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The Essential Traits of an Effective Door Supervisor: What to Look for in Security Personnel 
18 Jan 2024

Door supervisor security is a non-negotiable for any commercial space, but particularly those with late closing times or expensive valuables inside. Yet, no two door supervisors are the same. To handle a role with such great responsibility, it’s important to be selective in who you hire.  

This hiring process doesn’t have to be drawn out or complicated, as long as you are aware of the essential traits of an effective door supervisor – outlined in this article. Here, we provide invaluable insight into what to look for in security personnel.  

Find out more, below. 

Physical Fitness and Presence 

A door supervisor must be in good physical health and is preferably physically fit. Oftentimes, being involved in door supervisor security requires more than verbal conflict resolution, and the ability to manage a situation if a physical confrontation occurs. Simply put, this means they must be able to withstand anti-social behaviour from members of the public. To this end, it also helps if the door supervisor of your choosing has ‘presence,’ meaning that they appear as strong, commanding and powerful to most onlookers.  

Good Observation 

Conflict can occur in an instant, which means door supervisor security should have exceptional observation skills. Noticing minute changes in the environment prepares you for any circumstances, and enables security personnel to prepare for potential trouble with time to spare. This also leads to better risk management and mitigation; the ultimate goal of door supervisor security is preventing problems before they escalate.  

Conflict Resolution Abilities 

Although door security personnel may be required to handle conflicts physically, the more advanced their conflict resolution abilities are, the less likely it is that confrontations will escalate into fights and other dangerous actions. Previous training in conflict management is something to look for here. However, the essential conflict resolution skills you should keep watch for amongst potential hires include: 

  • Active listening 
  • Empathy 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Negotiation skills 
  • Patience 
  • Assertiveness 
  • Conflict analysis 

Above all, security personnel should be open-minded, too. There are multiple sides to every conflict, and a big part of conflict resolution is fostering a communicative and respectful environment.  

Crowd Management Expertise 

Large gatherings of people in a commercial setting can soon get out of hand. The trampling of others is a serious concern, as is disorderly conduct. Therefore, crowd management expertise is an essential trait of an effective door supervisor.  

Understanding crowd psychology – how large groups of people react to different situations, and how crowd dynamics work – is a must, as is the ability to co-ordinate crowd management strategy with other security personnel. 

 Crowd management must be a team effort, especially when it comes to maintaining physical barriers and directing people as needed. 

Communication Skills 

Although we’ve mentioned the importance of team work and conflict resolution above, we can’t understate how essential it is that any security personnel you hire have good communication skills. Clear and effective communication can prevent most problems from escalating, and also ensure most conflicts don’t ever occur. When groups are given clear directions on where to go – and in some cases – what behaviours are expected of them, door supervisors need not handle physical or verbal confrontations at all. A positive and welcoming atmosphere is fostered from the outset, which is how door supervisor security should be.  


What is often forgotten in the field of door supervisor security is that the people security personnel equally protect, screen and guard against are their customers. As a result, door supervisor personnel must have a customer-oriented mindset when dealing with members of the public.  

Door supervisors are the first point of contact for most people entering a commercial establishment, and the impression or atmosphere that supervisors generate can impact public perception of the establishment moving forward. If a potential hire seems polite, approachable and communicative, this points toward a positive and customer-oriented mindset. 

Training and Certification 

Door supervisors must be well-trained and certified, and in some cases, well-equipped with the right gear. For example, All Time Security personnel always have access to radios, protective and high-visibility clothing. These are a reliable marker of a door supervisor that has been thoroughly trained to the latest standards.  

To hire the best of the best, seek out security personnel from a company that has been recently SIA approved – this means that their security services, training policies, health and safety practices and more are all deemed excellent. 

Adaptability and Professionalism 

In many cases, these two qualities – adaptability and professionalism – go hand-in-hand for a door supervisor. When involved in door supervisor security, you must be able to adapt to changing situations, unexpected events and misconduct without breaking a sweat.  

Other customers in a commercial space depend on door supervisors to keep them safe and calm whatever the situation, and decisions on how to handle a set of circumstances can only be made if you work well under pressure. Maintaining composure is – and always will be – an essential trait of an effective door supervisor. 

In the same way, being able to maintain a steady composure under pressure also demonstrates a security personnel’s level of professionalism and experience on the job. When you hire an employee that directly interacts with your customers, their professionalism dictates how professional your establishment will be perceived. That is to say, the more respectful and trustworthy your security personnel, the more your business will benefit. 

Knowledge of Local Laws and Regulations 

Finally, though we’ve covered the basis of training and certification as essential traits of an effective door supervisor, there’s one more quality that establishments often overlook during interviews – the supervisor’s knowledge of local laws and regulations.  

Meaning that, if conflict arises, can your door supervisor liaise well with local police officers and other law enforcement? Security personnel must behave appropriately and in accordance with the law at all times.  

Moreover, knowledge of local regulations also extends to the independent security protocols and emergency procedures of your business – any personnel you hire must be willing to learn these procedures inside and out. 

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security in Southampton
The Role of Security Guards in Ensuring Safety: Importance for Southampton Businesses 

If you are a business owner, security should be a top priority, regardless of the type of business that you own or manage. Security guards play a key role in the safety and security of businesses throughout Southampton, and if you are looking to reap the benefits of having experienced and licensed security guards for your business, then you have come to the right place. 

In this blog, we will explore the role of security guards for businesses in more detail, including the advantages of hiring security guards from trustworthy security companies in Southampton (such as All Time Security), how they prevent crime and how they contribute to a safe working environment. 


The Importance of Security Guards 

Security guards are well-known for being imposing and intimidating characters who stand at the entrance of businesses or patrol the area. Their versatile nature means that they can be deployed anywhere, from retail shops to corporate offices. They have many duties and responsibilities that can be applied in a diverse range of situations.  

