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Monthly Archives: April 2019
Mobile Security
29 Apr 2019

construction site gurard
construction site guard

As time has progressed, the types of security services have diversified. Although having traditional static security guards at your premises is still a very robust style of securing your premises, other methods such as mobile security patrols have proven to be very popular and effective.

What is mobile security?

Mobile security is a having professionally trained security guards who unlike static guards who remain at your premises, conduct regular patrols of your premises.

Why chose mobile security?

One of the primary reasons people opt to choose mobile security patrols as opposed to static guards is that it is far more cost effective to have professional security guards patrolling frequently but not remaining on sight.

This means that guards still have some visual presence as people will see them coming onto sight and patrolling and know that the building has security in place.

Guards will also monitor the premises and look out for any signs of vandalism or forced entry. SIA trained patrol guards are skilled identifying:

  • Unlocked doors or windows
  • Vandalism
  • Break ins
  • Fire
  • Leaks
  • Hazards
  • Health and safety concerns

The security guards will carry out routine and sometimes random patrols and checks. This means that your premises is kept safe and secure at a lower cost than if you were to have static guards manning the building all day and night.

Mobile patrol guards are always equipped with the right tools to ensure that checks are carried out properly. This includes safety boots, high visibility uniform, torches, radios, etc.

Parameter checks are conducted regularly and are created based on risk assessments and red routes. This is to ensure that every patrol and check is effective.

Mobile security teams carry out their patrols in security marked vehicles who help create a strong visual deterrent for professional and opportunist thieves.

Mobile security are also skilled in rapid alarm response. This means that if an alarm has been activated, mobile security patrol guards will be at the sight straight away. This could save business owners thousands in losses.

Whether you are looking for professional SIA qualified static security guards or whether you are looking for SIA trained mobile security guards, All Time Security has the perfect solution for you.

ATS is an SIA approved security provider making it one of the most obvious choices for many companies. 

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Building site security
03 Apr 2019

Construction site security2

Construction site security2

Building site security

Construction businesses are usually incredibly busy using their skills and staff to carry out their building work.

These sites are cramped with expensive equipment and materials. Due to strict deadlines, it is impractical and expensive to take equipment away every day. Which means equipment and materials remain on site until the project is complete.

This creates an

opportunity for thieves to access the site and potentially steal the equipment and materials – costing the construction company thousands.

Using a professional security service provider

Many construction companies have suffered losses through theft and vandalism. Companies now consider using a professional security service provider to ensure that the construction site is secure.

Security companies such as All Time Security have been providing construction companies with professionally trained security guards for many years. All security guards are SIA qualified and receive additional training on how to manage security on construction sites.

Security guards are fully trained to deal with all types of situations and are vigilant in identifying potential problems. Although the primary objective of the security guard is to ensure the security of the site and safety of anyone on the site, they actively look for vulnerabilities such a pipes leaking or fire and health and safety hazards.

Access control

Not only are security guards patrolling the site at night while it is empty and vulnerable, they are also available to be on site to conduct access control. They will ensure only authorised people are permitted to enter the site and meet specified requirements, such as high visibility uniform and safety equipment.

Construction security guards are also reception trained and can ensure a strict signing in and out policy is in place.


Security guards are always presentable and are equipped with high visibility clothing. They act as a visual deterrent and the first point of call. All SIA security guards from ATS are fire marshal and first aid trained.

All Time Security ensure that additional training is provided to security guards to help further their ability to communicate accurately and effectively. Whether this is via radio, phone or in written statements.

Security guards come equipped with appropriate footwear, high visibility uniform and professional communication equipment such as long-range radios.

Security guards have 24-hour support from the ATS control room which has fast communication with emergency services.

If you are looking for an SIA approved security provider to secure your site, equipment and staff, contact All Time Security today.

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