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Benefits of Event Security
16 Mar 2019















Benefits of Event Security.

Every event planner will confirm the necessity of security, for not only the safekeeping of both the attendees and host or hosts but also the protection of the venue. Now, this may come as a surprise to many people looking to hire security for an event and weighing the benefits and elimination of safety hazards against the quoted costs – but the damage costs to venues that could be avoided can be in the thousands.

Do you really want to have to pay thousands of Your MONEY, to cut down a few hundred on Security, is it worth the risk?

Event security is a way to guarantee the protection and wellbeing of your: premises, assets, staff and visitors. They will be guarded by professional security guards, deployed by security providers, who will provide a number of security checks and other measures to ensure this. These security guards are qualified and trained to cover several duties including;

  • Providing a secure environment
  • Security patrolling
  • Access control
  • Fire safety and first aid

Security services save you from suffering, losses through theft or criminal damage and neutralize any safety threat almost immediately. Additionally, it will most likely cause people going to the event to be reassured and know that you have taken the precautionary steps to ensure the event runs smoothly. Security providers will also inform you of the likelihood of a threat and will, therefore making it easier for you to decide the amount of security you would need.

Providing a safe environment

Professional security guards ensure that people and venues are kept safe and secure. They are skilled in handling all types of situations, regardless of how difficult.

They are trained in conflict management and can help diffuse confrontations. Security guards also make certain that any hazards that may cause harm to people or damage to the premises.

Security patrolling

Security guards are trained to carry out regular patrols to make sure all is in order. This means that if there is a problem, including vandalism or any other act of criminality, they will be aware of it and will reduce the risk of damages.

Access control

Security will act as a robust access control team whereby they will only allow authorised people into the venue. This gives attendees the peace of mind that they will be safe at the event.

Security is also skilled in identifying various threats and prevent them at the entrance before they get a chance to enter the event. This includes weapons and any illegal drugs.

Fire Safety and First aid

SIA qualified security guards are also Fire Safety trained and first aid trained. This gives the event organisers the reassurance that they can deal with numerous possibilities and reduce risks.






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how to protect your business in 2017
Why companies should consider alarm response and key holding services
14 Mar 2019
















Companies across the UK have discovered the huge benefits of having more than just CCTV or security guards at their premises.

Although having CCTV and security guards is a great measure in securing your premises, there are some huge benefits in considering alarm response and key holding.

Having security guards present at your premises, especially overnight when the building is empty is fantastic but can be very expensive. Companies across the UK have started adopting alarm response and key holding services from companies such All Time Security, who are SIA approved in alarm response and key holding.

SIA approved alarm response and key holding

It is crucial for companies to instruct a company is approved and meet the industry standards in providing alarm response and key holding. Especially as this is based on trust and reliability.

The aim of the alarm response service is to avoid paying for someone to always be present. This way, if the alarm is activated, a professional alarm response unit will respond to the alarm and take appropriate actions in securing and protecting your premises. This could be a fire alarm or forced entry alarms.

Alarm response security is trained in responding efficiently and liaising with the authorities to ensure protection is upheld. Alarm response guards are trained to be vigilant and thorough in their checks. They are also skilled in deterrent methods and statement writing.

Key holding

Having an SIA approved contractor to hold your keys is incredibly important. These are keys to your premises and you need to be assured that they will be kept in a secure lockup, where they will be kept locked and secure.

Why have a key holding service?

If you have an alarm response service in place it is essential that they can access the keys and gain entry into your premises to investigate the alarm activation.

Due to the guards having access to your premises, it is important that the guards a fully SIA trained and badge holders. An SIA approved security provider will ensure that this is always the case.

Key holding services is not limited to just alarm response – key holding can mean that you can also have a professional security guard open and close your premises. They will ensure that the building is unlocked for staff to enter at a time that you specify and also ensure it is locked back up when it is time for the business to be closed.

Key holding also has the added benefit of having spare keys if you ever need them. If you lose your keys, you can simply call the security provider and they will ensure that you get your keys to unlock or to lock up.



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Do companies still need security guards
Do companies still need security guards?
08 Feb 2019






















Do companies still need security guards?

As time has progressed and technology has become advanced, some business owners now invest heavily in automated security services. And this is great, but does it mean that companies no longer require good old fashioned security guards?

