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Monthly Archives: January 2023
Manned vs Remote Video Guarding: What’s the Difference?
19 Jan 2023

There was once a time when the concept of keeping business premises secure might have brought to mind the image of a night watchman patrolling a building while keys jangle at his side. Indeed, many organisations do continue to utilise manned, in-person security at their sites.

However, an increasing number of commercial functions have been performed remotely — as the world particularly saw during the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent times, it has become de rigueur to use apps on mobile devices for, say, collaborating and conferencing from a physical distance.

It therefore makes sense to transfer more and more business security responsibilities to the remote sphere. Now, admittedly, this prospect might start filling you with a sense of dread. Could some security holes start emerging as the transition process gets underway?

In truth, whether you opt for the traditional measure of hiring security guards or instead implement some kind of remote video guarding solution, both benefits and drawbacks can apply. It would thus be key for you to weigh up how these two security options compare on those fronts.

What is the traditional way of doing things with business security?

For a while, many businesses had only one type of security guard system available to them: one where at least one human security guard would remain in the vicinity to watch out for any signs of unusual activity and report back to the organisation itself if this did arise.

Though advances in technology have since enabled more and more businesses to start taking advantage of virtual guard systems, you shouldn’t be quick to scotch the worth of having manned guards — perhaps even in combination with remote ones — at your corporate base.

With a traditional human guard, you can arrange for them to remain physically present at the site for as long as you wish — though, naturally, the higher the number of hours you want them to be there, the more you could have to pay that guard for the privilege.

Still, a human guard can certainly be flexible. For example, you could have the same guard keep watch over multiple sites and undertake spot checks on a daily or nightly basis. This guard could stay at one site for just one shift before allowing a colleague to take over.

Even just the sight of a human guard can deter aspiring trespassers from attempting to enter the property — not least because, if security was indeed breached, there would obviously be someone there to immediately deal with the situation and, if necessary, call for backup.

While it would ultimately be up to you whether to have a 24/7 manned guard system or instead use human guards only at particular times, the former could give you personnel capable of signing for deliveries or authorising access for other contractors at otherwise awkward times.

The quality of the human guarding you do receive can depend on how you source it. All Time Security offers manned guarding services that comply with the British Standard for security guarding and are available to clients in either the private or public sector.

Our security agency is also approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), and can provide your organisation with a manned guarding system tailored to meet specific security needs. Our fully trained and vetted security officers can guard sites including: 

  • Building and construction sites 
  • Warehouses
  • Factories 
  • Public houses 
  • Car parks

Nonetheless, we acknowledge that human guarding can have its limits. For example, if an unexpected obstacle — like illness or bad weather — jeopardises a human guard’s efforts to turn up to work on time, your commercial security could be temporarily left vulnerable. 

Furthermore, the larger the site you need to secure, the higher the number of human guards you could need for it. This situation, in turn, can add prohibitively to the cost of a manned guarding system — but throwing remote video guarding into the mix could help dilute this expense.

What would remote video guarding entail?

Here is how remote video guarding works. CCTV cameras are strategically installed at various points around the premises — and, on a 24/7 basis, video from these cameras is fed to a remote base where security staff can watch the imagery in both live or recorded form. 

If the video flags up a security incident, responders can be sent to the site in order to act on the problem. Through utilising remote video guarding, you can keep constant watch over all areas  of a property — but at a far lower financial cost than doing so with human guards.

This basically means that, for smaller, newer organisations, remote video guarding can easily constitute a much better-value way of giving a business site comprehensive security coverage.

Just consider the example of our own CCTV remote monitoring service — where, once we have installed the required CCTV security system at the client’s workplace, an SIA-qualified CCTV operator can continuously monitor what is picked up by these cameras.

At any given time of day, night or year, there will be an operator keeping an eye on the numerous CCTV video feeds. Hence, you can have faith in your workplace’s security even when you are on a business trip, sleeping or on holiday.

One good reason for you to implement both manned guarding and remote video guarding solutions at your premises is that, if the remote CCTV operator does detect an on-site issue, they will be able to report this to the manned guards.

These security staffers can then immediately act to tackle the problem — enabling you to leverage practical benefits of both manned and remote guarding systems while reining in disadvantages that would usually be associated with either security measure when it is used in isolation. It is also worth pointing out that, when you draw upon the CCTV remote monitoring service from All Time Security in particular, you would be able to effectively use the solution in conjunction with our alarm response and key holding service. To enquire about any of our commercial security offerings, feel free to email us via

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Security Measures Schools Should Adopt

It is important that schools provide a safe environment for students and staff alike. For your own educational institution, one key part of the equation would be making sure the onsite security measures and apparatus used by your staff are up to scratch.

