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19 Sep 2021

What makes a good security service provider?  Before we get into what makes a good security provider, let’s first look at what a security provider is and what they do.   A security provider or security services provider is a professional company that offers a range of security services for businesses, corporations, venues and retail outlets.   […]

29 Aug 2021

Do you really need security guards? It’s 2021 and the world is forever changing. With new security solutions frequently being released, as a business owner, do you still need security guards? Before we go into whether you need security guards or not, let’s have a look at some of the other security solutions businesses are […]

15 Aug 2021

Venues are opening – securing your venue Now that venues are open again and most are running at full capacity, security has become increasingly important. An influx of visitors to venues means that security needs to be on point to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. Here are some quick and effective tips on […]

29 Apr 2021

Lockdown is ending – time to think security The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused a huge number of tragic fatalities, it has caused chaos for many businesses and venues that rely on people attending. As the strict lockdown is easing and people are trying to resume some sort of normality, it is seriously time […]

05 Jan 2021

Security guarding 2021 The world has been a strange place since the beginning of 2020. COVID19 has shocked the world and changed the way we work, socialise and even communicate. But things will start to go back to normal and the security industry will be needed more than ever. With emergency services being pushed to […]

27 Nov 2020

The significance of security as the national lockdown eases As the national lockdown eases and venues start to open again, there will be a greater need for business owners to show their guests and staff duty of care. One of the principal ways in which business owners can show their guests and staff that they […]

29 Oct 2020

How to secure your events in 2021 Events across the world have changed the way they operate. If the area that your event is being held is not in lockdown and it is open for guests to visit, then there are some strict government guidelines to follow and some good safety measures that should be […]

14 Jul 2020

Retail security during the COVID19 Pandemic With retail outlets across the UK now opening and things returning to a new normal, there will be an influx of people visiting shopping centres and retail stores. What does this mean for shopping centres and stores? The increase in customers means more risk of contamination and unfortunately, first-line […]

02 Jul 2020

Securing construction sites during the lock-down Lock-down during the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many business and construction sites have had to cease work. Although this has had a negative impact on the operation and on deadlines for projects, leaving construction sites mid-work can cause an array of problems. Among the many issues that […]

02 Jul 2020

Securing a business during the lockdown Unfortunately, during the lockdown period, many business owners have resorted to self-isolating and are unable to be at their premises for work. Aside from having an operational impact on their business, there is also a growing security concern. What impact has the lockdown had on businesses? Many businesses including […]


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