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26 Sep 2019

It’s not news that venues, especially when there will be large crowds, instruct a professional security services provider to provide a door supervision service. But there are a few ways to ensure that you get the best from your door supervision services. Experience One of the great things about using a professional security services provider […]

12 Sep 2019

Some key rules for effective security guarding It’s not news that businesses rely heavily on security guards to help keep their businesses safe and secure. But are there effective methods to get the very best from your security guards? Security guards are a wonderful investment for businesses as they save you a lot of money […]

30 Aug 2019

Many businesses across the UK have clocked onto the fact that there are some great security solutions for their business. Not all of them are suited to everyone. This is why security providers such as All Time Security offer a wide variety of effective, efficient and affordable solutions. All Time Security has the advantage of […]

06 Aug 2019

If you are looking into saving money when securing your premises or even if you are looking to save some money when organising an event, you are in the right place. All Time Security is a reputable security provider, SIA accredited training centre and is one of the very few companies in the UK that […]

14 Jul 2019

Some key factors to think about when securing your premises If you own a business, then you know how much work goes into building a strong business and clients. Your services, products and customer service must be outstanding and prices competitive. The problem is often in losses – as an owner and organiser of your […]

09 Jul 2019

Personal Protection If you are looking for a professional Close Protection Service then contact All Time Security today and see how we can help you get protected. There are many occasions where people require a more personalised security service. This is usually for when VIP’s will be attending an event or are required to make […]

30 Jun 2019

Before we can determine whether having door supervisors is a thing of the past, we need to understand what door supervisors are and what they do. So what is a Door Supervisor and why do we need them? A Door Supervisor as an SIA qualified security professional who is deployed to various different venues to […]

20 Jun 2019

Many business owners now know of the huge benefits of having CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). CCTV gives businesses the added bonus of monitoring their premises and the ability to review footage if required. Where could this help? This could really help if your premises get broken into. In the unfortunate event that your premises do […]

30 May 2019

What is alarm response and how can it help your business? The problem with many businesses is that they are often left empty overnight. Most of the work is done during the day. This means that during the day there are staff and people around who can deal with issues but once the business is […]

23 May 2019

Top 3 Security Tips for an event Whether you are a party or any other type of event organiser, there are some key security protocols that you should consider to ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely. Risk assessment One of the first things to consider when organising an event is to carry out […]


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