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Monthly Archives: February 2019
Do companies still need security guards
Do companies still need security guards?
08 Feb 2019






















Do companies still need security guards?

As time has progressed and technology has become advanced, some business owners now invest heavily in automated security services. And this is great, but does it mean that companies no longer require good old fashioned security guards?

First, let’s go through what a security guard is and what they do

A security guard is instructed to vigilantly keep an eye on your premises to ensure the premises, assets and the people inside it are kept safe and secure. This could be for:
– Theft/Burglary/Robbery
– Internal and external theft
– Industrial espionage
– Arson
– Vandalism
– Violence

Sure, CCTV and alarms are a great method to deter and to an extent prevent the crime from occurring but is that the same as having a highly trained security professional present?

Professionally trained security guards are skilled in detecting signs of crime and other issues that can affect a building.

Security Patrols

Security guards’ petrol premises and look out for leaks, fires and ensure that fire exits are not blocked off.
SIA (Security Industry Authority) qualified security guards are skilled in risk assessments and creating red routes. They will discover vulnerable areas or areas that are poorly lit and ensure that they cover those areas frequently.

They will also patrol the areas that may be susceptible to leaks or fires. Buildings, especially buildings that are left empty at night could suffer from a leak for many hours before the leak is discovered. This could cost business owners thousands of pounds in losses. Proactive and competent security guards measurably reduce that risk.

Carpark security patrols

Many buildings offer a carpark for their staff and employees and this is great but there can be a number of issues, including car parking issues and theft. Security guards run regular patrols in and around the carparks, ensuring that there are no parking issues and cars in the carpark are secure.

Access Control Security

SIA security guards are specially trained in access control. This means that they will vigilantly monitor who is entering the carpark and building. This is a sure way of preventing people from trespassing and potential theft and industrial espionage.

Having professional access control also shows clients and employees that the business owner takes their safety and security seriously. This helps create an overall better environment for staff and visitors.

The fact that people have to sign in and have been visibly seen and identified also helps prevent people from not following proper company codes and conducts.

Security guards save companies hundreds of thousands every year and most businesses would agree that a reputable and professional security company is an asset to their business.
If you require an SIA approved security services provider contact All Time Security today.

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