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Monthly Archives: January 2024
The Essential Traits of an Effective Door Supervisor: What to Look for in Security Personnel 
18 Jan 2024

Door supervisor security is a non-negotiable for any commercial space, but particularly those with late closing times or expensive valuables inside. Yet, no two door supervisors are the same. To handle a role with such great responsibility, it’s important to be selective in who you hire.  

This hiring process doesn’t have to be drawn out or complicated, as long as you are aware of the essential traits of an effective door supervisor – outlined in this article. Here, we provide invaluable insight into what to look for in security personnel.  

Find out more, below. 

Physical Fitness and Presence 

A door supervisor must be in good physical health and is preferably physically fit. Oftentimes, being involved in door supervisor security requires more than verbal conflict resolution, and the ability to manage a situation if a physical confrontation occurs. Simply put, this means they must be able to withstand anti-social behaviour from members of the public. To this end, it also helps if the door supervisor of your choosing has ‘presence,’ meaning that they appear as strong, commanding and powerful to most onlookers.  

Good Observation 

Conflict can occur in an instant, which means door supervisor security should have exceptional observation skills. Noticing minute changes in the environment prepares you for any circumstances, and enables security personnel to prepare for potential trouble with time to spare. This also leads to better risk management and mitigation; the ultimate goal of door supervisor security is preventing problems before they escalate.  

Conflict Resolution Abilities 

Although door security personnel may be required to handle conflicts physically, the more advanced their conflict resolution abilities are, the less likely it is that confrontations will escalate into fights and other dangerous actions. Previous training in conflict management is something to look for here. However, the essential conflict resolution skills you should keep watch for amongst potential hires include: 

  • Active listening 
  • Empathy 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Negotiation skills 
  • Patience 
  • Assertiveness 
  • Conflict analysis 

Above all, security personnel should be open-minded, too. There are multiple sides to every conflict, and a big part of conflict resolution is fostering a communicative and respectful environment.  

Crowd Management Expertise 

Large gatherings of people in a commercial setting can soon get out of hand. The trampling of others is a serious concern, as is disorderly conduct. Therefore, crowd management expertise is an essential trait of an effective door supervisor.  

Understanding crowd psychology – how large groups of people react to different situations, and how crowd dynamics work – is a must, as is the ability to co-ordinate crowd management strategy with other security personnel. 

 Crowd management must be a team effort, especially when it comes to maintaining physical barriers and directing people as needed. 

Communication Skills 

Although we’ve mentioned the importance of team work and conflict resolution above, we can’t understate how essential it is that any security personnel you hire have good communication skills. Clear and effective communication can prevent most problems from escalating, and also ensure most conflicts don’t ever occur. When groups are given clear directions on where to go – and in some cases – what behaviours are expected of them, door supervisors need not handle physical or verbal confrontations at all. A positive and welcoming atmosphere is fostered from the outset, which is how door supervisor security should be.  


What is often forgotten in the field of door supervisor security is that the people security personnel equally protect, screen and guard against are their customers. As a result, door supervisor personnel must have a customer-oriented mindset when dealing with members of the public.  

Door supervisors are the first point of contact for most people entering a commercial establishment, and the impression or atmosphere that supervisors generate can impact public perception of the establishment moving forward. If a potential hire seems polite, approachable and communicative, this points toward a positive and customer-oriented mindset. 

Training and Certification 

Door supervisors must be well-trained and certified, and in some cases, well-equipped with the right gear. For example, All Time Security personnel always have access to radios, protective and high-visibility clothing. These are a reliable marker of a door supervisor that has been thoroughly trained to the latest standards.  

To hire the best of the best, seek out security personnel from a company that has been recently SIA approved – this means that their security services, training policies, health and safety practices and more are all deemed excellent. 

Adaptability and Professionalism 

In many cases, these two qualities – adaptability and professionalism – go hand-in-hand for a door supervisor. When involved in door supervisor security, you must be able to adapt to changing situations, unexpected events and misconduct without breaking a sweat.  

Other customers in a commercial space depend on door supervisors to keep them safe and calm whatever the situation, and decisions on how to handle a set of circumstances can only be made if you work well under pressure. Maintaining composure is – and always will be – an essential trait of an effective door supervisor. 

In the same way, being able to maintain a steady composure under pressure also demonstrates a security personnel’s level of professionalism and experience on the job. When you hire an employee that directly interacts with your customers, their professionalism dictates how professional your establishment will be perceived. That is to say, the more respectful and trustworthy your security personnel, the more your business will benefit. 

Knowledge of Local Laws and Regulations 

Finally, though we’ve covered the basis of training and certification as essential traits of an effective door supervisor, there’s one more quality that establishments often overlook during interviews – the supervisor’s knowledge of local laws and regulations.  

Meaning that, if conflict arises, can your door supervisor liaise well with local police officers and other law enforcement? Security personnel must behave appropriately and in accordance with the law at all times.  