You can expect security guards to: 

  • Monitor the area 
  • Manage access control 
  • Handle emergencies 
  • Screen incoming visitors/guests  
  • Enforce rules and regulations  
  • De-escalate situations 
  • Deter theft  
  • And more… 

As you can see, security guards have many responsibilities, depending on the business’ needs and requirements.  

Benefits of Professional Security Guards 

When you choose to hire professional security guards, you can benefit in several different ways. This includes: 

  • Enhanced Safety 

Security guards can help protect employees, customers or visitors, and other assets, such as stock and inventory.  With trained security guards, you are provided peace of mind against potential dangers as you can rely on them to identify hazards and/or potential crimes and handle the situation professionally. Your employees and customers/visitors will also feel safer when they spot a security guard ensuring their protection. 

  • Crime Deterrent  

When a security guard is present and visible, burglars, intruders and thieves alike are less likely to steal or commit a crime relating to your business. For example, if a security guard is stationed at the entrance/exit of a retail store, a thief is less likely to shoplift as a result.  

  • Emergency Response 

Security guards are trained to manage all sorts of emergencies, from medical incidents and fires to dangerous people and crime. Not only will they be able to diffuse the situation (in terms of the latter), but they can also assist with the former and potentially save lives.  

  • Keen Monitoring 

A security guard will be well aware of how to spot suspicious behaviour within your business. This means that while your employees might be busy with their own tasks, a suspicious individual could be attempting to steal something or enter the property without authorisation. Security guards can stop this from becoming a bigger problem, handling the issue with ease and efficiency.  

  • Improved Company Reputation 

Having security guards posted within your business can significantly improve your company’s reputation, especially when it comes to improving both employee and customer experience. Security guards can also assist with customer service, directing customers to where they need to go and helping them with any queries that they may have. With these positive experiences, customers are likely to spread the word of how helpful your company’s security guards are, and how your business appears highly professional and reliable.  

All Time Security’s Safety & Security Solutions 

With many security companies in Southampton to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right security company for you and your business. However, at All Time Security, you can rest assured that our security guards are trained, licensed, and reliable when it comes to protecting your business. 

From offices to campuses, we can deploy our security guards to various locations across Southampton. We are one of the few SIA-approved security contractors in the nation that are approved in: 

  • Door supervising  
  • Key holding 
  • Security guard 
  • Close protection 
  • CCTV 

This means that our quality of work is exceptional, and you can trust us to deliver high-quality services that will meet your business demands and exceed your expectations.  

We screen and assess all of our security personnel, and they undergo extensive in-house training to ensure that they can provide the highest standard of service that aligns with our core values and beliefs. All security guards from All Time Security will be SIA-approved, with qualifications in other areas such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and more.  

Security Guards for Southampton Businesses 

Southampton is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in Hampshire. In fact, according to CrimeRate UK, the overall crime rate in the city in 2022 was 134 crimes per 1,000 people. Southampton is continuously listed as one of the top cities with the worst crime rates in the UK, with a 62% higher crime rate compared to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland’s overall figure as of 2023. In particular, the crime rate of shoplifting was at 8 crimes per 1,000 people in 2022, and burglary was at 7 crimes per 1,000 people.  

As a business owner in Southampton, you should be vigilant when it comes to the safety and security of your business, including the property, your employees and customers, and your goods or assets. As a result, hiring a professional security company like All Time Security is crucial to ensuring the safety of your business.  

Protect Your Southampton Business with All Time Security 

Security guards are an essential part of any business in Southampton, and we know how important it is to have security personnel that you can trust and rely on.  

At All Time Security, we can provide you with highly trained and skilled security guards to help protect your Southampton business. No matter the type of business that you own, you can count on us as one of the leading security companies in Southampton to effectively keep your property, your employees and customers, and your assets safe.  

Learn more about our services by getting in touch with us today on 01494511222 / 03330050945, or by dropping us an email at   

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complete security solution
The Top Security Concerns for Businesses in Milton Keynes and How to Address Them
08 Nov 2023

As a business owner in Milton Keynes, it would be no surprise that there are numerous security challenges that your business could encounter. From potential theft to vandalism, there are multiple security risks to be aware of. However, with these concerns in mind, how can they be addressed?

If you’re looking for the answer to this question, you have come to the right place! In this blog, we will explore the top security concerns for businesses in Milton Keynes and how you can address them without compromising the quality of your business’ services.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Burglary Prevention

If you own a retail business, chances are you could become a target of theft. No matter your inventory, you will always be at risk of theft, especially if your storefront is situated in a shifty area. This could result in a loss of stock and valuables, which can negatively impact not only your cash flow, but also your business as a whole.

Negative cash flow can lead to more problems down the road, which is why it is important that you have burglary prevention measures in place to prevent possible theft in the future.

Access Control

Intruders and/or unauthorised people could easily walk in and around your business, perhaps with the intention to steal goods (or even confidential/sensitive business information) or simply vandalise the premises. This can be devastating for your business, regardless of the type of business that you own.

Limiting who has access to which areas of your property is a great way to minimise the risk of
unauthorised access.

Employee Safety

Businesses will no doubt have a number of employees present throughout their operating hours. From 1 employee to 100, employee safety should be prioritised alongside customer or visitor safety. Employees should feel safe within the premises, but without adequate security measures, you could be putting them in danger.

For example, burglars could break into your property and threaten your employees and customers. Or perhaps your employees simply don’t know what to do in the event that they witness someone shoplifting. Unruly patrons could also be harassing your employees.

Door Screening

Limiting access to your establishment is a step towards preventing crime and boosting your security – this is especially key for businesses with age restrictions (bars, clubs, etc.). Disorderly patrons can be
instantly spotted at the door, but if there is no security there, they can simply continue their turbulent
behaviour inside the premises. Not only can this lead to potential violence, but it can also stain your
business’ reputation.

