sites have had to cease work. Although this has had a negative impact on the operation and on deadlines for projects, leaving construction sites mid-work can cause an array of problems.

Among the many issues that can occur from leaving construction sites mid work is the risk of newly installed pipes bursting. Pipes bursting is not uncommon but usually, the risk is minimised because there are people present on site who are able to identify the problems before they cause serious damage but in the lock-down where people are not permitted to go on-site, the risk amplifies.

Other important factors to consider is that sites often have very expensive materials and machinery left on site. This is a great opportunity for thieves to enter the site and steal expensive materials and expensive equipment, tools and machinery. The materials alone can be worth in the high thousands and that combined with thousands in equipment, tools and machinery can mean enormous financial losses for businesses and construction workers.  

What can be done to reduce the risk?

We have identified that there is a huge risk in construction worksites being left mid-operation and here are a few ways to help reduce the risk:

Lockdown the site. This although sounds obvious, is not always easy and in some cases not even possible. Some sites are in the open had had several unlockable entry points. So the key here is to secure it as best as possible.

Install temporary gates and doors. Although it seems like effort but the more difficult to get entry the better the chances of keeping trespassers out.

Security signage. Visual signage is always a good way to highlight that trespassers will be prosecuted. The warning works well as a mild deterrant.

Install CCTV. CCTV is a great deterrent as most thieves and vandals are worried about being seen. CCTV footage can also be used in cases of prosecution.

Hiring a security services provider. Security service providers such as All Time Security are SIA approved contractors and specialise in securing construction sites. A reputable security service provider will deploy highly trained and experienced construction site security guards to secure the premises to ensure it doesn’t fall victim to burglars, arsonists and vandals.

A professional security services provider can also assist with CCTV and security signage.  

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Securing a business during the lockdown
Why Have a Professional Key Holding & Alarm Response Service for Your Premises?
Why Have a Professional Key Holding & Alarm Response Service for Your Premises?

Securing a business during the lockdown

Unfortunately, during the lockdown period, many business owners have resorted to self-isolating and are unable to be at their premises for work. Aside from having an operational impact on their business, there is also a growing security concern.

What impact has the lockdown had on businesses?

Many businesses including manufacturing and store or sell products have had to leave their premises empty and at times completely vulnerable.

Vulnerable to:

  • Opportunist thieves/burglars
  • Professional thieves and burglars
  • Vandals
  • Arsonists

It is also important to realise that businesses that are left vacant especially for prolonged periods of time are not only at risk from the above-mentioned points but are at risk from internal issues as well. For example, if there were to be an accidental fire or if a water pipe were to burst, and no one was around to identify it, then the business could suffer huge losses. A fire can destroy assets, stock and products. A burst pipe can cause flooding and cause thousands of pounds in damages.

These risks are only amplified due to the building being empty and un-secure.

What is the solution?

Now that a clear problem has been identified, a positive and effective solution must be explored.  

First thing is first, business premises need to be properly secured. The two main stationary components to securing a premises is to get an alarm system that covers all points of entry, so if there is an intruder or forced entry, the alarm is activated. An alarm sounding is usually a good deterrent as thieves and burglars will know that help is on the way.

Alarms are not just for intruders, alarms are to detect smoke and fire, as well fire exits and flooding.

Another effective way to securing your premises is to install CCTV. CCTV is not just an excellent visual deterrent but can be used to identify burglars and vandals. CCTV can be used by the Police when it comes to prosecution.

Alarm response and mobile security patrols

Alarm response

This is a fantastic and cost-effective service provided by reputable security service providers. Having this service in place means that if there was an alarm activation, be it a real intruder, fire or flood, a professional response unit will respond immediately. They will investigate the activation and take appropriate action to prevent losses to the business. This is usually combined with a mobile patrol service that regularly patrols the premises, actively identifying vulnerabilities and acting as a visual deterrent.  

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How can security service providers help in the pandemic?
01 Jul 2020
construction site gurard
construction site guard

How can security service providers help in the pandemic?

With the Coronavirus (Covid19) still in full force, many people feel on edge about their business premises and their homes.

With less people around and streets and areas of businesses being vacant, businesses and homes are at higher risk of being burgled and vandalised.

The emergency services have their hands full and this means they are not always able to respond to alarm activations immediately. This is where security service providers take the lead in ensuring rapid response to alarm activations to reduce risks, prevent crimes, safe clients from potential losses and give people peace of mind.

While business owners are in lockdown or isolating, their places of business and assets will be kept secure by a professional security agency.

Security service providers such as All Time Security are an SIA approved contractor and their staff are all regulated and vetted. This means that businesses can rest assured that they are in safe and competent hands.

Security service providers offer a rapid response and mobile patrol service – this combined with keyholding means that whatever the situation, they will be able to deal with it appropriately.

The mobile patrols are carried out by professional security guards in high visibility uniforms. This acts as an effective visual deterrent for professional and opportunist thieves. The patrols include security guards patrolling vulnerable areas and looking out for signs of criminal damage and forced entry.

Security guards are highly vigilant and keep an eye out for other potential threats such as fires and leaks. This saves businesses thousands in losses every year.

Alarm Activation Rapid Response

With emergency services overwhelmed, they are not always available to investigate alarm activations, private security service providers such as ATS combine their mobile patrols with alarm activation rapid response – meaning that soon as an alarm is activated, whether it be fire or intruder alarm, they will respond immediately – sending a response unit to the site immediately to investigate the activation.   

What are the advantages to this?   

