Effective Door supervision
26 Sep 2019

It’s not news that venues, especially when there will be large crowds, instruct a professional security services provider to provide a door supervision service. But there are a few ways to ensure that you get the best from your door supervision services.


One of the great things about using a professional security services provider is that the door supervisors that they will send will be SIA qualified guards who have experience in providing security at events.

This means that they will be used to protecting visitors and staff as well as keeping the venue safe and secure.

The dress code

Professionally trained door supervisors always attend the venue in the right attire. They will ensure that what they are wearing suits you venue and your venues ethos. They will be dressed to impress.


Door supervisors, as well as possessing the right skills to carry out their job properly, come equipped with all the necessary tools to do their role effectively.

This includes any protective clothing and footwear, high visibility and water-resistant clothing. Various radio and communication equipment, safety helmets, if required.

Communication devices are incredibly important in emergency and high-risk situations.

The great thing about the deployment of professional security guards from an approved security service provider is that they have direct links to control rooms and the Police. This means that they have easy and quick access to additional support when needed. Additional security personnel or emergency services.

Crowd control

Crowd control is a broad term but in the instance of securing and keeping premises safe, it can be specified as controlling how many people are permitted to enter a premises, ensure people are not entering restricted areas and people are kept safe.

When a venue has reached maximum capacity, guards will be using counting devices to ensure that people are let in on a 1 in and 1 out basis. This will give people the opportunity to enter without exceeding the specified limit of people allowed in at one time.  

Fire safety

Door supervisors are also trained to keep fire exits clear and accessible. They will also be aware of the locations of all the venue’s fire exits along with the venue’s fire safety protocols and evacuation procedures. They are skilled in coordinating staff to the nearest fire exits and directing people safely to the venue’s fire assembly points.

First Aid

Another great thing about professional door supervisors is that they first aid trained. This is incredibly helpful and can even be life-saving in the event of injuries and accidents.   


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The Unique Characteristics of Retail Security
09 Oct 2018













Security has now become an important part of everyday life, and impacts everything we do. This is especially the case in the retail industry. It’s no secret that retail, due to its customer facing nature is at considerable risk of taking losses through theft. It was reported that in 2015, the annual bill for UK retail crime soared to £613m (The Guardian), but the impact retail theft leaves is more than just financial – the repercussions of retail theft on employees can also be incredibly damaging. However, by hiring professional security services you are reducing the risk of theft, keeping your employees safe and minimising  the potential damage.


Professionally trained retail security guards are skilled in deterring and apprehending shoplifters, which has a huge positive impact on the outlet.

Theft in Retail

Theft in retail is one of the most common types of theft. Many companies know there is a theft problem in their retail store, but often struggle to identify where the theft is occurring, making it a challenge to prevent it. Most thieves are people who enter the store posing as potential customers. Some are opportunist thieves, who when an opportunity arises commit the crime, while others are professional shoplifters. These types of thefts can cause considerable losses to a company.

How to Combat Theft in Retail

Retail security guards will man the doors, identify potential thieves and keep an eye on them. Through surveying people’s body language and watching behavioural patterns, they’re able to spot adverse behaviours commonly associated with shoplifting. Security guards are trained in shop floor patrols, CCTV control room operating and remote monitoring.

Conflict management

Retail security guards are trained to deal with all types of situations. They possess conflict management skills which allows store managers and owners to feel rest assured by their backup. Security guards are able to handle incidents appropriately and in accordance with security regulations and the law.

Internal theft

The good thing about having professional retail security guards is that they are trained in identifying all types of thieves – including staff. Many retail companies suffer losses through theft of products and money by staff working in their store. Retail security guards keep a close eye on everyone and are trained to carry out random checks and staff searches. Never underestimate the power of a staff search – they are a great deterrence for potential thieves and usually save stores thousands of pounds every year.

Incidents and incident reporting

Security service providers ensure that all retail security guards are trained to handle all types of incidents. They are also coached to follow the correct incident reporting procedures set by the outlet. Security guards always remain polite and professional. Their main priority is to de-escalate situations and keep people and the premises safe and secure.

Safety of customers and staff

Retail security guards are not just there to protect products from thieves, they are also there to protect people as well. Customers and employees will feel much more comfortable at a store that has professional retail security guards. Knowing a professional is close by and ready to help at any moment gives employees peace of mind.