Addressing These Concerns

The important question is: what can you do to address these security concerns?

We have got the answer for you: All Time Security’s first class security services in Milton Keynes!

As one of the few SIA-approved (in 5 areas) contractors within the country, you can count on us for your business security needs. Our comprehensive security services in Milton Keynes can be tailored to accommodate your specific business requirements and needs, ensuring that you are provided with the best level of security that is needed.

With the aforementioned security concerns in mind, here is how All Time Security and our security services in Milton Keynes can help:

  • Burglary prevention – All Time Security guards and CCTV monitoring can help with deterring burglary and theft by highlighting your business’ security presence; this can prevent thieves or burglars from attempting to steal from your business
  • Access control – our access control systems enable you to gain control over who can and cannot enter which areas of the property, allowing you to manage authorised and unauthorised access
  • Employee safety – our trained security guards, patrols and even concierge or reception security can provide employees with peace of mind in knowing that there are skilled security professionals present to help and protect them should an incident occur
  • Door screening – with our door supervision services, you can place one of our personnel at the entrance of your business with the task of screening anyone who wishes to enter; this can help spot underage or inebriated persons and prevent them from going inside

Why Choose ATS security services in Milton Keynes?

With our exceptional security services in Milton Keynes, you are guaranteed professional security solutions, designed to protect your business at all fronts. In fact, here are several benefits to take into account when you choose to work with us:

  • Skilled and trained security personnel – our staff are intensively trained and hold SIA accreditations; they can adapt to any situation at hand, so you can rely on them for your security needs
  • Customisable security package – pick and choose which security solutions you would like for your business
  • SIA approved in door supervising, key holding, security guarding, close protection, and
    – you can expect our services to be of phenomenal standards
  • Trustworthy and reliable security firm – we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients feel safe, comfortable and protected; our services are always dependable and efficient as we are always reviewing our services to identify areas of improvement
  • Affordable solutions – our prices are competitive and it is unlikely that you will find a better price anywhere else; a free no-obligation quote can be requested by getting in touch
  • High quality equipment – sometimes equipment is needed as part of our bespoke security services, which is why we ensure that we are supplied with the right tools for the job at hand, including radios, high visibility clothing, and more

Implementing Tailored Security Solutions with All Time Security

If you own a business in Milton Keynes, security should be a top priority, not only to protect the wellbeing of your employees and customers, but also to safeguard your property and goods or anything valuable within it. Enhancing your security can lead to a wide range of benefits that could contribute to the success of your business.

So, what are you waiting for?

All Time Security’s comprehensive security services in Milton Keynes are exactly what your business needs for excellent crime prevention. For more information on our offerings, or if you have any further questions about our security solutions in Milton Keynes, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Security service providers have the knowledge, resources and trained staff to provide a suitable and effective security solution.
Choosing the Right Security Company for Your Business: Factors to Consider in Reading

Owning a business in Reading means that you need to be prepared for the security risks that come with it. However, with numerous security companies in Reading to choose from, how can you determine which one is the right one for you and your business?

Why Have a SIA company?

In this blog, we will explore choosing the right security company for you, especially in terms of the factors that you need to consider to help inform your final decision.

Let’s jump right into it!

Experience and Reputation

A key factor that you should take into account is the experience and reputation of the security companies in Reading that you are looking into. For example, it might be worthwhile asking yourself the following questions as you search for the perfect security company:

  • How many years of experience in the security industry do they have?
  • Are they accredited?
  • What is their reputation like?

With the above questions in mind, it is a good idea to research more about the various security companies in Reading in order to shortlist the ones that stand out the most.

All Time Security’s Experience and Reputation

At All Time Security, we have been providing high quality security solutions for businesses across the UK for multiple years, meaning that you can rest assured that we are experienced and are experts at what we do.

As SIA-approved contractors in 5 fields (one of the few security firms in the country to be able to boast about this!), our services are guaranteed to be delivered to the highest standards.

Plus, we even have an ISO 9001 accreditation and are an approved Safe Contractor, which means that your business is always in safe hands when you choose to work with us.

Range of Services Offered

Alongside their experience and expertise, you should also look for the range of services that the company offers. These are the questions to think about:

  • Do they provide the services that my business needs?
  • What is included in their offerings?
  • Can their range of services accommodate my business’ specific requirements?/Can their services be customised?

All Time Security Services

All Time Security offers a wide collection of security services for businesses in Reading. This includes security solutions such as:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Door supervision
  • Security guarding
  • Key holding
  • Alarm response
  • Patrols
  • And more…

Regardless of whether you own a retail shop or a bar, All Time Security offers exceptional security services to help protect and safeguard your business’ patrons, assets, and employees.

We offer a standard comprehensive security package, which is suitable for a vast array of businesses, but you also have the opportunity to pick and choose the security solutions you wish to implement for your business. This means that we offer bespoke security services that cater towards your every need.

Qualifications and Training of Security Personnel

Another crucial factor to consider is the qualifications and training of the security personnel under the security firm. After all, it will be these personnel who will be protecting your business. You need to investigate the answers to questions such as:

  • How are the security personnel trained?
  • What qualifications do the security personnel have?
  • Are the security personnel properly vetted and screened?
  • How professional are the security personnel?

Knowing the answers to the above questions can help you determine whether that security company is right for your business. You have to make sure that the people you are putting your trust in to protect your business are reliable and skilled.

The All Time Security Team

All Time Security’s personnel are highly trained and skilled for the task at hand. With quality in-house training, we make sure that we dispatch only the best personnel for your business needs, ensuring that they deliver professional services that meet the demands of your business.

