All Time Security Blog
16 Jul 2018

                        Setting up an event or a show where you intend to draw in a crowd of people to enjoy entertainment can be exciting and fun. But where crowds are involved, you must ensure a good level of event security is in place. Whether […]

11 Jun 2018

                        Everyone wants their business to be secure. You want to have the security and peace of mind that when the doors are locked and everyone has gone home for the day that there is something that would deter any potential intruder. Whether your […]

what to look for in a security company
25 May 2018

                        Choosing the right security company for your requirements is very important. The selection process for finding the right security service that puts the public first can be difficult. Some security firms can present themselves as professional but there is more to private security […]

Does your business need a bouncer?
18 Apr 2018

                                      Depending on the type of business you own, there may be instances where you need to hire Door Supervisors to work alongside your employees. Whether you own a retail premises, restaurant, nightclub, bar, or office, you […]

3 Simple Ways of Securing Your Business In 2018
18 Jan 2018

                          3 Simple Ways of Securing Your Business In 2018   Most businesses are aware that without suitable security measures in place your business is at risk. The risks involve getting vandalised, sabotaged or burgled. Without proper precautions, your premise is also at […]

What are security services and why have them?
04 Dec 2017

                            What are security receptionists and why have them? Most businesses now that first impressions count. When clients or even staff walk into your premises, they are usually met by a receptionist. And sometimes their experience with the receptionist can determine how […]

All Time Security is Now an Accredited Safe Contractor
26 Nov 2017

                        All Time Security is Now an Accredited Safe Contractor! ATS (All Time Security) Limited is SIA Approved contractor for Security Guarding, Key Holding, Door Supervision, Close Protection and CCTV Public Surveillance. Our aim is to provide a customer focused service that protects the […]

Why Businesses Need Corporate Security Guards
29 Oct 2017

                The bigger businesses grow, the more they need to start thinking about the safety and security of their staff and premises. Businesses have to think about their assets and how to protect them. Professional cooperate security guards are not just a visual presence to deter trouble and […]

Two Terrific Tips for Running a Successful Event
09 Oct 2017

                          Most event organisers know that there are many things that can go wrong when organising an event, especially if the event is planning to cater for a large crowd. Sometimes, it is impossible to fix these disasters, like if the guest entertainers […]

Why Events in London Need a Professional Event Security Service
28 Sep 2017

London is the heart of the country. It’s where everything is happening and it is incredibly busy with locals and tourists from around the globe. The Tower of London, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, are all popular places to visit in London. So, it’s no wonder that organisations want […]


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