Moreover, knowledge of local regulations also extends to the independent security protocols and emergency procedures of your business – any personnel you hire must be willing to learn these procedures inside and out. 

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security in Southampton
The Role of Security Guards in Ensuring Safety: Importance for Southampton Businesses 

If you are a business owner, security should be a top priority, regardless of the type of business that you own or manage. Security guards play a key role in the safety and security of businesses throughout Southampton, and if you are looking to reap the benefits of having experienced and licensed security guards for your business, then you have come to the right place. 

In this blog, we will explore the role of security guards for businesses in more detail, including the advantages of hiring security guards from trustworthy security companies in Southampton (such as All Time Security), how they prevent crime and how they contribute to a safe working environment. 


The Importance of Security Guards 

Security guards are well-known for being imposing and intimidating characters who stand at the entrance of businesses or patrol the area. Their versatile nature means that they can be deployed anywhere, from retail shops to corporate offices. They have many duties and responsibilities that can be applied in a diverse range of situations.  

You can expect security guards to: 

  • Monitor the area 
  • Manage access control 
  • Handle emergencies 
  • Screen incoming visitors/guests  
  • Enforce rules and regulations  
  • De-escalate situations 
  • Deter theft  
  • And more… 

As you can see, security guards have many responsibilities, depending on the business’ needs and requirements.  

Benefits of Professional Security Guards 

When you choose to hire professional security guards, you can benefit in several different ways. This includes: 

  • Enhanced Safety 

Security guards can help protect employees, customers or visitors, and other assets, such as stock and inventory.  With trained security guards, you are provided peace of mind against potential dangers as you can rely on them to identify hazards and/or potential crimes and handle the situation professionally. Your employees and customers/visitors will also feel safer when they spot a security guard ensuring their protection. 

  • Crime Deterrent  

When a security guard is present and visible, burglars, intruders and thieves alike are less likely to steal or commit a crime relating to your business. For example, if a security guard is stationed at the entrance/exit of a retail store, a thief is less likely to shoplift as a result.  

  • Emergency Response 

Security guards are trained to manage all sorts of emergencies, from medical incidents and fires to dangerous people and crime. Not only will they be able to diffuse the situation (in terms of the latter), but they can also assist with the former and potentially save lives.  

  • Keen Monitoring 

A security guard will be well aware of how to spot suspicious behaviour within your business. This means that while your employees might be busy with their own tasks, a suspicious individual could be attempting to steal something or enter the property without authorisation. Security guards can stop this from becoming a bigger problem, handling the issue with ease and efficiency.  

  • Improved Company Reputation 

Having security guards posted within your business can significantly improve your company’s reputation, especially when it comes to improving both employee and customer experience. Security guards can also assist with customer service, directing customers to where they need to go and helping them with any queries that they may have. With these positive experiences, customers are likely to spread the word of how helpful your company’s security guards are, and how your business appears highly professional and reliable.  

All Time Security’s Safety & Security Solutions 

With many security companies in Southampton to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right security company for you and your business. However, at All Time Security, you can rest assured that our security guards are trained, licensed, and reliable when it comes to protecting your business. 

From offices to campuses, we can deploy our security guards to various locations across Southampton. We are one of the few SIA-approved security contractors in the nation that are approved in: 

  • Door supervising  
  • Key holding 
  • Security guard 
  • Close protection 
  • CCTV 

This means that our quality of work is exceptional, and you can trust us to deliver high-quality services that will meet your business demands and exceed your expectations.  

We screen and assess all of our security personnel, and they undergo extensive in-house training to ensure that they can provide the highest standard of service that aligns with our core values and beliefs. All security guards from All Time Security will be SIA-approved, with qualifications in other areas such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and more.  

Security Guards for Southampton Businesses 

Southampton is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in Hampshire. In fact, according to CrimeRate UK, the overall crime rate in the city in 2022 was 134 crimes per 1,000 people. Southampton is continuously listed as one of the top cities with the worst crime rates in the UK, with a 62% higher crime rate compared to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland’s overall figure as of 2023. In particular, the crime rate of shoplifting was at 8 crimes per 1,000 people in 2022, and burglary was at 7 crimes per 1,000 people.  

As a business owner in Southampton, you should be vigilant when it comes to the safety and security of your business, including the property, your employees and customers, and your goods or assets. As a result, hiring a professional security company like All Time Security is crucial to ensuring the safety of your business.  

Protect Your Southampton Business with All Time Security 

Security guards are an essential part of any business in Southampton, and we know how important it is to have security personnel that you can trust and rely on.  

At All Time Security, we can provide you with highly trained and skilled security guards to help protect your Southampton business. No matter the type of business that you own, you can count on us as one of the leading security companies in Southampton to effectively keep your property, your employees and customers, and your assets safe.  

Learn more about our services by getting in touch with us today on 01494511222 / 03330050945, or by dropping us an email at   

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