This means that regardless of whether you require front of house/concierge security to greet guests, or corporate security for your offices, the All Time Security team is well equipped with the knowledge, training, and expertise to get the job done effectively. All of our personnel undergo strict vetting procedures before being accepted into our company, so we source only the most suitable candidates to be part of the All Time Security team.

Client Testimonials

When you purchase a product, it is highly likely that you read the reviews first – and this is applicable to finding the best security company for your business in Reading as well! Reviews are an excellent way to get a feel of how other customers perceive the company, especially once they have experienced the company’s services.

Not only can reviews help you better understand whether the security firm is right for you, but you also get a glimpse into how they can help your business in terms of enhancing security and safety.

All Time Security Reviews

Don’t just trust our word for it, trust our clients! Read our customer reviews on our website to see what our clients have to say about our security services. Just a heads up – you will find that most, if not all, of them are 5 star reviews that recommend and approve our services.

If that is not enough to finalise your decision in choosing All Time Security for your business in Reading, feel free to speak to us should you have any questions regarding our services!

Choose All Time Security for Your Business Security Needs in Reading

As one of the leading security companies in Reading, you can rely on All Time Security and our collection of security services to effectively protect your business, including persons and goods within the premises. With comprehensive security solutions that can be tailored to meet the demands of your business, All Time Security is the security company to turn to in Reading.

Prevent and deter crime and improve the safety and security of goods, valuables, employees, and customers when you choose All Time Security to protect your business in Reading.

For more information on our offerings, or if you have any further questions about our services in Reading, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the All Time Security team today.

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Trends Shaping the Future of Private Security Services in the UK
06 Oct 2023

Private security and event security companies have become increasingly popular in recent years and have arguably cemented themselves as an important feature of modern society. And with advancements in modern technology, the way in which such companies operate has become far more efficient and effective, allowing business owners to protect their premises in ways that they haven’t been able to in the past. But what does the future hold for private security services? And how will advancements in technology affect the way in which business owners secure their property? Let’s take a look in this expert guide.

The Use of Drones

Drones have become an increasingly popular asset in the private security sector. Drones offer an unrivalled level of versatility and are able to access hard to reach areas where a human being might experience difficulty. Drones equipped with cameras can provide aerial surveillance and real-time video feeds, allowing security personnel to monitor large areas from a central location. This can be especially useful for large scale events, construction sites, and other locations where hiring human patrols may be out of budget. Indeed, drones offer an affordable alternative to conventional security measures – and are definitely a worthwhile investment.

When it comes to the future of the UK’s private security services, it is likely that drones will continue to play an increasingly important role within the industry. Ever evolving drone technologies, such as longer battery life, improved cameras, and enhanced navigation systems, promise to make them far more useful in security applications, such as surveillance systems and reconnaissance missions.

Advanced Biometric Systems

Biometric authentication is nothing new, but is vastly becoming an increasingly popular tool in the private security sector, thanks to its ability to provide secure, accurate, reliable and convenient access control. Biometric authentication is effective because it analyses physical or behavioural traits, such as a person’s unique fingerprints, an individual’s face, and patterns in their voice, to verify a person’s identity and grant access to restricted areas or devices, and preventing unwanted visitors from entering the area, reducing the risk of harm coming to property or a business premises. 

As aforementioned, the key benefit of biometric authentication is the fact that it is highly accurate, secure, and reliable. Biometric traits are unique to each individual and are difficult to replicate, making them more secure than other modes of authentication such as passwords or scanning an ID card. Indeed, this also means that biometric authentication is faster and more convenient than having to remember a password and pin or having to carry around a physical ID card.

Although there are concerns from some commentators that biometric authentication can present privacy issues for those involved, it is a highly effective and efficient way to ensure that a business premises is secure, and only the people who should be on site are granted access. Indeed, the rapid advancements in biometric technology, such as improved accuracy and faster processing times will make them highly useful when it comes to access applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Increasingly, artificial intelligence is being used in security surveillance systems. One of the major advantages of AI is that it can analyse large amounts of data in real time and quickly detect any potential threats. AI systems use machine learning algorithms to identify suspicious behaviour or activity, such as unauthorised access, loitering, or unusual movements of individuals that the human eye may not be able to detect. AI systems essentially streamline the way in which a security system operates, reducing the workload for security personnel so that they can focus on other tasks such as running the business. Another added benefit of AI security systems is that they automate the monitoring process, providing for a far more accurate and efficient security system.

Although some critics suggest it has its flaws such as creating false positives for innocent behaviour, the AI technology is evolving at a rapid rate and is only set to improve, meaning businesses will massively benefit from an enhanced and far more accurate security system.

An Increased Reliance on Private Police

Due to massive government cuts in the UK, the number of public police officers has fallen dramatically, which has resulted in private security companies being used as essentially replacements for police patrols. Many small and large businesses are now opting to hire private security companies to protect their premises from break ins and thefts due to their loss of faith in the police service.

Cloud Based Solutions Will Be Everywhere

Much like with AI, the cloud based solutions are not a new trend in the private security industry, but it is arguably expanding extremely rapidly. From small business markets to much larger enterprises we can see the momentum push more and more businesses to leverage cloud-based security solutions and services. And as we continue to witness, the devastating impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on  businesses globally has only accelerated the movement to cloud-based operations for people and businesses around the world.

Cloud based solutions allow businesses to achieve a simplistic way of managing their security, minimising the amount of assets needed, and offer a setup that is both easy to use and navigate – and this is exactly what cloud technology delivers so well. With a cloud based security service, there is no need for a local server or software. Business owners can quickly and easily check the status of their business security in real time, receive security events and alarms quickly, and respond effectively to emergencies using a simple smartphone app.