Schools can be faced by many different threats. Some people might attempt to compromise security systems used by the school — and, if it is in a crime-ridden area, students and staff can be at risk of falling victim to assaults.

If you are a staff member of a school and responsible for keeping it secure, you should investigate various security strategies for this educational establishment to potentially pursue.

Your school’s security policy should be part of a wider plan aimed at ensuring students’ and staffers’ health, safety and wellbeing. You should decide how you will not only react to security incidents but also, when and where possible, reduce the likelihood of them arising in the first place.

Evaluate your school’s current security measures 

What security measures does your school already have in place? You might have reduced the number of entrances as well as the number of specific people authorised to use them. The site might also have its own communication system reserved for use in emergencies. 

Whatever form your school’s security does take, it would be wise for you to now assess it to see if there is any obvious room for improvement in it.

You could find it particularly useful to consider your legal obligations under two particular pieces of UK legislation: the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSWR).

The UK Government website has guidance for how you could carefully shape your school’s security strategy with these UK laws in mind.

Consider a range of physical security procedures

You might recall when, during the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘the Swiss cheese model’ was cited to explain why multiple measures – rather than just getting vaccinated – would be necessary for slowing down the spread of the virus.

A similar principle can justify the use of numerous physical security methods at your school. Just like no single anti-COVID tactic provides an entirely watertight defence by itself, neither does any given physical security solution available for implementing in an educational environment.

So, while we would be able to – on your request – monitor your school remotely via CCTV, we urge you to also make use of our alarm response and key holding service. This would involve a duty alarm response security officer arriving on the scene at short notice if an alarm is triggered at the school.

Build partnerships with public safety officials 

Through establishing strong ties with the police and local authorities, you can gather security-related information suitable for guiding your security policy’s development in the right direction. Public bodies and officials with which your school could forge fruitful partnerships include:  

  • Other schools and colleges based nearby
  • The local divisional or district police commander
  • A police partnership officer
  • The local resilience forum

When you have ready access to all of the above sources, information can be shared more quickly and easily between you and them. Consequently, you will be able to time-effectively get expert input into your security plans as you draw them up or revise them. 

It bears emphasis that, in the event of a security breach at the site, you will be in the best position to decide what course of action should be taken first. The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has prepared a guide on when schools should call the police.

Analyse the state of your school’s cybersecurity

Of course, many schools needed to switch to remote learning as the pandemic took hold – and your particular institution might have preserved many digital education tools from that time. However, in any case, it’s no secret that schools have remained highly reliant on online operations.

It is a strong testament to this that, according to an audit recently undertaken by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Grid for Learning (LGfL), 78% of UK schools have been hit by at least one kind of cyber incident.

This situation underlines the importance of making sure your school’s cybersecurity is resilient. You can – for example – audit the school’s data security in search of vulnerabilities, while staff can be trained in good practice when it comes to cybersecurity awareness.

Don’t be reticent about the prospect of school security guarding

With shooting incidents in the United States having led to increasing acceptance of armed security officers in schools on that side of the Atlantic, you shouldn’t rule out the idea of following suit in your own school – even despite the UK differing very much from the US with regards to gun law.

After all, the UK has its own persistent crime problems, such as knife crime. You should also keep in mind that many current members of your staff could lack specialist expertise in how to handle dangerous individuals on the school grounds.

Fortunately, it is often possible for schools to hire security guards from local security companies. For example, our team here at All Time Security can provide your school with security guards whose mere presence there can make it feel safer and act as a visual deterrent to aspiring attackers.

Hire educational concierge staff

Right now, you might be wondering what the term ‘educational concierge staff’ actually means. It refers to workers essentially each capable of providing security, customer service and student support. Yes, all three are available from just one person.

These workers can interact with students, such as to familiarise them with the academic environment. After hiring educational concierge staff from All Time Security, your school can also rest assured that these workers will be able to assist in diffusing volatile situations should the need arise. 

We invite you to email so that you can learn more about educational concierge staff and, if you would like to utilise them, how you would be able to do so.

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Benefits of Concierge Security for Your Business
10 Jan 2023

From cybersecurity to physical threats, Businesses face a wide range of security threats, regardless of industry or niche. 

