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Monthly Archives: January 2017
how to protect your business in 2017
Here’s What You Need To Do To Protect Your Business In The New Year
24 Jan 2017














Whether you own a fairly large business or you’re just starting out, it’s very important to look into security and protection. With the continuous developments in technology, criminals are finding new ways to break into accounts and systems, as well as attempting to physically rob business owners. What steps can you take to protect your business in the coming year?

Identify your most vulnerable areas

Carry out a risk assessment and involve others within your business, so you can accurately pinpoint the areas that need the most protection. This could include your equipment, stock, access areas or even your front doors.

Secure your premises

If you need to, you can strengthen your doors, fit window locks, install security lighting and hire door supervision, if necessary. However, if you don’t feel that you need to go to such lengths, you could simply install CCTV and put up signs to warn of its presence to deter any burglars. At All Time Security, we offer a range of security services to help you protect your company.

Secure your equipment and stock

Carry out regular audits on your equipment and allocate responsibility for particular items to individual employees. Consider securing expensive equipment to floors or walls, and record serial numbers of items such as computers. Carry this mindset on to your stock and perform regular stock takes and keep on top of paperwork. Be on the look-out for excessive amounts of voids, credits or damage claims, and don’t be afraid to question them.

Be wary of employee theft

Not all crime comes from outside the walls of businesses, so always be sure to check employee references and introduce clear policies about theft. Exercise due caution when granting access to keys and revealing security codes. You must be prepared to make active decisions if a theft should occur and fully support prosecution. Areas you may find vulnerable to this are till money and petty cash, so be sure to keep a close eye on them.

Update your IT systems

If you have an outdated security system, you may need to update it, as criminals could have access to financial records, employee details and passwords. It might be wise to regularly review who has access to which documents and change passwords every so often to help with internal theft, and look into firewalls and anti-virus software for external threats.

Train your staff

Security training is necessary so that everyone, including yourself, knows what to do in the event of a serious threat. Train your staff to recognise suspicious behaviour by those that enter the premises and how to report a crime to you. Consider having a select few members of staff to have access to the money, and show them how to routinely empty tills and take any excess cash to the bank so that there is as little money on site as possible.

Seek advice

There are so many people you can talk to if you’re worried about the security of your business. At your local police station or council, there will be a crime prevention officer that will be available to give you advice on forms of crimes businesses in your area are vulnerable to and how you can better protect yourself. You can also speak to your IT provider on how to further prevent online crime.

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