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Monthly Archives: February 2020
Why retailers rely on proven security solutions
11 Feb 2020
A complete security solution
A complete security solution

Why retailers rely on proven security solutions 

Retailers all over the UK, whether they be small scale stores or major retail outlets, suffer losses through theft and fraud. It’s unavoidable… or is it?

Retail outlets such as supermarkets have thousands of people walking in and out every day. And they often have hundreds of people inside the store at one time. This gives both professional and opportunists thieves the incentive to steal high value items that are on display. 

As there are so many people shopping the store, they will go pretty much unnoticed – giving them the opportunity to commit a crime. 

What can be done about retail theft?

This is a great question. With so many security solutions and with so many so-called experts on security giving the best advice, how does a retailer know what security option, if any at all, to use?

Most retailers resort to using CCTV cameras to deter would be thieves – but often this does not deter thieves, especially professional thieves who are good at concealing their identity and hiding from the cameras. 

And more often than not cameras are used to review footage after a crime has been committed and although this is good, it will not necessarily prevent losses.  

What about security guards? 

Security guards are definitely a proven method of loss prevention in retail and security guards have been used for many years. 

Retail security guards are an excellent visual deterrent – when would be thieves are greeted by a security guard, they immediately know they have been seen. They are aware that security guards are present, and they are more likely to get caught stealing. 

But can one or even a few security guards keep an eye on huge numbers of customers in the store to ensure that they are not stealing? The short answer is no… but there are a few ways that security guards can be more effective in retail security. 

If you are a retailer with a team of security guards then it would be a good idea to have CCTV operators, static guards and patrol guards all working together to keep an eye on customers. 

Security should pay particular attention to high value items by keeping a camera on the high value section and by carrying out regular patrols in that area. 

Security guards are skilled in looking out for overfilling of high value items and making sure that they are properly secured. 

A good combination security services provided by an SIA approved contractor can help prevent retailers losing thousands in theft and collusion. 

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Why it’s important to use an SIA approved contractor to provide you with security
08 Feb 2020
Why it’s important to use an SIA approved contractor to provide you with security
Why it’s important to use an SIA approved contractor to provide you with security

Why it’s important to use an SIA approved contractor to provide you with security 

Although some might say that the world is going overkill on security, most businesses will tell you that there is no such thing as overkill when it comes down to security. 

Whether your security needs are for securing a business, premises, an event or even personal close protection, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. Having security in place could prevent you from losing money, assets and in some cases save lives. 

There are many variations of security services available and a good security provider will be able identify your needs and create a bespoke security package for just for you. 

With so many security providers available, how do you know who to use?

This is a great question and the fact that your asking this question means that you are already on the right track. It means that you are taking security seriously and thinking responsibly. Businesses, staff and visitors are often relying on you to have taken the initiative to provide a safe and secure environment for them. 

One of the best ways to decide whether a company is suitable to provide you with security services is to check if it is approved by the SIA. If a company is an SIA approved contractor, then you can be assured that it has met the industry standards with its services and processes. 

The Security Industry Authority is an official body that vigorously checks a security company for its staff, processes, finance, insurance and much more. 

This means that the company will be providing you with the highest standards of security in the industry. 

You owe a duty of care to people who work on site and for guests and visitors and they will know that you are taking that responsibility seriously when they discover that you are using a professional and SIA approved contractor for their security and safety. 

Security services providers such as All Time Security are SIA approved contractors in numerous areas in the security industry. And this is why they can offer you an array of brilliant security solutions to suit your requirements. 

Contact All Time Security to see how they can help you with bespoke security solutions.  

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Some useful tips on securing your premises
03 Feb 2020
Some useful tips on securing your premises
Some useful tips on securing your premises

Some useful tips on securing your premises

Whether you are thinking of securing your home or whether it is your business premises you are looking to make more secure, here are some useful tips on how you can make your premises more secure.

Secure windows and doors

Aside from the obvious, ensuring all doors and windows are closed and locked, you need to evaluate the quality of the doors and windows you have. Most people have now got double glazing, and this is a great place to start. But you also need to consider how good the quality is and how good the actual locks on the doors and windows are.

If you have had your doors and windows in for a long time, it may be worth investigating their robustness. Over time, doors and windows start to deteriorate and can become less secure. Another aspect is the locks themselves. Are they good quality locks?

You can also do a Google search to check if the type of locks you have are known to have vulnerabilities. If there are articles online of problems, you might want to consider replacing the locks.


Business owners know the benefits of having CCTV in their premises. It not only works as a visual deterrent, it also captures important video evidence if an incident is to occur.

In recent years, CCTV is becoming more and more popular in homes as well as businesses. People have seen the benefits of having home CCTV and have chosen to have it in their homes.

Security guards

This is an obvious one for businesses and they have been used as an effective security method for many years – and with good reason. Security guards are an excellent visual deterrent and are also trained to handle various different situations. This includes being vigilant and conflict management. No one wants or expect there to be trouble in the workplace but no can guarantee it won’t happen and that’s why having a well-trained and SIA qualified security guard can the perfect solution.

Security guards are skilled in handling and defusing difficult situations and are also Fire safety and first aid trained. They are trained to carry out routine parameter checks and look out for vulnerabilities as well as issues that may cause the business to incur loses – this includes fires and leeks.     

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