First, let’s go through what a security guard is and what they do

A security guard is instructed to vigilantly keep an eye on your premises to ensure the premises, assets and the people inside it are kept safe and secure. This could be for:
– Theft/Burglary/Robbery
– Internal and external theft
– Industrial espionage
– Arson
– Vandalism
– Violence

Sure, CCTV and alarms are a great method to deter and to an extent prevent the crime from occurring but is that the same as having a highly trained security professional present?

Professionally trained security guards are skilled in detecting signs of crime and other issues that can affect a building.

Security Patrols

Security guards’ petrol premises and look out for leaks, fires and ensure that fire exits are not blocked off.
SIA (Security Industry Authority) qualified security guards are skilled in risk assessments and creating red routes. They will discover vulnerable areas or areas that are poorly lit and ensure that they cover those areas frequently.

They will also patrol the areas that may be susceptible to leaks or fires. Buildings, especially buildings that are left empty at night could suffer from a leak for many hours before the leak is discovered. This could cost business owners thousands of pounds in losses. Proactive and competent security guards measurably reduce that risk.

Carpark security patrols

Many buildings offer a carpark for their staff and employees and this is great but there can be a number of issues, including car parking issues and theft. Security guards run regular patrols in and around the carparks, ensuring that there are no parking issues and cars in the carpark are secure.

Access Control Security

SIA security guards are specially trained in access control. This means that they will vigilantly monitor who is entering the carpark and building. This is a sure way of preventing people from trespassing and potential theft and industrial espionage.

Having professional access control also shows clients and employees that the business owner takes their safety and security seriously. This helps create an overall better environment for staff and visitors.

The fact that people have to sign in and have been visibly seen and identified also helps prevent people from not following proper company codes and conducts.

Security guards save companies hundreds of thousands every year and most businesses would agree that a reputable and professional security company is an asset to their business.
If you require an SIA approved security services provider contact All Time Security today.

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What is involved in a security patrol?
20 Sep 2018
















What is a security patrol?

Over the years, companies have realised that having a security patrol service is not only a great way
of securing your premises but is also a cost-effective approach to a putting an active security
solution in place.

Mobile security patrols are particularly useful when your premises are vacant. Your premises are
usually the most vulnerable at night when no one is around to keep any eye on things. Mobile security patrols consist of professional security guards frequently patrolling your premises looking for vulnerabilities, signs of vandalism, break-ins, leaks and fires.

This is the perfect solution for business owners who do not require a full-time security presence or
simply want a more cost-effective security solution.

Why have a security patrol service?

The aim of the security patrol service is to ensure the safety and security of your premises. If you
have been working in your business all day the last thing you would want is to worry about your
building and assets when you are not around.

Construction companies were fast in learning that leaving your site empty with expensive materials
and equipment could mean that thieves take advantage and steal from the site. Mobile patrols mean that SIA qualified security guards will frequently check on the site to make sure everything is OK.

What is Key holding?

Another benefit of having professional security services is that as well as having the mobile
patrol, you can instruct the security provider to hold your keys. A key holding service is where you
give a spare set of keys to the key holder company and they ensure that it is kept stored in a key

The advantage to this, aside from the fact that your spare keys are in a secure key cabinet in a secure
room, is that you can request your keys at any time. So, if you have travelled to work and the
realised that you have forgotten to bring your keys, you can request that your key holder brings
them to you to open the building and let you in.

The key holding service is very popular and is usually used in conjunction with a scheduled opening
and closing of buildings service.

Why use an alarm response service?

Mobile patrols can also function as alarm response services. If an alarm in your premises has been
activated, whether that be a fire or intruder alarm you can rest assured that the mobile patrol and
response unit will be at your premises in no time. They will investigate the cause of the alarm and
will then take the appropriate action to deal with the situation. This is a timesaving and cost effective solution to dealing with alarm activations.

Contact All Time Security today for a direct quote for our security patrol services.

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Benefits of CCTV for Businesses
01 Aug 2018








Most business owners know that securing their premises is a must. There are many security services available, ranging from security guards, mobile security patrols all the way to CCTV security and CCTV remote monitoring.

Although you would hope that your business remains safe, there is a risk of burglary, vandalism and sabotage. To reduce this risk, it is important to conduct a risk assessment and put relevant security services in place.

Why is having CCTV security important?

CCTV security has become a crucial component in securing a building. This becomes even more important when the building is unoccupied. Most businesses premises are empty evenings, nights and weekends – leaving them vulnerable and not secure. Having CCTV cameras installed means that you can rest assured that your building is being watched and footage is being recorded. If an incident were to occur, it would be recorded and can be used as evidence to catch and prosecute perpetrators.

