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18 Nov 2019

Why Businesses Employ Reception Security Most businesses, both medium and large, usually have a reception area where employees can sign in and out, deliveries can be checked and signed for and visitors can check-in and out. Reception acts as a front-line administrator and helps organise the day to day running of the business. But not […]

14 Nov 2019

How to reduce loss in retail Most retail companies will tell you about the high losses that occur in the retail industry. This is simply because of how busy retail outlets are. Hundreds of people visit the outlets and stores suffer at the hands of opportunist and professional thieves. The question is then, is a […]

07 Nov 2019

A few common misconceptions about security guards Over the years, like many industries, the security industry has changed and evolved. But there are still a few common misconceptions floating around about security guards. Security guards are not worth it anymore There are some people who think that with all the sophisticated modern technology we have […]

30 Oct 2019

What makes an effective door supervisor? Many people are under the misconception that Door supervisors are used just for pubs and night clubs but the fact is that the security industry has changed dramatically over the years. Door supervisors are used for a variety of other events. This includes private parties and functions. Door supervisors […]

28 Oct 2019

What makes a good close protection security guard? Close Protection Security What is Close Protection Security and do people need it? When a VIP person, a celebrity or a person of that calibre is travelling or attending an event, they are sometimes at risk. In order to reduce this risk, security providers such as All […]

15 Oct 2019

The benefits of key holding and why do people use it Traditional security measures have been used by businesses for many years but not all businesses know that there some additional services that can be incredibly useful and can help with not only the security but can help with operations. Alarm response is a service […]

08 Oct 2019

A complete security solution So many businesses suffer from security issues and many of them adopted robust security measures to help protect their business premises and their business assets. What many business owners don’t understand is that there are a variety of security solutions available for all sorts of businesses. Not all security solutions available […]

26 Sep 2019

It’s not news that venues, especially when there will be large crowds, instruct a professional security services provider to provide a door supervision service. But there are a few ways to ensure that you get the best from your door supervision services. Experience One of the great things about using a professional security services provider […]

12 Sep 2019

Some key rules for effective security guarding It’s not news that businesses rely heavily on security guards to help keep their businesses safe and secure. But are there effective methods to get the very best from your security guards? Security guards are a wonderful investment for businesses as they save you a lot of money […]

30 Aug 2019

Many businesses across the UK have clocked onto the fact that there are some great security solutions for their business. Not all of them are suited to everyone. This is why security providers such as All Time Security offer a wide variety of effective, efficient and affordable solutions. All Time Security has the advantage of […]


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