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Monthly Archives: February 2024
Why Have a SIA company?
Why Every Hotel and Office Needs Reception Security
27 Feb 2024

Your reception area is the first line of defence against everything – visitors, guests and employees included. If a security breach is going to happen, the reception area is a hotspot for such violations. Safeguarding your premises has never been as important as in today’s risk-ridden world, which is why you must invest in reputable reception security

With the expert help of All Time Security, learn about the common misconceptions about reception spaces, why you need reception security and much more, below.

Common Misconceptions About Reception Spaces

Perhaps because they’re high-traffic spaces often monitored by CCTV, hotels and offices are unfortunately lured into a false sense of security about their reception areas. As a result, reception security personnel are overlooked and considered an unnecessary investment. After all, if your reception is a low-risk zone, how could they help? But, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Any reception space is certainly the first line of defence against unauthorised individuals, but also the protection of assets. Your reception desk may house classified documents, cash from guests, and even employees’ personal belongings. Adequate security is a must to keep these important items in safe hands. 

Additionally, many hotels and offices have a major misconception that reception security is actually limited in what they can do to protect the property. Of course, reception security is a niche, but we at All Time Security have a wide range of skills that we lend to the reception areas under our protection throughout the UK. This service doesn’t only involve a physical barrier – like a metal detector at the door – or the presence of suited-up personnel. From CCTV monitoring to security patrol and access control, we’re constantly on the lookout for threats to your business operations. The scope of what we’re able to do for you is therefore comprehensive, and not at all limited.

Rest assured, reception security is more imperative to the safety of your hotel or business office than you might think.

The Unique Security Needs of Hotels and Offices

Hotels and offices are very unique spaces in the commercial world – even if they are remarkably common across the UK! As such, they have unique security needs.

Hotels cater to such a wide demographic of guests and employees that their reception areas are a constant hub of comings and goings. They have a great responsibility to constantly monitor these guests and other miscellaneous visitors, whilst maintaining order in the reception area. Guest safety and privacy are of paramount concern. 

The security needs of office spaces are also distinct: employees, visitors and tradesmen are a daily occurrence, although (unlike hotels) their presence is often regular and unremarkable. Yet, this regularity lures businesses into a false comfort. Because office spaces are considered to be low-risk and secure, this is ironically often the reason that they’re not – security threats go unnoticed and regrettably enabled.

For both hotels and offices, they are unique in that they cater to diverse visitors with bespoke needs and expectations. Hiring reception security therefore has multiple benefits. Not only do you have personnel on-site that can aid in the day-to-day running of your business, but you’re also able to prevent unauthorised access to your property, manage potential threats, generate a welcoming and professional atmosphere, and have a fallback in case of emergency response and crisis management. 

At All Time Security, our reception security personnel are well-trained to manage and diffuse urgent situations. Emergencies like injury, violence, theft or vandalism can be immediately handled with effective visitor management protocols, a clear risk assessment and a thought-out response plan – features that can only be carried out by a security expert. 

When Reception Security is Crucial

As recently as 2022, over 4,500 allegations of violence and over 1,300 of public disorder occurred in hotels, motels and guesthouses. Corporate crime is also more common than most realise in office spaces, to the extent that the UK has implemented a new Crime and Corporate Transparency Act, though this is more related to theft. Violence and theft are both concerns that mar hotel and office spaces, particularly those without reliable reception security keep a close watch on their daily operations.

Reception security plays a crucial role in deterring undesirable, threatening behaviour in these busy spaces. Often, the presence of one or two personnel is enough to keep public disorder at bay and enhance your professional reputation. For hotels, 82% of guests would feel reassured in an accommodation accredited for security and safety. This reassurance holds great weight when considering customer loyalty and the smooth running of your business. 

Plus, as we’ve hinted at before if unruly visitors or offenders debate entering your hotel or office to cause trouble or steal, they’ll think twice with a security guard at the front door. In general, it is due diligence to implement security measures – however unnecessary they may seem to your operations at first – for any environment in close contact with the general public, and also with employees. 

A reception security guard can always help you out more than you’d think. They’re an undoubtedly crucial force to be reckoned with! 

Explore Your Options With All Time Security

If your hotel or business office has carried on without facing a security threat to date, you might be hesitant to make any changes to your security policies. But, we highly recommend evaluating and improving your current security measures regardless – the future is always in flux, and more security challenges are occurring and evolving every day. 

Rather than be caught up in the tide of new security threats and being unable to handle them with inappropriate response plans, stay ahead of the curve with All Time Security. We’re ready to offer companies throughout the UK further resources and assistance in developing their effective reception security strategies with our professional help. 

Contact All Time Security for more insight, today. 

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All-Time Security – Security Solutions for Local Businesses: Tailoring Services to Meet Oxfordshire’s Unique Needs

Local businesses in Oxfordshire are invaluable to the local economy, spurring employment and providing much needed goods and services. But, because local businesses often don’t consider ramping up their security like their conglomerate-level counterparts, they leave their assets and employees vulnerable. 