CCTV cameras are also a visual deterrent. If a potential thief or vandal becomes aware that your building is secure, they will be less likely to commit a criminal offence.

What to consider when getting CCTV camera installation     

If you do not have CCTV cameras installed and have realised the benefits of having them, you really need to be careful when finding a security service that provides installation.

A company like All Time Security is reputable, provides high quality CCTV equipment and has qualified, trained and experienced CCTV installation engineers.  ATS ensures that all its cameras are of high resolution for a high definition, crisp picture. This is crucial when identifying culprits in action. Also, the company will also make certain that all external cameras are robust, resilient against vandalism, have night vision and are weatherproof.

It is important that your installer is experienced and has engineers who are trained to do the job. Installing CCTV cameras is not as simple as dotting cameras all over the building at random. You need an experienced security services provider to complete a full survey of your premises. From this survey, they will strategically work out the best places to install the cameras.

ATS will:

  • identify the most vulnerable areas
  • look at any historical incidents and the areas in which they occurred
  • find blind spots
  • take into considerations all entrances and exits
  • secure all doors and windows
  • look at any garages and car parks

The security services provider will also look at areas of low lighting and will advise on how to increase visibility. Criminals feel comfortable in low lit areas where they think they cannot be seen. ATS works relentlessly in discovering and creating preventative measures.

CCTV Remote Monitoring

Another great way of securing your premises is to have a security services provider who can remotely monitor your CCTV cameras. Companies such as All Time Security have a 24-hour secure remote monitoring station. This is manned with qualified and skilled professionals who will keep a close eye on your premises.

Remote CCTV monitoring means that you can cut the cost of hiring a full-time security guard. You will still have the advantage of having professional security operators surveying your premises, but will still be able to prevent:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Industrial espionage
  • Leaks
  • Fires  

All Time Security is an SIA approved contractor for security services. Contact us today to find out how we can help with CCTV installation and remote monitoring for your business or home. Security services are important for the safety and protection of your business, so make sure you are prepared for any potential incidents.

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what to look for in a security company
What to Look for in a Security Company
25 May 2018













Choosing the right security company for your requirements is very important. The selection process for finding the right security service that puts the public first can be difficult. Some security firms can present themselves as professional but there is more to private security than just “looking the part”.

Whether the client is hiring a service for event security or site security, a private security agency should be able to adapt to fit the needs of whatever industry they are working for. After all, every client’s needs are different which means an exceptional service is expected. This is achieved through robust security training, clear communication, valid licences, dutiful vigilance and the importance in the safety of your employees and customers. All security firms should be offering this.

All Time Security is proud of its service which is why we have outlined why you should choose us. To lay this out further, here is our list of what to look for in a security company.

1.Safety of your employees and clients

This should be something expected of a security agency without having to say it. However, with how incredibly vital the safety of everybody is, you want to know that the security firm you hire places that importance above everything else. If the security strategy has even the slimmest of chances to harm the public, then it is down to that security company to inform the client of such a possibility. Health and safety checks also need to be made, to ensure no stone is unturned. Your chosen security agency must also have the correct insurance, with public liability cover essential.

2. Adapting to Clients Needs

A security company should be fit for purpose for a plethora of security services. Retail security guards will have different tasks compared to building and construction security guards. Every client will require different services and knowing that a security firm has many talents is certainly reassuring. When looking for that complete security solution, you want to know that you can customise your needs with clear understanding from both sides.

3. Clear Communication

Customising and adapting the needs of your security is achieved through clear communication. The security firm you choose should be able to communicate their service in terms that are easy to understand. This effective communication should be clear before any safety work is commissioned and is routinely present throughout the project. From there, the security officers on the ground will be expected to have routine communication between each other and the client whilst on the job.

4. Dutiful Vigilance

For the majority of the time, a company will hire security as a precautionary measure with the hope it will not be required. Often the mere presence of physical or remote security is enough of a deterrent for those who don’t want to keep the peace. As a client, you would expect dutiful vigilance for your on-site security, alarm response as well as your CCTV Remote Monitoring. What you don’t want from your security, is a team that stands around and does nothing.

A professional security officer will always be vigilant to their surroundings. They will notice if a vehicle looks out of place or the presence of somebody who isn’t where they are supposed to be. The security team will also be aware of potential blind spots as well as monitoring crowd capacity at an event. The security team should make the client feel safe and secure from the moment they start. If they don’t, then you will need to look elsewhere.

