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Monthly Archives: October 2018
The Unique Characteristics of Retail Security
09 Oct 2018













Security has now become an important part of everyday life, and impacts everything we do. This is especially the case in the retail industry. It’s no secret that retail, due to its customer facing nature is at considerable risk of taking losses through theft. It was reported that in 2015, the annual bill for UK retail crime soared to £613m (The Guardian), but the impact retail theft leaves is more than just financial – the repercussions of retail theft on employees can also be incredibly damaging. However, by hiring professional security services you are reducing the risk of theft, keeping your employees safe and minimising  the potential damage.


Professionally trained retail security guards are skilled in deterring and apprehending shoplifters, which has a huge positive impact on the outlet.

Theft in Retail

Theft in retail is one of the most common types of theft. Many companies know there is a theft problem in their retail store, but often struggle to identify where the theft is occurring, making it a challenge to prevent it. Most thieves are people who enter the store posing as potential customers. Some are opportunist thieves, who when an opportunity arises commit the crime, while others are professional shoplifters. These types of thefts can cause considerable losses to a company.

How to Combat Theft in Retail

Retail security guards will man the doors, identify potential thieves and keep an eye on them. Through surveying people’s body language and watching behavioural patterns, they’re able to spot adverse behaviours commonly associated with shoplifting. Security guards are trained in shop floor patrols, CCTV control room operating and remote monitoring.

Conflict management

Retail security guards are trained to deal with all types of situations. They possess conflict management skills which allows store managers and owners to feel rest assured by their backup. Security guards are able to handle incidents appropriately and in accordance with security regulations and the law.

Internal theft

The good thing about having professional retail security guards is that they are trained in identifying all types of thieves – including staff. Many retail companies suffer losses through theft of products and money by staff working in their store. Retail security guards keep a close eye on everyone and are trained to carry out random checks and staff searches. Never underestimate the power of a staff search – they are a great deterrence for potential thieves and usually save stores thousands of pounds every year.

Incidents and incident reporting

Security service providers ensure that all retail security guards are trained to handle all types of incidents. They are also coached to follow the correct incident reporting procedures set by the outlet. Security guards always remain polite and professional. Their main priority is to de-escalate situations and keep people and the premises safe and secure.

Safety of customers and staff

Retail security guards are not just there to protect products from thieves, they are also there to protect people as well. Customers and employees will feel much more comfortable at a store that has professional retail security guards. Knowing a professional is close by and ready to help at any moment gives employees peace of mind.

Customer service

The retail industry is heavily focused on providing great customer service. That’s why having a retail security guard who is dressed smartly, greets customers and is helpful adds to a great overall customer experience.  

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