However safe you may consider your location in Oxfordshire to be, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. To this end, we at All Time Security are well-prepared to provide expert security solutions for local businesses in this area. Our security services are complete; from around-the-clock CCTV monitoring to door supervision and a concierge, our clients can depend on our expertise.

As one of the most reputable security companies in Oxfordshire, trust us to tailor our professional services to meet your business’s unique needs. In the meantime, read on for more information about potential security challenges in Oxfordshire, and how we help you nip these challenges in the bud before problems even arise.

What security challenges might your Oxfordshire business face?

There are a variety of security challenges that your Oxfordshire business might face, even when operations have been smooth sailing so far. Local businesses are often susceptible to theft, to the extent that 11% of UK business premises experience this crime more than once a day. Violence and anti-social behaviour may also be a concern, particularly if your business is open till the late hours. Read on for more security challenges that could disrupt the day-to-day running, and – beyond that – even the success of your business, below:

Employee Theft

As unpleasant as it is to consider, employees also pose an internal security challenge to a business. Theft is unfortunately commonplace, and if your business maintains a digital presence, the potential for data breaches is also strong. Implementing in-person and technological security measures is best to catch employee-related challenges before they become a detrimental concern.

Vandalism and Property Damage

Vandalism and property damage a major security concerns facing businesses in Oxfordshire – even if you implement recommended security measures like locks, biometric access, shutters, barred windows and more. Not only can security cameras help deter malicious vandals, but the tangible presence of security personnel acts as a more efficient deterrent.

Employee Safety Concerns

Local businesses in Oxfordshire have a responsibility to keep their employees safe. During their shift, employees face a variety of safety challenges, many of which are related to the handling of cash, managing customers, and fending off potential hazards like electricity and fire. Businesses without emergency exits, fire alarms, good lighting and reliable security personnel place their employees at exponential risk. 


There are various security and privacy regulations that local businesses must meet daily. Failure to implement certain security measures in your business – like CCTV monitoring or even appropriate shutters and locks – could not only lead to damage and theft of your property but various legal consequences. As a result. falling short of governmental regulations becomes a security challenge in more ways than one.

Unsecured Premises

Security companies in Oxfordshire exist to mitigate the dangers of unsecured business premises. If your local business has inadequate locks, poor lighting in vulnerable areas, weakened or inadequate fencing; these are vulnerabilities that can be exploited for criminal purposes. It is also worrying for employees who must close these premises on a night shift and opens up a host of legal concerns if a business were to be broken into after hours. 

The professionals at All Time Security have often advised on additional security measures to further secure Oxfordshire businesses.

How we can help you mitigate these security risks

Though the security challenges described above can sound very intimidating, and, for some local businesses in Oxfordshire, insurmountable to overcome, the team at All Time Security can absolutely help you mitigate these security risks. As an SIA-approved contractor – in all aspects of our staff, policies and procedures – we are perfectly equipped and trained to provide our Oxfordshire clientele with the following tailorable security solutions:

  • Concierge Services – The first point of contact between a customer and your business, our concierge security guards deliver a first-class service that involves supporting your customers with appropriate and professional assistance, and, significantly, halting potential security risks at the front door.
  • CCTV Remote Monitoring – When a significant in-person security presence may deter customers or your business is shut for the night, we offer 24/7/365 CCTV remote monitoring, operated in tandem with motion sensors and a direct link to manned guards and emergency services if a situation requires it.
  • Alarm Response & Key Holding – Our alarm systems are properly installed by experienced engineers, and when triggered, an on-duty alarm response security will immediately respond to the breach. We can also provide key holding in case of emergencies, and also if your business requires around-the-clock assistance. 
  • Manned Security Guards – Whether for door supervision or security patrol, we provide qualified and vetted manned security guards to keep your Oxfordshire business safe. This is suitable for businesses of all kinds; retail, corporate, industrial or even a construction site.

We are also well-known for our retail security services, corporate and commercial services, event security, educational campus care and more. Whatever local business you operate, we have the preventative measures required to deter and eradicate all potential security challenges. Our client satisfaction across Oxfordshire and beyond testifies to this. 

The benefits of choosing a local security provider

At All Time Security, we understand Oxfordshire’s unique needs and challenges as a local security provider. We know the area and the community well and have always made sure our employees are trained in the latest security industry standards. This ensures we can meet Oxfordshire’s distinct requirements with the utmost care, efficiency and adaptability; rest assured, our personnel work tirelessly to raise your security measures to the highest degree.

An often-overlooked benefit of choosing a local security provider from the security companies in Oxfordshire is also our potential to deliver quick response times in case of emergencies. Though part of our complete security services includes the provision of door supervision, in the case that businesses contract us for CCTV monitoring or key holding alone, we are always ready to dispatch personnel to prevent theft, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. 

For more information about All Time Security and our Oxfordshire-centric security solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team. Explore our robust range of customisable security services, here.