5. Robust Training and Valid Licences

As a client, you would expect the security personnel of the security firm you have hired to be trained. Providing security is a skill that needs to be mastered and isn’t something one can do overnight. You would expect officers to be trained in dealing with the management of conflict, physical intervention and door supervision as standard. The company should be able to prove that its training is of an industry standard.

A security company also needs to have its current valid licences that a client can look over, if such a request is made. If you require a security firm for key holding services, you want to be able to trust them entirely with that job. For this reason, a high standard of training and license holding should be expected.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced security team, then you should look no further than All Time Security. We are one of the few security companies that holds SIA Approved certification in Door Supervision, Key Holding, Security Guard, Close Protection and CCTV. Our security personnel are trained to industry standards with ATS being one of the leading security training providers in the UK.

Contact All Time Security today to see if we can fulfill your security solutions.

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Why Businesses Need Corporate Security Guards
Why Businesses Need Corporate Security Guards
29 Oct 2017









The bigger businesses grow, the more they need to start thinking about the safety and security of their staff and premises.

Businesses have to think about their assets and how to protect them.

Professional cooperate security guards are not just a visual presence to deter trouble and give staff and visitors a feeling of safety, they are there to vigilantly identify vulnerabilities. Good security guards actively look to seek out potential problems that could lead to the business losing money. This includes looking out for signs of damage to the building and leaks that cause further losses.

Guards in companies such All Time Security are skilled in detecting problems including hazardous clutter and that fire exits are closed and not obstructed.

Corporate security guards also ensure that only authorised persons are allowed entry into the premises. This gives staff confidence that they are in a safe and secure environment. This also protects the business assets and data that may be held at the business.

Guards manage signing in and out systems, so they know only authorised personnel are in the building. They verify contractors, checking ID and ensuring that they know where they need to go and only have access to the areas that they are permitted to.

Great Customer Service

Although corporate security guards are there to keep staff, visitors and the building safe and secure, they also aid with providing great customer service. ATS guards are smartly dressed, approachable, polite, friendly and helpful. ATS train their guards to greet staff and visitors with a smile and assist with general queries.

Corporate security guards are trained in effective oral and written communication. They are trained to diffuse situations that could escalate, covering conflict resolution and physical intervention. This means that they are in control even when faced with difficult situations.

Fire Wardens and Health & Safety trained

SIA approved organisations like All Time Security ensure that their corporate security guards are fire warden trained and can assist or manage fire evacuation procedures. Guards are quick as responding and getting people out of the building via the fire escapes and to the fire assembly point.

Guards are always looking for vulnerabilities and risks that could jeopardise people’s safety. If they identify an issue they can rectify, they will, if not, they will report it. Either way, business owners have peace of mind that a competent person is keeping an eye on their staff, visitors and assets, even when they are not around.

If you require professional corporate security guards, contact All Time Security today for a free quote:

Tel: 03330050945

Email: [email protected]

For more information about All Time Security and the services they offer visit: www.alltimesecurity.co.uk

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Two Terrific Tips for Running a Successful Event
Terrific Tips for Running a Successful Event
09 Oct 2017














Most event organisers know that there are many things that can go wrong when organising an event, especially if the event is planning to cater for a large crowd. Sometimes, it is impossible to fix these disasters, like if the guest entertainers or performers are a no-show. But in most cases, things going wrong are due to operational issues.

Here are 3 tips that can help with running a great event:

Plan out everything

It seems obvious and people have been banging on about it for years. The quote: “failing to plan is planning to fail,” has been drilled in to our heads. But to be honest, there’s good reason for it – although it sounds like a cliché, it is still the most significant part of a successful event process.

When an event gets on its way and the chaos commences, you already have too much on your plate to deal with, you cannot be dealing with operational or security issues at that point. They should have been identified, addressed and overcome prior to the event beginning.

A great way of ensuring that this gets done effectively is to instruct a professional event security company to conduct a thorough risk assessment. Companies like All Time Security, have professional risk assessment officers that will take the time to gather the details of the event, including the estimated number of guests. They will scope out the location of the event and actively look for risks and vulnerabilities. Once the assessor is satisfied that all the risks, hazards and vulnerabilities have been identified, he will then liaise with organisers and look at ways of eliminating or reducing the impact that they can have on the running of the event.


Have a professional SIA qualified security team

All event organisers know that events are unpredictable and if not managed properly, can lead to complete chaos. People attending the event need to know that they are safe, and the premises is secure.

