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22 Nov 2021

Why You Should Have Security Guards Who Understand Retail Security The main objective of retail outlets is to provide services and products in a fashion that optimises customer satisfaction. All good retailers know that this is impossible to achieve if customers and staff do not feel safe and secure whilst being on their premises. So […]

22 Nov 2021

Professional Event Security Service in London London is the heart of the country. It’s where everything is happening and it is incredibly busy with locals and tourists from around the globe. The Tower of London, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, are all popular places to visit in London. So, […]

25 Oct 2021

Security Solutions Security service providers have the knowledge, resources and trained staff to provide a suitable and effective security solution. A solution tailored to suit your specific needs. These services can range from risk assessments, CCTV and alarms, all the way to security guards and door supervisors. Security Guards Most venues that cater for crowds […]

01 Oct 2021

Why choose mobile security? Mobile security has become a hugely popular service over the years. But what is it exactly, and is it better than some of the other security services provided by professional security service providers? Conventional security is usually static – security guards, for example. A security services provider deploys static security guards. […]

19 Sep 2021

What makes a good security service provider?  Before we get into what makes a good security provider, let’s first look at what a security provider is and what they do.   A security provider or security services provider is a professional company that offers a range of security services for businesses, corporations, venues and retail outlets.   […]

29 Aug 2021

Do you really need security guards? It’s 2021 and the world is forever changing. With new security solutions frequently being released, as a business owner, do you still need security guards? Before we go into whether you need security guards or not, let’s have a look at some of the other security solutions businesses are […]

15 Aug 2021

Venues are opening – securing your venue Now that venues are open again and most are running at full capacity, security has become increasingly important. An influx of visitors to venues means that security needs to be on point to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. Here are some quick and effective tips on […]

29 Apr 2021

Lockdown is ending – time to think security The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused a huge number of tragic fatalities, it has caused chaos for many businesses and venues that rely on people attending. As the strict lockdown is easing and people are trying to resume some sort of normality, it is seriously time […]

05 Jan 2021

Security guarding 2021 The world has been a strange place since the beginning of 2020. COVID19 has shocked the world and changed the way we work, socialise and even communicate. But things will start to go back to normal and the security industry will be needed more than ever. With emergency services being pushed to […]

27 Nov 2020

The significance of security as the national lockdown eases As the national lockdown eases and venues start to open again, there will be a greater need for business owners to show their guests and staff duty of care. One of the principal ways in which business owners can show their guests and staff that they […]


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