The Bottom Line

Technology has arguably revolutionised the way in which private security services in the UK operate, and has allowed them to streamline the service they provide, making everything far more reliable, precise, and efficient. It is crucial that private security companies embrace this ever evolving technology if they want to ensure that they offer a service that truly safeguards a business – and that’s exactly what we do here at All Time Security. For more information on how we can assist you and your business, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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5 Essential Security Measures Every Hampshire Business Should Implement
05 Oct 2023

All businesses, no matter their size, need to implement appropriate safety measures and provide a safe working environment for members of staff. The level of security you will need to implement will depend on the size of your business, any specific risks you face and of course your specific budget. Here at All Time Security, we pride ourselves on being one of the country’s leading security firms, and provide the best security solutions for businesses of every size. In this handy guide, we will explain 5 of the most crucial security measures your business should adopt so that you can create a safe working environment.

1. Carry Out a Thorough Risk Assessment

It is important that, as soon as possible, you are able to assess which areas within your business premises could be vulnerable to crime, accident or other events out of your control such as a weather event. If you operate from a property on a busy high street, it may be a good idea to install shutters to prevent criminals from breaking in. Similarly, if your business is located in a remote area, it is essential that you install high quality CCTV. In other words, it is important that you are able to do your research to identify the places that could be vulnerable and come up with a solution quickly. It may be a simple fix that a window or door just requires an extra lock, but even this could make the world of difference.

2. Make Sure Your Staff are Adequately Trained in Safety

All of your staff members should be given adequate training on safety procedures in case of an emergency, such as a fire in the workplace. It is crucial that your safety drills are practised regularly and your premises should have at least one fire extinguisher that is readily available and tested to ensure it is in working condition. Emergency fire exit doors should be clearly visible at all times and must not be obstructed. You also need to consider the arrangements and requirements for any employees who have a disability or present an additional risk (such as a pregnant colleague) in the event of an evacuation.

A two-way radio device can be of use in coordinating and communicating in such an event. It is also important to have a list of emergency numbers for the police, ambulance services and the fire brigade to hand and a safety manual or a safety notice pinned up to advise staff of what to do should the worst come to worst. Simply put, it is vital that all of your employees know what to do so that the risk of harm is minimised.

3. Make Sure High Value Items are Properly Secured

If you keep your products, money or high-value goods such as computers, televisions, and other expensive workplace equipment, it is essential that you are able to properly secure them. In a small business, having high-value items stolen can be disastrous and cause the business to collapse. If money is kept onsite, purchase a heavy duty and high quality safe and make sure you bolt it securely to the wall or floor. If high volumes of stock or expensive tools or equipment are left overnight, make sure they are stored out of sight and towards the back of your premises or in an area that is not easily accessible, ideally in a room with few or no windows, and secured shut with one or more heavy duty locks.

4. Hire Physically Present Security Officers

A security guard’s physical presence demonstrates to members of the public that your business is secure and is being watched at all times. In other words, having such officers present is a fantastic way to deter crime. Physically present security guards observe and report any suspicious activity while responding quickly and calmly to any incidents that may have a negative impact on your business. But, indeed, physical security stretches beyond just security guards. The type of security guard you need can differ, depending on the requirements of your business.. You might need one or a combination of the following solutions:

  • Security officers/guards
  • Access and egress officers
  • Mobile patrols
  • Internal and external patrols
  • Door supervisors
  • Stewarding and compliance teams
  • Keyholding services

And here at All Time Security, we can offer you just that. Affordable, sturdy security that minimises risk and any potential threat to your business.

5. Install Security Lighting and a CCTV Control Room

Alongside the array of security guards we are able to provide, a CCTV control room is another physical security measure you can take to ensure your business is protected at all times, and is another way to deter thieves and other criminals. Highly trained guards monitor the feeds for extra security in real-time, ensuring that your business premises are kept safe and monitored at all times. Similarly, security lighting is an affordable and effective way to safeguard your business. Motion-sensitive lighting will ensure that any dark corners that could provide cover for criminals are illuminated so they cannot be undetected. When combined with CCTV, security lighting is a highly effective way to ensure your business is safe.

With a CCTV control room that’s manned 24/7, 365 days a year, alongside multiple guards on duty at all times as well as secure lighting, you can ensure your business is protected. And when you choose All Time Security, you’ll benefit from expert guidance on design and solution considerations based on the specific requirements of your business.

Get in Touch With Us Today

When it comes to securing your business premises, you should not take any chances. Here at All Time Security, we are an SIA Approved contractor for Security Guarding, Door Supervision, Key holding, Close Protection and CCTV Public Surveillance, and guarantee to keep your business safe – and at highly affordable price points, without compromising on the quality of the service we provide. We pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading security firms, and with years of industry experience, we are passionate about what we do. For more information on the quality services we provide, get in touch with us today.

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Ensuring Protection in Oxfordshire: Expert Security Companies You Can Trust
30 Aug 2023

When you run a business, or host a commercial space for others, protecting that space from the repercussions of crime, damage and theft becomes paramount. Not only are you protecting your valuables and, as a result, your profit, you’re protecting the years of hard work and entrepreneurship that built your Oxfordshire business. Knowing about the expert security companies in Oxfordshire that you can trust, then, is extremely important. At All Time Security, as an accredited, SIA approved contractor for a range of complete security services, we know everything there is to know about ensuring protection in Oxfordshire, and now we share this information with you..

The truth: why you need to hire a security company

More often than not, properties and businesses in Oxfordshire leave the security of their premises to themselves. And, some of the time, this works. Locking up on a night-time, pulling the metal shutters down, and turning the lights off may be suitable security measures for certain industries – but not all. 

Even if you are content with your current safety measures against theft, crime and damage, there are many valid reasons why you need to hire a security company as a business. Most of all, the major reason hiring a security company is wise is for employee and customer protection.

