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Monthly Archives: August 2022
Choosing the Right Security Firm for Your Business
11 Aug 2022

Seeing how more than 200,000 cases of retail theft have impacted businesses in the UK in 2022 so far, it’s safe to assume that implementing proper security for retail and other establishments is essential. This is to protect the premises, employees, and all other assets. 

Getting proper security, however, is trickier than it might seem at first. First, it’s strongly recommended that you look for security firms rather than hire freelance individuals as security guards. This is to maximise the responsibility and establish a firm cooperation groundwork with a business or institution rather than with a single person.

Yet, even this isn’t of much help. There are countless security companies in London only, let alone in the entire UK, advertising their services. This blog will help you decide which candidate is the right one for your business and the best security firm to hire for your premises. Keep reading.

Taking care of your business means more than just filling your inventory and a good business model. Hiring the right security patrol firms will also prevent theft from damaging your business.

Know What to Look For

Even though most security companies aren’t specific, that is, they have multiple security services to offer, in practice, each company excels in a few fields only. Ensure that your company or private premises need that sort of security.

For example, if your business relies very much on maintaining the security of your online assets, a security company that offers both physical and cybersecurity services best fits your requirement. 

Some security companies have integrated CCTV installation with most of their packages. A separate CCTV arrangement may or may not be essential for your business, depending on what area you are securing. Consider the size of your premises and the number of security guards (as well as their mobility – are they equipped with vehicles for quick transportation?) the firm offers.

Finally, pay attention to your team and how well a hypothetical collaboration between the security company’s team and your own crew can be executed. The better the chances for mutual cooperation, the more suitable the security company is for you.

Prioritise the Price

Before you even start looking to adjust the whole security procedure, price is one of the primary things to bear in mind. After all, there are both high-end, low-end, and mid-range security companies, and you need to be aware of:

  1. What kind and level of security you need
  2. How much you’re able to afford to spend on security services

The balance between these two is one of the critical factors that will help you determine which option to go for or, at least, help you narrow down your candidates. Remember that, as a rule of thumb, the more expensive the security company is, the more comprehensive its services. It doesn’t mean you should go bankrupt to ensure proper security, though – balance is essential.

Many security companies tend to charge higher or overprice. But sometimes, the price can be misleading. Do proper, all-encompassing research before signing a contract based on outward appearances and first impressions.

Reputation Goes a Long Way

Reputation is the bridge between the previous two points. A simple Google search can sometimes suffice, but thorough research can do better. A company’s reputation precedes them, so it’s imperative to know what experiences former clients had with the company.

The years of experience matter, but the quality of conducting business matters more. Check internet forums, consult people in real life, and try to find out as much as possible about the security company you’re interested in hiring. 

Go for a company that only offers top-quality professional services, preferably at an affordable price. Make sure their guards are well-mannered and know how to do their job. Finally, look for a company with some years of experience under their belt, as that would somewhat guarantee that they have collaborated with all sorts of clients and are well versed in many risky security situations.

Performa Additional Research 

Proper research is always important, and that includes a few verifications. 

Verify Training and SIA Licensing

Their website, for example, should offer transparent information about the mandatory security training that all employees must undergo before getting their SIA license. 

Additional Verifications and Policies

Consider additional licensing, policies, and accreditation as well. Do they offer both security guard and door supervision services? Is CCTV included in the price? Can they vouch for the safety of cash, key holding, and similar types of protection? Is the company a member of the BSIA or the CHAS? Any such affiliations and affiliations with the British Standards, SafeContractor, or The Security Institute are highly desirable and should influence your decision.

Narrow Down and Interview

Yet, don’t just run and go for the first candidate you find. Interviewing them is the best way to ensure you’ve found the right fit. Create a list of all the security companies that fit most of your criteria.

Once you’ve narrowed things down further, conduct a few interviews to help you decide. Call each company, schedule a meeting, and elaborate on your business, person, or premises needing protection and what security services you require. 

Evaluate the responses of all company representatives, the price of their services, and how they conduct themselves with potential clients. After this, you should be able to decide on one company.

Use the Services of the Best UK Security Firms Based in London

All Time Security is one of the best London security firms you can hope to find, offering a broad spectrum of security services at affordable prices. Our team consists of experienced professionals with suitable licensing and accreditation, and we vouch for your utmost security in every way possible. Feel free to reach out and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Protect your business by hiring the best security patrol firms. Contact All Time Security for superb security solutions that will keep your business safe.

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