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Monthly Archives: November 2019
Why Businesses Employ Reception Security
18 Nov 2019
Businessmen at hotel reception

Why Businesses Employ Reception Security

Most businesses, both medium and large, usually have a reception area where employees can sign in and out, deliveries can be checked and signed for and visitors can check-in and out.

Reception acts as a front-line administrator and helps organise the day to day running of the business. But not all businesses stick with hiring reception staff as they want more from the person sitting behind the reception desk.

The person behind the desk is responsible for ensuring:

  • Only authorised people are permitted into the premises
  • People are signing in and out
  • Queries are dealt with swiftly and efficiently

Hiring an SIA trained security guard to man the reception

What would be the benefit of hiring an SIA trained and qualified reception security guard?

Reception security is a brilliant way of ensuring that strict access control is maintained. Only people with the correct authorisation are granted permission to enter the premises.

This is probably one of the best ways of keeping the premises secure. This also gives staff and visitors the confidence that the business owner has taken their safety and security seriously.

Having a security guard at reception is an effective visual deterrent. People who are not allowed into the building (trespassers) will not try to enter if they know that a security guard is present.

What about customer service?

The great thing about Reception security staff is that they are trained in delivering outstanding customer service.

If you are considering employing reception security, it is best to seek out a qualified and reputable security services provider. Security services providers such as All Time Security are SIA approved contractors which means they are registered with the SIA and have qualified as an approved contractor, meeting the best industry standards.

ATS has an in-house training centre where they up-skill staff on security and customer service.

All their security guards are trained on how to deceiver a great customer-focused experience. As well as being vigilant and cautious, they are polite and helpful. This is fantastic for customers as they will be greeted with a polite reception guard who will protect them and assist them with their queries.

Reception security guards are also Fire Safety and First Aid trained.  

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How to reduce loss in retail
14 Nov 2019
retail security guard

How to reduce loss in retail

Most retail companies will tell you about the high losses that occur in the retail industry. This is simply because of how busy retail outlets are. Hundreds of people visit the outlets and stores suffer at the hands of opportunist and professional thieves.

The question is then, is a there a way of reducing the risk and reducing the losses?

The simple answer is yes, and many retail outlets have already put measures in place. We will explore some of these measures, why companies use them and how, if you are in the retail business, can benefit from incorporating them.

Retail Security Guards

Having professionally trained security guards are probably the oldest yet still the most effective way of protecting, staff, customers, products and assets in a retail outlet.

Instructing an SIA approved contractor to supply the security staff is essential. Approved contractors employ security staff who are experienced and licensed, offering you the best in security guards.

Security guards serve manny purposes in securing premises.

First and foremost, retail security guards serve as a visual deterrent. Both opportunist and professional thieves will be less likely to commit a crime if they see a security a presence in the store.

Security guards are dressed in smart security uniform clearly highlighting who they are and why they are there.

Security guards are also vigilant and keep a close eye on people in the store – with experience backing their judgement, they are much more likely to prevent people from committing a crime and stopping the retailer from losing money.

The great thing about using a security provider such as All Time Security is that they ensure that all their security guards are trained in delivering great customer service. This means that not only will they serve as a strong security presence, they will also be polite and helpful towards customer and staff.

Both customers and staff will feel more confident and relaxed to be in the store knowing that there is a professionally trained security guard or a team of security guards in store, keeping an eye on their safety.

CCTV operators

Many retailers know that a great supplement to trained security staff is having skilled CCTV operators. These are highly trained individuals who have the ability to use sophisticated systems and are trained in knowing what to look out for.

Both security guards and CCTV operators are skilled in effective communication, conflict resolution and statement writing.

Product Protection

Part of securing a retail outlet is protecting its products. Rather than just focusing on using security guards to apprehend and prevent thieves, it is a good idea to put measures in place to make it difficult to steal high-value items.

If high-value items are accessible, they should be restricted in the amounts on the shelves.

For example, if you sell perfumes that are high value, and have 10 on display, then you could potentially lose all 10. If you, however, only have 2, then you can only lose 2.

Many retailers think about using alarms and safer cases on their high-value items – this effectively deters people from trying to steal them.

If you are looking for a professional and an SIA approved contractor to help identify vulnerabilities, offer a detail risk assessment and provide highly trained and qualified security guards, contact All Time Security now.    

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A few common misconceptions about security guards
07 Nov 2019

A few common misconceptions about security guards

Over the years, like many industries, the security industry has changed and evolved. But there are still a few common misconceptions floating around about security guards.

Security guards are not worth it anymore

There are some people who think that with all the sophisticated modern technology we have in place, we no longer need physical security guards. They feel that with the advanced CCTV and alarm systems, security guards have become redundant.

The truth, however, is that sophisticated and advanced security devices such as Smart CCTV and Alarms are not designed to replace security guards, they are in place to aid the security guard. They supplement the guard to be more efficient in protecting and securing the premises.

All industry professionals will agree that trained security guards are still the most effective form of security.

Security guards are aggressive and violent

Some people envision security as 6-foot giants stood outside a venue ready to pounce on anyone who steps out of line but this is just not true. Security guards, although highly trained in conflict resolution, are not there to add fuel to a fire.

Security guards are skilled and trained in always remaining calm and looking for ways to deescalate difficult situations. They will look for resolutions that use no violence and aggression.

Trained guards are skilled in how to deal with various scenarios and their primary objective is to keep people safe. Reasonable force is only used when absolutely necessary and all actions will be questioned.

Security guards look rough and mean

Many people assume all security guards are aggressive men and women who like to scare people with their appearances but this is not true.

Security guards are there to keep people and the premises safe. They are trained to be punctual, polite and well dressed. Security guards act and behave in a way that reflects the company values.

Security guards are dressed in smart wear and do not look unkempt. They are trained to be friendly and approachable.

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