During the day, when the doors to your premises are open, anything could happen. The safety and wellbeing of your employees should be unquestionable, and an essential priority for business owners. Manned security guards, or even something as simple as CCTV monitoring, can create a more comfortable, relaxed, safe and enjoyable environment for employees hard at work. Furthermore, customers will feel more secure in giving their business to companies and corporations that consider their safety. This boosts customer loyalty, appreciation and trust!

Other valid reasons, that we at All Time Security fully attest to, include:

  • Crime Deterrence
  • Protection of Tangible and Intangible Assets
  • Satisfying Legal and Insurance Requirements
  • Emergency Response
  • Crowd Control
  • Real-Time Surveillance and Access Control

Whatever reason you decide on for seeking out top-quality security companies in Oxfordshire, assuredly, this decision will benefit you in the short-term, and for the years of commercial success to come.

The expert security companies in Oxfordshire, examined

Ultimately, this blog is for you – the reader, business owner, or concerned commercial landlord – to discover reliable and professional security services in Oxfordshire. Aside from ourselves at All Time Security, there are several reputable security companies in Oxfordshire that are worth examining objectively. For the purposes of this blog, we will look at three in particular, including we at All Time Security:

  1. NES Security Services

NES Security Services are an expert security company that have a headquarters in Oxfordshire, operating across Oxfordshire and wider Central England. NES Security Services are well-known for their reliable manned security presence in multiple industries, like retail and corporate office spaces. Some of the notable, complete security services to be found via this Oxfordshire-based company include: mobile security, queue management, event stewarding, vehicle searching, licensed CCTV, event security and key holding. This is quite a diverse retinue of security services, which business owners must bear in mind, depending on the degree and amount of security they’d prefer. 

  1. Churchill Support Services

Much like All Time Security, Churchill Support Services are also a nationwide security company, providing expert security services to properties in Oxfordshire. With a high customer satisfaction rate, responsive customer service, and over 25 years of experience, properties in Oxfordshire looking for expert security companies with a reliable pedigree will certainly be drawn to the Churchill Support Services. To be more specific, commercial spaces in Oxfordshire can expect trained security guards, mobile patrols, an alarm response service, CCTV installation and monitoring, and event security. 

  1. All Time Security

We at All Time Security are renowned throughout the UK for our 24/7 security services – for good reason! We operate across Oxfordshire, providing security for a variety of different industries, at accessible prices that even smaller companies can afford. Though we provide affordable security packages, customers can always expect a premium service. The services we provide are bespoke, including: concierge security services, manned guarding, locking and unlocking premises, alarm response, patrols, remote monitoring, public surveillance and more. Akin to the other companies examined here, we provide tailored security solutions to your exact request.

Qualities to look for in security companies in Oxfordshire

Not all security companies in Oxfordshire are created equal. Some may specialise more in CCTV monitoring, and others in door supervision, each to a different standard of intensity and quality. Fortunately, when choosing the right security company for your Oxfordshire business, there are distinctive qualities you should be looking out for.

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Licencing and Certification
  • Qualified Security Personnel
  • Responsiveness and Customer Support
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Adaptable Security Solutions

At All Time Security, we cannot understate the importance of hiring a company that has a strong reputation, with a history of good service, a roster of experienced personnel ready to attend to your requirements, and a comprehensive approach to security – this is what ensures the safety and protection of all individuals across Oxfordshire. If you’re in need of concierge security services, CCTV monitoring, door supervision and much more throughout Oxfordshire, the professionals at All Time Security have you covered. Often, the expert security company you’ve searched for has been in front of you all long! We provide one of the UK’s most leading, reliable, 24/7 security services, at an affordable price. Contact us, today.

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Choosing Trustworthy Security Services in Buckinghamshire: A Comprehensive Guide
28 Aug 2023

Regardless of the type of business you run or the size of your home, you will require some sort of security service to protect your assets as well as your employees and customers, or even your family. 

With this in mind, it is critical that you only invest your time and money into a security service that you can fully trust. If you are searching for security services in Buckinghamshire or surrounding areas, then All Time Security would be an extremely dependable choice.

 This article explores why All Time Security can be trusted to protect your assets due to being one of the most reliable security services in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

What credentials can ATS offer?

First things first, All Time Security is an SIA-approved security agency that complies with the British Standard for security guarding. Our mission is to provide customer-focused security services in Buckinghamshire that protect the integrity of the sites we are securing while enhancing the professional image of our customers. 

In addition, we are also accredited to ISO 9001 for the provision of security, which means that we are audited every year by the British Standards Institution.
Here at ATS, we have a wide range of security services in Buckinghamshire, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  From key holding to security response to CCTV monitoring and manned security guards.

What industry certifications can ATS provide?

Along with this, All Time Security is one of the few security firms that holds SIA Approved certification in Door Supervision, Key Holding, Security Guard, Close Protection and CCTV. Therefore, by choosing All Time Security for your security services in Buckinghamshire, you know you are hiring the best security service in the industry. We are one of the very few companies in the country that is approved in 5 sectors and is the only one in this area.

What’s more, is that All Time Security is also in compliance with COP 119 certification, which is a code of practice developed for security agents which aims to improve the effectiveness of security guarding service provisions. This allows us to provide labour to security companies to demonstrate best practices by holding independent certification in the scope of the provision of labour in the security and events sector having been audited against the requirements of COP 119.

Furthermore, All Time Security is an improved Edexcel training centre for various qualifications areas such as the Security industry, Healthy and Safety and Personal License. Our SIA security guards are highly trained and experienced security professionals who will provide on-site security and behave in a courteous, intelligent, and professional manner towards your staff and customers.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We’re only happy when our customers are completely satisfied with our service. Our customer testimonials showcase the efforts and success of ATS. 

