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Monthly Archives: October 2020
How to secure your events in 2021
29 Oct 2020

How to secure your events in 2021

Events across the world have changed the way they operate. If the area that your event is being held is not in lockdown and it is open for guests to visit, then there are some strict government guidelines to follow and some good safety measures that should be considered. 

Social Distancing 

Although this is an obvious one, it is shocking to see how many venues are still not putting things in place to encourage people to maintain a safe distance from one another. 

Why is this important? This is a crucial step in keeping guests and staff safe during events. Although guests may not show obvious signs of having the virus, they may well be carrying and spreading the virus without even realising it. 

How can event organisers help ensure that social distancing is maintained? 

Covid19 specific signage. People have been used to seeing and reading signs for many years, “No Smoking” “No Entry” etc. Using Covid19 specific signs reminding people that they must maintain social distancing is a great way to keep people safe – including staff along with your staff. 

Instruct a security services provider to deploy professional security door staff. 

For many venues, especially in these unprecedented times, security is a must. Security service providers that are approved by the SIA, have security guards who are skilled and trained in managing crowds. 

This proves to be incredibly useful when trying to ensure that number of people present in the venue meet the government guidelines and that people are maintaining safe social distancing. 

Security service providers ensure that their security guards are upskilled on the latest guidelines to ensure that venues are not in breach of any old or recent laws due to Covid 19. 

Having a professional team ensuring that venues are following the law correctly, can save fines and prosecutions. 

If you are organising an event or have a venue, get in touch with All Time Security to see how they help.     

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