When attendees are met by professional, polite and assertive security staff, they are reassured that they are in good hands and this helps them focus on enjoying the event. Professional security aid the customer experience and provide a safe and secure environment.

If you are organising an event, why not give All Time Security a call and a get a free quote:

Contact telephone number:   03330050945

Email: [email protected]

Website: alltimesecurity.co.uk

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Why Have a Professional Key Holding & Alarm Response Service for Your Premises?
Why Have a Professional Key Holding & Alarm Response Service for Your Premises?
10 Sep 2017














Businesses have enough to worry about already – they don’t need to be worried about what to do if the building alarm goes off in the middle of the night. And that’s exactly why businesses leave that to alarm response and key holding expert agencies.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple: you find a trusted security company, preferably one that is an SIA Approved Contractor and instruct them to provide a reliable response service. If an alarm is to go off, whether it has been a fire alarm activation, intruder alarm or even a false alarm, trained response security guards will get to the premises fast. They will investigate the activation and take the appropriate actions. You can rest assured that whatever the situation, the guards will know how to deal with it quickly.

Why chose an SIA Approved Contractor to Handle Key Holding & Alarm Response?

SIA Approved Contractor

SIA Approved Contractor


The purpose of the SIA’s Approved Contractor scheme is to increase standards of security companies. Once a company qualifies on the voluntary scheme, it is subjected to robust regulations that ensure exceptional standards in quality of service. The SIA establishes a system of inspection for companies to aspire to meet the Private Security Industry Act 2001 requirements.
What are the benefits?

The key advantages of instructing a professional security company to respond to your building’s alarm activations are:

– You have peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week that your premises will be kept safe
– You will not need to be called out late at night to respond to an alarm activation
– You avoid potential risks by having professional security guards responding to activations
– Rapid response guards can prevent fire damages, vandalism, sabotage and burglary to your premises

As well as all these great security and safety benefits, you also have peace of mind that a copy of your keys is being kept in a secure safe and if needed can be easily accessed. Most reputable key holding companies can be called out to open your building in the case you forget your keys or lose them. This will help in preventing disruption in your business.
The response security will also respond to leaks, floods and power-cuts. This saves you time and potential loss of money.


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How a professional security service can make your event run smoothly
How a professional security service can make your event run smoothly
11 Jul 2017













Whether you’re planning a big corporate event, a fashion show, an exhibition or a work party, hiring a professional security service can help to put your mind at ease.  You’ll have a lot of things to be taking care of on the day, but security doesn’t need to be one of them.

Forward planning
A professional security service will work with you before your event ensuring they understand exactly what type of security you are looking for.  This will make sure both you and the security are on the same page and will ensure they know exactly what they are doing on the day before the event starts.  You can outline how many security guards you require and what services you want them to provide.  If you are struggling to find the right venue, they might even be able to offer you advice on the best type of venue to ensure a safe experience for your guests.

This will also give you the opportunity to check exactly what licences and checks the team have, for example, it is essential they have an SIA licence and DBS checks.  You will also want to check the company’s references before you commit.

Safety from the moment guests arrive
A professional security team can undertake ID checks on the door, making sure only those invited have access to the event, working from a list you provide.  If you’re trying to make a good impression, the last thing you want at your event is gatecrashers.

They can also conduct bag searches, ensuring no guests bring in any of their own alcohol or anything else unwanted.  This will put guests’ minds at ease, knowing from the moment they arrive that the event has a tight security system.  You might wish to inform guests of the searches on the invitation, to avoid any annoyance on the day.

Peace of mind
Straight away guests will be reassured that the event is safe.  You will be giving off the right impression to your guests, who will understand where your priorities lie, and that you take their safety seriously.  A security team can also give you, the organiser, peace of mind, leaving you able to focus on other aspects of the event, while the security is left in the hands of professionals.

In areas like Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, a good security team is essential and by hiring a professional security company, you will be putting your faith in the right people.   A security team will be dedicated to providing you with a safe environment.  Some security services also ensure their staff are trained in first aid and will be on hand should any incidents occur.  Although you will be aware of any health and safety issues of the event you are holding and will have planned accordingly, this is very reassuring.

Security for all areas
Hiring security guards will ensure guests feel safer just by their presence.  A security team could even be hired to man the car park.  Again this will help guests feel reassured and will allow them to enjoy the event without worrying about their vehicle.


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