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Monthly Archives: November 2022
How Your Business Can Benefit from Outsourced Security Services
09 Nov 2022

Securing your business against physical or cyber threats has become more critical than ever. With the rising trend of companies using security service agencies, the market size of the Security System Services industry in the UK has grown by 2.0% in the last five years.

Many businesses are becoming aware of possible security perils during operating hours. This has led to an increase in the demand for reliable security service agencies.

Instead of training in-house staff to perform security tasks, your business can stay afloat by adopting a more innovative, cost-efficient method for securing your business premises.

Let’s uncover some of the benefits your business can use if you choose to outsource security services.

Why Outsource Security Services

Whether you are a business owner operating from a brick-and-mortar facility, or a remote business, having well-rounded security can benefit your business in more ways than one.

Security service agencies will offer their services anytime compared to internal security.

24/7, 365-Day Support

Around-the-clock security is probably one of the most-praised features security service agencies boast. Outsourced security will be available to you even after working hours compared to in-house trained security, which is only available at defined times. 

Third-party security companies do not only follow your business’ regular working hours but will also extend their services outside of working hours whenever you need them.

Holidays, emergencies, or other work-halting circumstances won’t impede the work of the outsourcing security agency. They will be able to protect and secure your business whenever. As a business owner, you’ll be able to fall back on security even when everything else stops working.

Simplified Payrolls

The financial appeal of hiring a security service agency is another aspect business owners appreciate. Namely, outsourced security will come as a ready-made team of professionals tackling security issues without needing your attention.

Since you’ll be outsourcing security detail, the individuals won’t be on your payroll. In other words, you won’t have to burden yourself with extra workers’ compensation, wages, workers’ benefits, days, holiday leave, or any other exemptions related to in-house trained security officers.

Besides, you can enter the outsourced security services in your financial records as a business expense, thus minimising administrative and accounting paperwork year-round. In the long run, third-party security services will save you money, and just how much you can save will ultimately depend on your security needs.

Reduced Overhead Expenses

Outsourcing your security means more than having around-the-clock security. Third-party security services will allow your business to cut back on overhead expenses and divert your capital elsewhere.

Maintaining your working equipment and payroll can become overly expensive, especially if you’re a small business owner or a startup. Moreover, upkeep costs can be sky-high if your business operates from multiple locations.

Another business-friendly perk of outsourcing security solutions is the reduction in overhead expenses. Since the outsourced security officers won’t be on your payroll, you won’t have to burden yourself with extra deductions and taxes. Outsourced security officers will be at your disposal for all your security needs with no added requirements on their part.

In a nutshell, the only cost you’ll have is the financial compensation for the outsourcing agency.

Enhanced Work Consistency

Businesses are often left shorthanded in staff when emergencies arise. For instance, your in-house trained security guard might call in ill or be stuck in a traffic jam, leaving you without your security detail.

Your outsourced security officers will never miss a shift or be late for the job. Security service agencies operate with sizable teams of professionals that can jump in whenever needed, no matter the time of day. In the case the designated security officer is unable to perform their duties, the outsourcing company will send a replacement to fill in the position.

As a business owner, you won’t have to worry about work position gaps anymore – the outsourcing security agency will keep track of filling positions in your company whenever you need them.

Minimised Incompatible Hires

Suppose you or your manager decide to conduct interviews and hand-pick the security officers for your working locations. In that case, you might not be able to notice potential red flags when hiring. On the contrary, when outsourcing security services, you can rest assured every agency employee has been thoroughly checked and cleared for work before you entrust them with your business’ security. All reputable security service agencies vet their security officers to ensure they truly are the professionals that you pay for. 

Every employee of the outsourcing agency has gone through background checks and has come through as professionally compatible with the work theta are assigned. As a business owner, you can have peace of mind knowing that professionals are handling the security aspects of your business.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry if you haven’t made the right choice for your security requirements – the outsourcing agency will know which personal (and professional) profile of their employees will suit your business needs most.

Get Professional Security Services Now

If you want to safeguard your premises from intruders or unwanted guests, All Time Security is your go-to provider for outsourced security services.

As a leading security service specialist in the UK, we at All Time Security know the value of well-rounded security, which is why we extend our services to concierge security, warehouse and industrial security, door supervision, and many more areas.

We adhere to strict guidelines and certifications to offer our customers all-encompassing security services. Give us a call at 01494511222 for a free quote for your business needs, or send us an e-mail and let’s secure your business today.

