All Time Security Blog
14 Sep 2018

Regardless of the type of industry you are in, security guards are usually required to possess the same skills and often perform the same sort of duties. But what are the main duties of being a security guard? The the latest blog from ATS, we look into the specifics. The role of a security guard […]

04 Sep 2018

The purpose of security services provider is to create a complete security solution suited to your needs. Companies like All Time Security offer businesses complete security solutions tailored to suit your requirements. Types of security solutions There are various security services available, so it is important that companies know what is best for them and […]

28 Aug 2018

                  Corporations are usually busy places that are driven and focused on meeting their business objectives. Most businesses know that a sensible way to ensure smooth running of the business is to instruct a reputable corporate security services provider to take care of the building security. The […]

21 Aug 2018

                      Insurance companies charge a lot of money to cover your premises and hiring a professional security service provider is a great way of, not only securing your premises, but to help reduce insurance costs. When insurance companies discover that you are taking securing your […]

13 Aug 2018

                      Not all security service providers are the same. A lot of security providers offer a standard service and charge you a great deal of money because they know you need security. These companies don’t always possess the capabilities of providing sufficient security services for your […]

06 Aug 2018

                        Construction can be a tough business and the last thing business owners want is to worry about construction site security. In the latest blog from All Time Security, we look at how construction security guards protect your assets. High value machines and various […]

01 Aug 2018

              Most business owners know that securing their premises is a must. There are many security services available, ranging from security guards, mobile security patrols all the way to CCTV security and CCTV remote monitoring. Although you would hope that your business remains safe, there is a risk of […]

VIP Security Guard
23 Jul 2018

                      All professional event organisers understand the need to have security services to ensure a smooth running of their event, but this is especially important for organisers of high profile events. High profile events require high profile security. What is a high-profile event? A high-profile […]

16 Jul 2018

                        Setting up an event or a show where you intend to draw in a crowd of people to enjoy entertainment can be exciting and fun. But where crowds are involved, you must ensure a good level of event security is in place. Whether […]

11 Jun 2018

                        Everyone wants their business to be secure. You want to have the security and peace of mind that when the doors are locked and everyone has gone home for the day that there is something that would deter any potential intruder. Whether your […]


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