If an alarm is activated and it has been done by error or accident, then business owners are not disturbed – the security guards will deactivate the alarm and reset it. Log the activation and report it, saving business owners the time and hassle. If the activation is due to crime then security guards are well-rehearsed in taking the appropriate action.

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What does easing the lockdown mean for the security industry?

What does easing the lockdown mean for the security industry?

With the world still in shock of the pandemic and with lockdown restrictions easing, how will this affect business and the security industry?

Although the lockdown is easing, there will be several restriction rules still in place. Some of these include a restriction of large crowds. With many businesses and venues relying on large numbers of people attending their venues to make a profit.

What impact will this have on venues?

The issue with the venue being open means that although they operational, they will endure the costs for being open but might not get enough people walking in through the doors to make it lucrative. And in some cases, venues might end up making a loss.

In addition, with venues not able to make much profit, they will still need security to ensure things are kept in order. Having security in place is probably more important now than ever before.

What impact will this have on Security?

With things transitioning to the new normal, the need for security will be heightened but the question lies in whether enough venues will open for security agencies to back to normal and also whether venues will have the adequate finances to continue the same level of payment.

What other implications are there for security?

Health and safety

Although the health and safety of security staff have always been a priority for security service providers, a lot has changed since the outbreak of Covid19. Security staff are trained professionals and are skilled in dealing with a variety of different situations but they are still human and being human means that they are susceptible to catching the Coronavirus (Covid19).

Of course, frontline workers have always been at higher risk than other workers, but the outbreak of a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus raises serious concerns.

Security staff are in close proximity with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people and thus makes them vulnerable.

What is the solution?

Unfortunately, there is no clear solution. With the virus being so contagious and unable to be contained, the only solution is to be more conscious and careful. Security staff should ensure that they do not put themselves in unnecessary risk. Stand closer than 1 meter to other people, visitors and staff. They must have adequate personal protective equipment and follow the government guidelines in avoiding catching the virus.    

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Why retailers rely on proven security solutions
11 Feb 2020
A complete security solution
A complete security solution

Why retailers rely on proven security solutions 

Retailers all over the UK, whether they be small scale stores or major retail outlets, suffer losses through theft and fraud. It’s unavoidable… or is it?

Retail outlets such as supermarkets have thousands of people walking in and out every day. And they often have hundreds of people inside the store at one time. This gives both professional and opportunists thieves the incentive to steal high value items that are on display. 

As there are so many people shopping the store, they will go pretty much unnoticed – giving them the opportunity to commit a crime. 

What can be done about retail theft?

This is a great question. With so many security solutions and with so many so-called experts on security giving the best advice, how does a retailer know what security option, if any at all, to use?

Most retailers resort to using CCTV cameras to deter would be thieves – but often this does not deter thieves, especially professional thieves who are good at concealing their identity and hiding from the cameras. 

And more often than not cameras are used to review footage after a crime has been committed and although this is good, it will not necessarily prevent losses.  

What about security guards? 

Security guards are definitely a proven method of loss prevention in retail and security guards have been used for many years. 

Retail security guards are an excellent visual deterrent – when would be thieves are greeted by a security guard, they immediately know they have been seen. They are aware that security guards are present, and they are more likely to get caught stealing. 

But can one or even a few security guards keep an eye on huge numbers of customers in the store to ensure that they are not stealing? The short answer is no… but there are a few ways that security guards can be more effective in retail security. 

If you are a retailer with a team of security guards then it would be a good idea to have CCTV operators, static guards and patrol guards all working together to keep an eye on customers. 

Security should pay particular attention to high value items by keeping a camera on the high value section and by carrying out regular patrols in that area. 

Security guards are skilled in looking out for overfilling of high value items and making sure that they are properly secured. 

A good combination security services provided by an SIA approved contractor can help prevent retailers losing thousands in theft and collusion. 

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Why it’s important to use an SIA approved contractor to provide you with security
08 Feb 2020
Why it’s important to use an SIA approved contractor to provide you with security
Why it’s important to use an SIA approved contractor to provide you with security

Why it’s important to use an SIA approved contractor to provide you with security 

Although some might say that the world is going overkill on security, most businesses will tell you that there is no such thing as overkill when it comes down to security. 

Whether your security needs are for securing a business, premises, an event or even personal close protection, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. Having security in place could prevent you from losing money, assets and in some cases save lives. 

There are many variations of security services available and a good security provider will be able identify your needs and create a bespoke security package for just for you. 

With so many security providers available, how do you know who to use?

This is a great question and the fact that your asking this question means that you are already on the right track. It means that you are taking security seriously and thinking responsibly. Businesses, staff and visitors are often relying on you to have taken the initiative to provide a safe and secure environment for them. 

One of the best ways to decide whether a company is suitable to provide you with security services is to check if it is approved by the SIA. If a company is an SIA approved contractor, then you can be assured that it has met the industry standards with its services and processes. 

The Security Industry Authority is an official body that vigorously checks a security company for its staff, processes, finance, insurance and much more. 

This means that the company will be providing you with the highest standards of security in the industry. 

You owe a duty of care to people who work on site and for guests and visitors and they will know that you are taking that responsibility seriously when they discover that you are using a professional and SIA approved contractor for their security and safety. 

Security services providers such as All Time Security are SIA approved contractors in numerous areas in the security industry. And this is why they can offer you an array of brilliant security solutions to suit your requirements. 

Contact All Time Security to see how they can help you with bespoke security solutions.  

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