Customer service

The retail industry is heavily focused on providing great customer service. That’s why having a retail security guard who is dressed smartly, greets customers and is helpful adds to a great overall customer experience.  

All Time Security is a leading UK supplier of retail security services. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke security services.


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Security Cameras
Where are CCTV cameras commonly used?
24 Sep 2018
















Having CCTV cameras installed in businesses and homes is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due it being a great and affordable way of securing your premises and home.

CCTV Cameras and Equipment

Security companies that install CCTV cameras ensure that they are using reliable cameras, cables and recording devices that are of excellent quality. They make sure that any external cameras are weatherproof and robust. They are installed tightly and with heavy duty equipment to the exterior of buildings to ensure that can not be easily taken off or damaged.

CCTV cameras can have night vision, so they can see and record clearly even at night. This is incredibly important as criminals usually operate at night to avoid easy detection. But good cameras will catch all the action and store the evidence on a secure, high-quality recorder.

Installing CCTV Cameras

It is a good idea to get CCTV cameras installed by a professional security services provider as they have the right knowledge on what equipment is suitable for your specific requirements and will also provide you with the best advice as to where they should be placed.

Although cameras are a fantastic visual deterrent and can successfully reduce the risk of crimes occurring, they function as so much more. They are installed to provide you with better visibility. A CCTV camera installer will carry out a thorough survey of your premises and actively identify the best places to install them. These engineers are qualified in CCTV camera installation and have years of valuable experience in the field.

They will take the and size and type of building into consideration before devising a clear plan of where things will go. This will help ascertain what type of cameras will be required and how many. The good thing about having qualified and experienced engineers is that they will have a good understanding of electrics, wiring and will have the skills to properly and safely use
installation equipment. This means that you can rest assured that your CCTV equipment will be installed correctly
and safely.

Remote alarm and CCTV monitoring

Security service providers are always looking for ways to provide better, more efficient and cost-effective security solutions. One innovative method is offering a remote alarm and CCTV monitoring solution. This is where CCTV, and alarms if required, are installed in your premises and then smartly linked to a remote monitoring station.

The remote monitoring control room is a secure facility with restricted access. The room is manned by professionally trained and qualified CCTV operators who monitor your premises 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. This is a brilliant and affordable alternative to having 24 hour manned security guards.

All Time Security is a leading UK supplier of security services. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke services

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advantages security guard
What are the main duties of being a security guard?
14 Sep 2018














Regardless of the type of industry you are in, security guards are usually required to possess the same skills and often perform the same sort of duties. But what are the main duties of being a security guard? The the latest blog from ATS, we look into the specifics.

The role of a security guard

The role of a security guard is to firstly be a visual security presence and often acts as a visual deterrent. When criminals see a security guard they know immediately that it will not be easy to commit a crime. A security officer is dressed in security uniform, clearly showing who he is.

The role of a security officer is not only to provide security but is also to provide a good customer experience. It is the role of the security guard to ensure that people feel safe and secure – this includes staff and guests.

Security guard duties

Although industries vary and so do requirements, there are some fundamental duties that are expected from security guards. This includes security patrols where the security guard is required to carry out frequent patrols in and around the premises. The key objective of this is to look out for vulnerabilities, theft, signs of vandalism, forced entry along with looking for water leaks, fire hazards and health and safety hazards.

Other duties include access control – this is a sure way of ensuring that only authorised people are permitted into the premises. This makes staff and guests feel safe and comfortable which in turn increases productivity.

Security officer skills

Security officers are skilled in conflict management and effective communication – both of which are key in providing professional security services.

They should also be alert, confident and familiar with how to secure a premises.

Along with possessing skills in handling security situations and being first aid trained, they should also be polite, courteous and helpful. Especially as a security officer is the first person you see when visiting a premises and last person you see when you leave. And first impressions count.

Security guards in the UK conform to the UK standards and must have a SIA licence to operate in the security industry. This is the case with any professional security service provider.

This means that the security guards will have had training in various elements of professional security. This gives them a broad understanding of what is expected of them in accordance to UK regulations.

Customer service

Security guards are trained to be polite, helpful and offer customers and staff great customer service. Guards are not only present for safety and security but to provide a good overall customer experience.

