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Monthly Archives: April 2021
Lockdown is ending – Time to Think Security
29 Apr 2021
Lockdown is ending – time to think security
Lockdown is ending – time to think security

Lockdown is ending – time to think security

The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused a huge number of tragic fatalities, it has caused chaos for many businesses and venues that rely on people attending.

As the strict lockdown is easing and people are trying to resume some sort of normality, it is seriously time for businesses to think about security.

This is particularly important for businesses that have venues that hold many people.

Why is security important?

Anywhere there are crowds of people, there are always risks. These risks include injury, conflict and criminal damage.

Having a professional security service provider can considerably reduce these risks. The presence of highly trained security guards and door staff can also serve as a strong visual deterrent. The security team will also be the most effective crowd management option.

Professional and SIA trained security guards are equipped with all the necessary skills to deal with a range of scenarios, including but not limited to conflict resolution, health and safety and fire safety. Security guards are trained in first aid and fire marshalling – so business owners and managers can rely on them for most emergencies.

Having a professional team also gives venue owners the peace of mind that help is close by and if there is an emergency, they will have a professional security team ready to assist. This not only provides the business owners, managers and staff peace of mind, it also offers guests the confidence to attend safely. It instils the confidence that venue managers are taking their guests’ safety and security into careful consideration.

Although instructing a security service provider is an additional cost, most people have come to realise that the cost is nothing in comparison to the cost in losing guests confidence to attend, people getting injured and damage to property.

The lockdown easing doesn’t mean that venues are able to operate at full capacity and there are numerous restrictions such as social distancing, etc. If these restrictions are not adhered to correctly then venues risk getting large fines from the Police and the Government.

Security guards are briefed on the restrictions and can easily assist in managing the crowds to help prevent venues and businesses from breaching the conditions.

Overall, it is clear that having security is a must and the numerous benefits way outweigh the cost.

If you want to discuss security options then get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist.   

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