I’ve been working with All Time Security for a few years now and I can’t fault them. Waseem and the team really do feel like family and I believe they genuinely care about keeping the building and our staff safe. I would highly recommend them to any business looking for a more personal security set-up”  – Debbie (Mint Velvet)

Superb service from a local company. During times of heightened security needs Waseem and the team have always been proactive to our needs supplying licensed and accredited high-quality staff sometimes within the hour to cover sensitive and difficult situations both in the Education and Healthcare sectors. Could not recommend the service and the company enough”First Class

All Time Security has been absolutely amazing. We cannot thank your team enough for all that they have done. The customer care from Waseem and his security team has been next to none. We had an attempted break in and if it wasn’t for their vigilance and quick action the outcome could have been very different. Their communication with us has been wonderful and we will certainly be using them again. Thank you to one and all.”  – Buzz Bounce
“I strongly recommend All Time Security for any security services you might need or want. We used their services for our party and they delivered such professional and pleasant assistance. The security guards were well-mannered, respectful and friendly and did all that was expected from them. We will definitely be using ATS in the future for any necessary service and help needed.” – Laura Zegura

We offer a reputable track record you can rely upon

Our reputation within the security services industry is indestructible.We provide a range of services and expertly trained security employees, each of who are certified SIA approved. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our clients, and we aim to do that by providing you with top-quality security personnel and services. 

With the ATS risk assessment, you can rely on over 15 years’ worth of industry knowledge and experience, with only the highest-trained security guards provided to your organisation. 
Time and time again we receive positive feedback from our clients about our security services in Buckinghamshire. So, what are you waiting for?

Why choose All Time Security?

ATS are an extremely trustworthy security service that you can rely upon. Our mission is to provide a robust, superior and consistent quality service that guarantees our clients peace of mind. We understand that the needs of a business or homeowner can change and that’s exactly why we have systems in place to cater for that change. 

Our team can be relied upon to conduct thorough research and due diligence to ensure that we can be trusted to protect homes, businesses, or other assets effectively. We are committed to providing an environment that is safe, secure and built with trust and loyalty. We pride ourselves in delivering a service that is dependable, reliable and efficient. 

Buckinghamshire is one of the many locations covered by our contractors. If you are in need of security services in Buckinghamshire, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. Call us on 01494511222 or drop us an email at

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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Security Companies for Residential Protection
23 Aug 2023

The first Coronavirus lockdown back in March 2020 included a work-from-home mandate and the enforced closure of hospitality and leisure venues; this meant that many premises and places of work were left empty, abandoned and potentially vulnerable to thieves, intruders, and other criminals. In addition, many elderly residents were left at home, making them vulnerable to theft, fraud, and other crimes. This is why residential protection has become more crucial than ever, and it is why you should consider hiring a professional security company such as All Time Security Limited to ensure the safety of your premises. 

Professional Security – A Fantastic Way to Prevent Crime

When you hire professional security, you automatically put in place a heightened level of residential protection. Security officers offer a physical visual deterrent from crime. The presence of even one officer will dramatically reduce the rates of crime and prevent the likelihood of a potential criminal inflicting harm or stealing from the premises. When private security officers catch someone causing trouble on your property, they can intercept and stop the perpetrator immediately, as opposed to having to wait for the police to arrive, which can often take a while – and by that time the assailant may have escaped and evaded justice.

In addition to the prevention of crime, residential protection by employing private security offers an extra pair of eyes and ears at all times, ensuring that the premises are always safe. The presence of private security officers is purposeful and distinct in providing immediate action in a multitude of possible scenarios, from de-escalating a situation to deterring hostility completely. Security cultivates situational awareness and maintains balance, allowing everyone to exist in a safe environment.

Without security, individuals often become complacent and miss unusual and potentially criminal behaviour of civilians, employees and others around them. Awareness is an ongoing activity, and people want to do the right thing, and therefore security guides a positive and proactive culture.

Reduce Your Stress Levels with All Time Security

Professional security officers from All Time Security are able to handle difficult and taxing situations you would feel less comfortable in dealing with. Knowing that you or your business is protected provides peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about potential threats, and can go about your day in peace.

There is nothing more important than the safety of you and others, whether it’s in a residential or commercial setting. Security is undoubtedly at the core of community safety. If you need security, there is no time to waste. We bring our best to every assignment – All Time Security Limited is the solution to any of your concerns, and we guarantee to keep you safe.

Professional Security, 24 Hours a Day

24-hour private security is a simple and effective way of protecting vacant properties and residential areas, providing additional reassurance to employees or vulnerable individuals who may be on-site in smaller groups than usual, and thus more open to threat.

But more than protecting staff and members of the public, a security presence is also an effective way of guaranteeing your assets won’t get lost. In instances where items of value or stock are left for anyone to see, a visible security presence is an effective deterrent for potential thieves. In an increasingly hybrid world, where many people can fluctuate between home and on-site working according to what suits them, a consistent on-site presence will certainly pay dividends in the long run.

While it’s unlikely that we will ever see another COVID lockdown, the introduction of hybrid working could mean that many businesses will continue to need support from professional security firms, and that’s why at All Time Security, we offer a wide and extensive range of private, 24-hour security services, including:

  • Security Guarding
  • Door Supervision
  • Event Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Concierge Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Key Holding
  • And more

When you choose us, you are guaranteed to find yourself in a safe environment, with a minimised risk of injury or harm coming to your premises.

A Sense of Public Order with Private Security

Security plays an important role in controlling violations, mitigating potential threats and harm, maintaining discipline in the workplace, and ensuring rules and regulations are being properly adhered to. 

Here at All Time Security, our highly trained and professional security officers can take disciplinary action against violators and individuals causing public nuisance or disturbance. In large crowds, our security officers are adept at maintaining order and preventing the risk of mob fights, riots, or drunk and disorderly conduct, and other factors that affect the public or private peace.

