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Monthly Archives: April 2018
Does your business need a bouncer?
Does My Business Need Door Supervisors?
18 Apr 2018




















Depending on the type of business you own, there may be instances where you need to hire Door Supervisors to work alongside your employees. Whether you own a retail premises, restaurant, nightclub, bar, or office, you may feel more at ease by hiring door supervisors and security guards in order to keep your premises secure. Whether you wish to protect your premises during its opening hours or closed hours, it’s important that you hire trained security professionals with an SIA license, unless your business has been given an exemption under Section 4(4) of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

What is the Private Security Industry Act (2001)?

The Private Security Industry Act (2001) a system for the statutory regulation of the private security industry. It became a non-departmental body in 2003, and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the statutory organisation responsible for regulating the UK’s private industry sector. They must report to Home Secretary under the Private Security Industry Act (2001).

The benefits of hiring Door Supervisors

  • They are fully trained in conflict management.
  • They have customer service and communication skills.
  • They have a wealth of security experience.
  • You have control over who enters your premises.
  • People using your business will feel safe.
  • They are professional.

How do I know if my business or event needs door staff?

Bouncers and door supervisors can be employed to work solely ‘on the door’, patrol  around premises or to do both. Your door supervisors can be plain clothed, or wear a uniform. You should consider hiring door security if:

  • If you’re licensed to sell alcohol.
  • If you’ve experienced shoplifting.
  • If staff members feel unsafe whilst at work.
  • If there is an increased risk of violence or fighting at your business premises.

Depending on the nature of your business dictates how many door staff security you hire. If you find that customers get quite rowdy, you may require extra bouncers to help monitor the atmosphere. Pubs and nightclubs require door security to check that patrons are of age before they enter the premises. A quieter premises, such as a jewellery shop with valuable items may only need one Manned Guarding Security and one bouncer. If you are planning an event such as a concert or festival for your business, then you should hire event security to make sure that all areas are covered, meaning the event will run safely and smoothly. We are able to offer our services to be tailored to the type of event you are running, and also the amount of people you believe are going to be in attendance.

How many exits and entrances does your business premises have?

If you think your business needs bouncers, you should think about how many entrances and exits are on the premises. Restaurants, pubs clubs and restaurants that need licensed door security should ideally have two  professionals stationed at each entrance or exit during opening hours, so that there’s complete control over the footfall and they can keep an eye on who is entering and exiting the premises.

How big is your business premises?

Depending on the size of the premises will dictate the number of door staff you require. If you have a large premises, you will need a bigger security team of both door staff and guards patrolling the area so that it remains secure and safe.

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