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Monthly Archives: October 2017
Why Businesses Need Corporate Security Guards
Why Businesses Need Corporate Security Guards
29 Oct 2017









The bigger businesses grow, the more they need to start thinking about the safety and security of their staff and premises.

Businesses have to think about their assets and how to protect them.

Professional cooperate security guards are not just a visual presence to deter trouble and give staff and visitors a feeling of safety, they are there to vigilantly identify vulnerabilities. Good security guards actively look to seek out potential problems that could lead to the business losing money. This includes looking out for signs of damage to the building and leaks that cause further losses.

Guards in companies such All Time Security are skilled in detecting problems including hazardous clutter and that fire exits are closed and not obstructed.

Corporate security guards also ensure that only authorised persons are allowed entry into the premises. This gives staff confidence that they are in a safe and secure environment. This also protects the business assets and data that may be held at the business.

Guards manage signing in and out systems, so they know only authorised personnel are in the building. They verify contractors, checking ID and ensuring that they know where they need to go and only have access to the areas that they are permitted to.

Great Customer Service

Although corporate security guards are there to keep staff, visitors and the building safe and secure, they also aid with providing great customer service. ATS guards are smartly dressed, approachable, polite, friendly and helpful. ATS train their guards to greet staff and visitors with a smile and assist with general queries.

Corporate security guards are trained in effective oral and written communication. They are trained to diffuse situations that could escalate, covering conflict resolution and physical intervention. This means that they are in control even when faced with difficult situations.

Fire Wardens and Health & Safety trained

SIA approved organisations like All Time Security ensure that their corporate security guards are fire warden trained and can assist or manage fire evacuation procedures. Guards are quick as responding and getting people out of the building via the fire escapes and to the fire assembly point.

Guards are always looking for vulnerabilities and risks that could jeopardise people’s safety. If they identify an issue they can rectify, they will, if not, they will report it. Either way, business owners have peace of mind that a competent person is keeping an eye on their staff, visitors and assets, even when they are not around.

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Two Terrific Tips for Running a Successful Event
Terrific Tips for Running a Successful Event
09 Oct 2017














Most event organisers know that there are many things that can go wrong when organising an event, especially if the event is planning to cater for a large crowd. Sometimes, it is impossible to fix these disasters, like if the guest entertainers or performers are a no-show. But in most cases, things going wrong are due to operational issues.

Here are 3 tips that can help with running a great event:

Plan out everything

It seems obvious and people have been banging on about it for years. The quote: “failing to plan is planning to fail,” has been drilled in to our heads. But to be honest, there’s good reason for it – although it sounds like a cliché, it is still the most significant part of a successful event process.

When an event gets on its way and the chaos commences, you already have too much on your plate to deal with, you cannot be dealing with operational or security issues at that point. They should have been identified, addressed and overcome prior to the event beginning.

A great way of ensuring that this gets done effectively is to instruct a professional event security company to conduct a thorough risk assessment. Companies like All Time Security, have professional risk assessment officers that will take the time to gather the details of the event, including the estimated number of guests. They will scope out the location of the event and actively look for risks and vulnerabilities. Once the assessor is satisfied that all the risks, hazards and vulnerabilities have been identified, he will then liaise with organisers and look at ways of eliminating or reducing the impact that they can have on the running of the event.


Have a professional SIA qualified security team

All event organisers know that events are unpredictable and if not managed properly, can lead to complete chaos. People attending the event need to know that they are safe, and the premises is secure.

When attendees are met by professional, polite and assertive security staff, they are reassured that they are in good hands and this helps them focus on enjoying the event. Professional security aid the customer experience and provide a safe and secure environment.

If you are organising an event, why not give All Time Security a call and a get a free quote:

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