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Top Reasons You Need Concierge Security: The All-in-One Solution

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to be extra attentive to different aspects of security. According to a recent study from the National Business Crime Centre, an average of 69.2 crimes every hour affects businesses. From ensuring the physical well-being of the environment to securing precious possessions, a company can never have too much security.

When speaking of a relatively new type of security – concierge security, our minds automatically picture hotels and resorts. In reality, the term extends to more than just the hospitality industry. Concierge security will fit nicely in any business operating from an office space or other establishment where businesses welcome guests and visitors.

Continue reading to learn more about concierge security and how it can do wonders for your business.

What Does Concierge Security Entail?

To understand the concept of concierge security better, think of it as security with a twist. Whereas regular security detail would tend to only possible security threats, concierge security will do a few more things for your business.

Concierge security encompasses individuals that are at the front of your company. They act as the greeting point for visitors while ensuring that security parameters are always covered.

One of the main responsibilities of concierge security is to always be on the move – circling everyone that enters your business premises (as well as your regular employees and patrons) inconspicuously.

What Can Concierge Security Do for Your Business?

Besides performing regular security activities, concierge security will cover a few other aspects of your business. Business representation and report creation are just the tips of the iceberg.

Represent Your Business

You can think of concierge security as your stand-in when you aren’t available to be physically present at your company. In such a scenario, having concierge security can help maintain the working tone and act to an executive extent.

Well-thought-of security measures, efficient employee tracking systems, and a spotlessly organised front desk will help your business stay afloat in the case of your absence. Besides monitoring CCTV cameras and drone footage to ensure maximum perimeter coverage, concierge security will also adopt your business language to convey your business etiquette.

Manage Reception

The versatility of concierge security includes running your reception area. If your business hires this type of security, you will be covering more than just your working area.

In fact, your business will have the ultimate swiss knife of security and business operations. Once you hire concierge security, you will no longer need additional reception staff. Your business will always have someone to answer the phones or guide your visitors and business associates through your company.

Safety professionals will know how to present themselves at the forefront of your business and tend to all related duties with high professionalism. If there are no security issues to tend to, concierge security will take on the reception employee role and offer visitors and employees information and guidelines.

Resolve Safety Perils

Tending and solving security issues are the main concern for security detail. As a paramount job responsibility, securing the well-being of individuals and assets is the ultimate goal of concierge security.

Since concierge security is positioned at the forefront of your office premises, they will be the first responders to act in case danger is identified. Besides taking notice of potential threats, security professionals will act immediately to resolve and remove them.

As opposed to CCTV equipment that simply monitors occurrences, security detail will be responsive and proactive in real-time while responding to immediate threats, intruders, hazard alarms, and health emergencies.

Initiate and Uphold Reports

Concierge security will be the first point of contact for anyone entering your business premises. They can effectively note and record the number of entrances and deliver information regarding deliveries and other movements within your working space.

Besides keeping track of movements, concierge security will also keep an eye on vacant office spaces that employees or visitors don’t frequently visit. The security professionals can carry out the task by either monitoring CCTV cameras or performing foot patrols in said areas.

Expect to be notified about everything happening inside your office space. Moreover, thanks to concierge security keeping entrance logs and other referral materials, you’ll always have written records of happenings.

Perform Routine Inspections

Even though concierge security will be primarily located at the forefront of your business location, they will still be able to execute routine assessments at every given area within your business premises. If your working area consists of numerous vestibules and passageways commonly unattended, concierge security will take on the assignment to inspect the area.

Likewise, flights of stairs that CCTV doesn’t cover will be personally inspected by your concierge security. You will always be informed of potential security weak points and have the upper hand whenever security decisions are made.

Offer Visitor Support

One of the traits that make concierge security so versatile is its adaptability. Namely, the job description of your security professionals extends beyond welcoming guests into your working space. Often, concierge security can allocate replacement keys, manage schedules, and perform personnel checkups in your e-systems.

Besides physically shielding your staff and assets, concierge security will perform regular administrative assignments. That way, your business will always have written records of anyone entering the premises in the case of potential security risks or hazards, such as fire and floods.

All Time Security: Your Reliable Concierge Security Provider

As an SIA-approved operator for security guarding, door supervision, keyholding, close protection, and CCTV public surveillance, we at All Time Security are dedicated to securing your business 24/7, 365 days a year.

We also offer all-encompassing security solutions and hotel and office reception security. Moreover, our team of security professionals abide by strict security standards, so you can rest assured the security of your business is in good hands.

Get in touch with us and request a free quote for your security needs today.

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