Residential protection offered by All Time Security can help organise and control situations such as large events, crowds, employee terminations, or to promote a general sense of order and safety in corporate buildings and the workplace. It goes without saying that the public feels more secure with our presence and is responsive to our guidance – just take a look at some of our previous testimonials. The customers speak for themselves.

Why Choose All Time Security?

Here at All Time Security, our mission is to provide a robust, superior and consistent quality service that guarantees our clients peace of mind. Our team is flexible and adapts to change easily – and we are publicly insured.

We understand that the needs of a business can change and that’s exactly why we have systems in place to cater for that change. Our guards are monitored and supported by a 24/7 operable control room, so not only are we aware of where they are, additional support for them and our clients is at hand.

If circumstances change and additional support is required at short notice, our control room will have the means to deploy a team of professional security personnel as soon as possible, without compromising on quality. Our state of the art control room can be contacted by venue managers and also offers additional equipment if required.
The benefits of having trained security officers available to handle potentially tricky or dangerous situations and residential protection will provide invaluable peace of mind to both staff and any visitors to your premises – and that’s exactly what we do here at All Time Security.

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Understanding the Role of Security Companies in Business Protection
22 Aug 2023

Security companies like All Time Security play an important role when it comes to business protection. However, not everybody truly understands the role of security companies. In this blog, we will explore this in more detail, covering what security companies are and how they protect businesses.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What is a Security Company?

A security company is an organisation that specialises in security services. The range of security services can differ between security companies, but you will find that they often share a common goal: protecting businesses, including the property, assets, and any persons inside. 

At All Time Security, we offer excellent levels of security for a variety of businesses and commercial properties. Security companies can provide armed or unarmed security services for businesses in both the public and private sectors. 

Security Risks for Commercial Businesses

You might be wondering, “What can security companies protect me from?” – well, if you own a business, you should be aware of the multiple risks that you could encounter. Several examples of security risks that businesses could face include:

  • Burglary and theft 
  • Intruders or unwelcome visitors
  • Unauthorised access
  • Violence and/or unruly behaviour (from both patrons and employees)
  • Vandalism

With the above in mind, security companies can work with businesses to ensure that risks like those above are minimised and prevented. 

Why Should Businesses Reduce These Risks?

There are a number of reasons why businesses can benefit from hiring a security company to reduce such security risks. It’s worth noting that the reasons can change depending on the type of business in mind. 

For example, a retail shop might have different security risks and reasons for hiring a security company compared to a hotel or corporate office. Nonetheless, the fact remains that they all want something in common: to increase security and safety. 

So, here are the top benefits that businesses can reap should they invest in security solutions from a first-class security company: 

  1. It improves employee and customer (or client) satisfaction and experience

Employees and customers/clients will feel safer and more comfortable when they can spot a reliable security guard at the door or see a sign that indicates CCTV is in action on the premises. Especially for employees, this can help them feel more secure should an incident (i.e a thief attempts to steal something from the store or an intruder breaks into the property). 

For customers, security detail can deter crime, enabling customers to return and continue custom without fear of a burglar or someone else causing a scene. 

  1. It prevents the loss or damage of goods

Particularly for businesses that sell items, such as a clothing store or a jewellery shop, security companies can ensure that assets (including all items for sale) are safeguarded against theft and vandalism. Stolen or damaged goods can be burdensome on a business, more so if the goods are highly valuable. 

By investing in security solutions, businesses can deter and prevent such crimes from happening, allowing sales to flourish and their business to thrive. 

  1. Gives peace of mind

Security companies can provide a vast array of services, from 24/7 CCTV monitoring to manned security guards, so you can rest assured that your business and assets are properly guarded and protected at all times. For business owners, this provides the ultimate peace of mind in knowing that your business is safe both when you are and when you are not on the property.

How Can a Security Company Safeguard Businesses from Threats?

Security companies safeguard businesses from such threats through a selection of business security solutions. Different security companies might offer different solutions, so not all security companies are the same.

Here is a list (by no means exhaustive) of some common security services that you may find security companies offering:

  • Risk assessment – this solution identifies and assesses your business for any security vulnerabilities, allowing you to make recommendations on how to improve business security 
  • Access control – monitor and manage who has access to which areas of your building with an access control system; from keyfobs to biometrics, you have complete control over authorised persons, with the ability to instantly add and remove permissions 
  • Alarm systems – be notified of any suspicious activity instantly when an alarm is triggered on the premises, regardless of whether it’s a false alarm or an actual threat, emergency responders can be at your beck and call
  • Video surveillance – CCTV cameras are a great way to monitor your property, no matter if persons are on the premises or not; they can deter crime and offer evidence should something occur
  • Security personnel – trained, skilled, and licensed security personnel can be placed on the premises to maintain the security and safety of assets and persons; they can guard entrances and exits, as well as simply keep an out for suspicious activity

All Time Security’s Comprehensive Security Solutions

At All Time Security, we provide a comprehensive security package that can be tailored to your business’ specific needs and requirements. This means that we can provide you with a collection of premium security services, including:

  • Manned security guards
  • Security patrolling
  • Alarm response and keyholding
  • Electrical security systems
  • Remote alarm monitoring
  • Remote CCTV monitoring
  • Close protection security
  • And more…

With our security package, you can simply pick and choose which solutions you would like to take advantage of, allowing you to create the perfect security solution that is customised according to what you want and need. 

As one of the few SIA approved security contractors, All Time Security delivers exceptional security services with professional and trained staff who put your best interests at the heart of our work. 

Enhance Your Business’ Security with All Time Security

Hiring a security specialist like All Time Security can ensure the safety and protection of your business, including assets, employees, and customers. All Time Security understands the importance of business protection, preventing and minimising crime and executing top-notch security solutions – SIA approved and ISO 9001 accredited. Safeguard your business with All Time Security. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our business protection services, or if you have any questions about our offerings.

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