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Monthly Archives: March 2020
Covid-19 and its impact on the Security sector
25 Mar 2020

Covid-19 and its impact on the Security sector

As everyone is aware, Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is a serious epidemic that is causing chaos across the globe. Aside from causing harm and even death to people, it is having an impact on economies and businesses.

Of course, this will have an impact on the security industry but what people need to understand is that professional security persons come under the banner of key workers. In times like these that security becomes incredibly more important.

In times of heightened anxiety, people look to security providers to help keep things in order and keep people safe. Police and other emergency services are limited in their resources and often rely on security industry-approved contractors to help with the overall goal to maintain the safety of people.

Why is important that the security providers being used should be Security Industry Approved?

With many security firms out there, people don’t always know which provider to use to get the best and most effective service possible. But SIA approved contractors are easily identifiable from the rest.

SIA approved contractors have been audited, regulated and approved by the SIA and thus qualify to provide the highest standard in security services. In times of uncertainty, you need to select a security provider that can be skilled, qualified, dependable, reliable and trustworthy.     

Professional security guards are trained in social distancing and health protocols that have been advised by health care professionals and the government.

With the pandemic causing a distraction for people, opportunists are using this to take advantage of people and businesses.  

Security guards are not only skilled and qualified, but they are also equipped with the correct PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to carry out their job without putting themselves in danger.

Security services providers such as All Time Security are approved contractors that can assist emergency services as well as help businesses and individuals in securing business premises and buildings.

With the UK in lockdown, many business owners are unable to keep an eye on their businesses or business assets. Due to exceptional circumstances, emergency services are stretched and may not be able to assist you if you believe your business is at risk. This is where All Time Security can step in and ensure that while you are unable to keep an eye on things, they can send regular patrol guards to check the premises and patrol the area – vigilantly looking for any issues and acting as a visual deterrent.

Opportunist and professional burglars are far less likely to commit a crime where a security company is present.

All Time Security also provides a professional and reliable rapid alarm response service. If your business alarm is activated for whatever reason, they will respond immediately – ensuring that your business and assets are safe and secure.

It’s not all about theft, however, when buildings are empty, they are also at risk of arson, vandalism, fires, leaks and flooding. ATS professional security guards are vigilant and fast-acting.

If you are worried about your premises, business or assets, call All Time Security to see how they can help.

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