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Monthly Archives: November 2020
The significance of security as the national lockdown eases
27 Nov 2020

The significance of security as the national lockdown eases

As the national lockdown eases and venues start to open again, there will be a greater need for business owners to show their guests and staff duty of care.

One of the principal ways in which business owners can show their guests and staff that they take their safety and security seriously is by having professional security to ensure that things remain in good order.

Having a professional security team is a sure way of ensuring your guests and staff that you are taking their safety and security seriously. This gives them confidence in you and allows them to better enjoy their time whilst at your venue.

Why is having security important?

Having a robust security process in place is a must for business owners. Security systems include:

  • Security signage
  • Security lighting
  • Security alarms
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Secured entrances and exits
  • Security guards

Although many of these features seem expensive, they usually save business thousands every year in losses due to theft, burglaries, vandalism, and arson.

Having visual deterrents in place mean that both professional and opportunist thieves will be aware that the business has taken security into consideration.

Security lighting is a great way of lighting areas that are particularly dark. Criminals are less likely to commit a crime if the area is well lit and they have more chances of being seen.

Both and intruder alarms and CCTV and a great visual deterrent and an effective way to prevent people from entering a premises without being detected. Although securing entrances and exits properly is a must, having a professional intruder alarm will mean that as soon as they try to enter, the alarm will sound alerting others that there is an intruder.

CCTV cameras can be a brilliant way to see intruders and other criminals in the act. CCTV is also an effective form of evidence when wanting to prosecute criminals.

Having physical security guards has always been one of the most effective ways to keep businesses safe. Trained and skilled security guards are qualified by the SIA to ensure that they keep businesses, people and assets safe and secure. Guards are trained in conflict management and theft/loss prevention.

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