Burglary and theft, vandalism, natural disasters such as earthquakes, and violent workplace behaviour are common for every business. And with 2.7 million theft offences in the UK, securing business premises is a priority. 

One way to protect your building, assets, clients, and workforce is by hiring professional concierge security. Read on to learn how this service can benefit your organisation.

5 Pros of Concierge Security

Add Value to Your Business 

Concierge security staff are the first people visitors see when they enter your establishment. These professional, well-dressed individuals are trained in both security and customer service. They can put guests at ease and make them feel safe and welcome. Their presence can certainly increase customer satisfaction. 

Extra Organisational Benefits

Though “entertaining” your waiting customers and maintaining a peaceful and conflict-free environment is their main concern, your concierge security staff actually does a lot more. They can help answer calls, verify appointments and cancellations, and answer formal questions about your business. 

Having concierge security staff take on administrative tasks can free up your employees’ time so they can focus on more urgent tasks.

Save time 

Training your own people and organising their daily schedule is an additional task for your business. By hiring concierge security from a professional company, you’re getting highly-trained and licensed professionals that know their job and incorporate their professional practices into your business. You pay for external security and get the whole package without the extra stress and effort.

Instant Emergency Response Plan

Aside from their hospitality, great manners, and formal attire, concierge security staff are, above all, security-trained men. This implies that they also handle emergency response protocols, which must be followed by your employees, your guests, customers, and everyone inside the building. 

However, in worst-case scenarios, clients and employees alike can panic and cause more chaos. Concierge security staff will take care of unwanted troubles and keep things under control.

They Can Handle Deliveries

Deliveries can be a real challenge. Not every business offers door-to-door delivery. Depending on your business’s location – couriers can’t always make a stop and wait for you to get out and handle the package. This is where concierge staff comes in handy. 

Handling dispatchers, carrying deliveries to your office, or appointing the delivery staff to your warehouse is within their primary duties. 

All Time Security: The Best Concierge Security in the UK

The success of your company isn’t only defined by your workforce and business operations. Establishing a secure working environment and stress-free office can ensure better employee and client satisfaction.

And what better way to do that than with a concierge security team from All Time Security? Our staff is at your service and works according to all industry standards. So, worry less and leave the security matters to us. Contact us here.

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Why Hire Door Supervisors for Your Wedding

Tending to every guest on your wedding list is impossible, especially if we’re discussing a big wedding. An average British couple spends around $19,200 on their wedding. Hiring security services will help you enjoy your big day and reduce stress or worry.

Read on to learn the importance of hiring professional door supervision on your special day.

Benefits of Door Supervisions for Outdoor Weddings and Events

Here are some of the main benefits of having door supervision on your wedding day. 

Get Rid of Wedding Crashers

When it comes to big weddings, you never know who could show up at your venue. Wedding crashers can easily go unnoticed. But this can also happen even with an exclusive guest list. You might have to confront extra guests at your wedding and even create bad blood with some attendees. But thankfully, a door supervision service handles these kinds of issues with minimal to no fuss. . 

Control Unplanned Crowds and Mess

The presence of alcohol can trigger unplanned situations. We’ve all been there – your best buds begin to quarrel, your parents send unfriendly glances at the servers, and guests get wasted and lose control. Instead of running around making peace among the crowds, you can hire professional security to ease the tension and ensure a smooth wedding celebration. 

Assist the Wedding Ceremony

Door supervisors work around your event schedule. They are here to smoothen the flaws, including assisting the personnel and guests with whatever they need, from hanging coats to pointing them to the right venue. With door supervision, you get to enjoy a stress-free wedding day. 

Prevent Unwanted Pictures

Potential wedding crashers and strangers (especially with outdoor celebrations) can find their way to your wedding photos. They might even upload pictures of your big day online. Door supervisors can help remind guests to limit phone usage and ensure your privacy.

Ease Your Mind

All of the above mentioned issues instantly add 100% pressure on your already-tense schedule. We all want perfection, especially on our wedding day, and don’t care to worry about what might go wrong. To ensure everything runs smoothly and hassle-free, hire door supervision services to keep an eye on potential issues. This way, you can focus on enjoying your day.

Hire the Best Wedding Day Door Supervision Service 

Find the ultimate door supervision service at All Time Security.

For your special day, we offer SIA-licensed and approved professional personnel that are highly skilled and equipped to ensure maximum safety and security on your special day.
We serve clients anywhere in the UK. To learn more about our services, give us a call today.

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