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Top Security Measures for Businesses in Hertfordshire: Protecting Your Assets and Employees

Security services in Hertfordshire can save your local business from a host of security risks, including theft, vandalism and non-compliance with governmental regulations. Many businesses have a legal responsibility to secure their premises and protect the assets and employees within.

Local businesses in Hertfordshire are invaluable for boosting the local economy and provide much-needed jobs, products, services and even entertainment. That’s why it’s so important that these premises are kept safe and intact. Though however safe and secure your business may seem to be, there are always improvements that could be made. 

That’s why we, at All Time Security, are here to assist you. We are well-prepared to deliver a wide remit of security services in Hertfordshire and work closely with your business to deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. Rest assured, our security solutions are more robust than any of our competitors: we provide 24/7/365 CCTV monitoring with a direct link to emergency services and a manned guard if the situation requires it, alongside our other door supervision, concierge, key holding and alarm response services.

To learn more about why you need to protect all of your assets and employees in Hertfordshire and how to do so with our professional help, read on.


Why protecting your assets and employees is important and essential

The smooth running and overall well-being of your business depend entirely on protecting your employees and the expensive assets on-site. If your premises are not secure or have clear vulnerabilities, and then things get stolen or workers get hurt, your business could be liable for the damages. Not only that but your reputation amongst the local community is also put at risk. Hertfordshire is a vast county but often tight-knit, and word-of-mouth could make or break your operations.

For more reasons as to why protecting your assets and employees is essential, see below:

  1. Risk Mitigation – By investing in security measures – even just CCTV and CCTV monitoring – businesses can engage in risk mitigation. This is the identifying of potential security challenges, and the ability to take immediate action to prevent them. Prevention is protection, and security measures are often a highly effective deterrent to those who seek to harm local businesses.
  2. Financial Stability – Damage resulting from theft, vandalism or other common forms of criminal activity that target local businesses, and the legal liabilities that often follow, can seriously impact the financial stability of your operations. Replacing goods and services can even be impossible, depending on the severity of the security risk. As such, by opting for security services in Hertfordshire, you prevent losses on a massive scale. 
  3. Employee Safety – Safe employees are happy employees. Your employee’s well-being is non-negotiable for a successful business and is a legally protected right. And, employees in a healthy and positive work environment also tend to be more productive and engaged. Implementing security measures is a win-win situation for both employer and employee as a result!
  4. Customer Trust – Knowing that their transactions and their personal information are kept under certifiable lock and key goes far in boosting customer trust. This trust is what builds customer loyalty over time, and establishes your local business as a household name in Hertfordshire. When customers need a certain item or service, and they know you prioritise security, you’ll be the first company they look to.
  5. A Competitive Advantage – The safer your business is, the safer customers will feel purchasing from or working with you. They know whatever assets they leave in your care are protected. This lends you a competitive advantage that other enterprises may not have. For example, having door supervision or CCTV monitoring shows that you are invested in maintaining a high standard of safety for both employees and customers. This elevates the general perception of your business and brand, and also the very function of your business itself. 

The most effective security measures to implement in your Hertfordshire business

The most effective security measures that you can implement in your Hertfordshire business with the help of All Time Security are as follows:

  1. CCTV Remote Monitoring – Sometimes, for smaller local businesses, an in-person security team isn’t practical or cost-effective. Instead, CCTV remote monitoring can function as effectively with the right attention and care. At All Time Security, our around-the-clock CCTV monitoring doesn’t miss a thing. We operate this service alongside cleverly placed motion sensors, and a direct link to manned guards and emergency services if any security risks escalate.
  2. Alarm Response & Key Holding – We can install alarm systems throughout your premises with the help of our trained engineers. When triggered, these alarms send out an alarm response security guard to resolve any breaches in security. This is a quick, efficient and proactive security measure that guarantees the swift resolution of any security challenges to your business. Additionally, we also provide key holding in case of emergencies, and if a business requires our 24/7 assistance.
  3. Manned Security Guards – We have a range of manned security guards that can handle various private and public demands. For example, a concierge service, door supervision or security patrol. We even offer close protection if an individual requires it. Our qualified and thoroughly trained security guards can handle all kinds of Hertfordshire businesses; retail, corporate, industrial, construction site or educational campus. 

The benefit of contracting with All Time Security

At All Time Security, we are Hertfordshire locals. We know the area, the community, and every potential security challenge inside and out. Assuredly, we also know about the wide range of businesses that flourish here. The benefit of this local knowledge means that we can adapt our services to meet countless industry needs, from retail shops to hotels, restaurants, and even school campuses. Understanding that each industry requires different security solutions is a large part of what we do.

When you contract with the All Time Security team, you’re dealing with expert security services in Hertfordshire that have been SIA-approved across the board, including our security guard, CCTV monitoring, door supervision, key holding and close protection services. We only ever recruit trustworthy, competent staff members and invest in them so that they can thrive and grow in our demanding industry.

For more information about All Time Security and our Hertfordshire-centric security measures, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We’re as helpful and communicative as you’d expect, being local to Hertfordshire! And, for those interested in exploring our other reliable security services, see here.

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