This is why companies such as All Time Security have their own SIA accredited training centre where they offer their guards additional training in customer service.

Contact All Time Security today for a comprehensive evaluation of your security needs and an on the spot quotation.

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complete security solution
What is a Complete Security Solution?
04 Sep 2018


The purpose of security services provider is to create a complete security solution suited to your needs. Companies like All Time Security offer businesses complete security solutions tailored to suit your requirements.

Types of security solutions

There are various security services available, so it is important that companies know what is best for them and their specific requirements.

Security services range from security consultations all the way to providing professional security guards.

Here are some of the security services provided:

Security consultations

This is an opportunity for businesses to have a fully trained safety officer analyse your business and devise a suitable solution for implementing security services.

The safety officer is also trained in conducting a detailed risk assessment which is also useful for you to be aware of any vulnerabilities that you may have.

Security guards 

Many security packages include having professional security guards who are deployed to site to ensure the safety of your premises, staff and visitors. All security guards are SIA trained professionals which means that they will have a good understanding of how to deal with people and difficult situations.

Having security guards is a good way of reducing risks and taking losses. You can get security guards that are static, mobile and trained in operating CCTV systems.

Alarm Response and Keyholding

Another great security package is to have an alarm response and keyholding service. This means that if an alarm is activated, a professional response unit will visit the site immediately to investigate.

Keys are held in a secure key holding unit and have controlled access.

Event Security

If you are an event organiser, you will probably already know that having reliable and competent security in place is vital in running a successful event. Event security guards are trained to manage large crowds and maintain access control.

High Profile Security

Security services also offer high profile security for high profile events with high profile guests. This is an important service as these types of events have higher risks and need a specialised security package to ensure safety and security at the event. 

Construction Security

Construction is a big business and construction sites usually have expensive equipment left on-site overnight. This is a good opportunity for thieves to try to steal high value tools, equipment and materials. That is why building and construction site security is a must.

Construction sites can get a bespoke security package to ensure that their equipment and materials are kept safe and secure.   

Companies such as All Time Security can offer your business a complete security solution, bespoke to your exact needs and requirements. Contact us today for more information.

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What Are the Advantages of Corporate Security?
28 Aug 2018










Corporations are usually busy places that are driven and focused on meeting their business objectives. Most businesses know that a sensible way to ensure smooth running of the business is to instruct a reputable corporate security services provider to take care of the building security. The are advantages of corporate security, and below we identify exactly what those are.

Corporate Security

Corporate security is a way of protecting the premises, assets, staff and visitors. Having this level of security gives your staff and visitors the peace of mind that they are safe and that you take their safety seriously.

Security services providers deploy professionally trained security guards who are trained in fire safety, health and safety and first aid.

Manned Security guards

Manned security guards are trained to cover a number of duties including:

  • Reception security
  • Security patrolling
  • Access control

Reception security guards are able to assist with reception duties including signing people in and out of the building. There aim is to provide a safe environment for everyone in the building.

Security guards are also able to act as fire marshals and in the event of fire evacuation. Guards are skilled in controlling crowds and directing people to the designated fire assembly points.

Frequent security patrols are conducted by guards to not only look out for signs of vandalism, and burglary but to ensure that there are no leaks, fires and health and safety hazards.

Security services can not only save you from suffering losses through theft and criminal damage but can also significantly reduce insurance costs.

Alarm Response and Keyholding

Security services providers can also offer you an alarm response and keyholding service which means that if a fire alarm or intruder alarm is triggered then a professionally trained security unit will respond and investigate. The is especially useful when the building is empty.

If an alarm is activated the mobile response unit will investigate the reason for the activation and then take appropriate action to help prevent you from suffering any loses.

Having a security service provider hold the keys for your premises means that you will always have a spare set of keys held in a secure location and be accessed with just one call. This is useful in the late-night alarm responses and in the case that you or your staff forget or misplace your keys.

Complete Security Solution

Corporate security services offer a complete security solution for your business. This includes:

  • Alarm and CCTV installation
  • Alarm and CCTV remote monitoring
  • Corporate security guards
  • Manned reception security guards
  • Security patrols
  • Alarm Response and Keyholding

If you want to take advantage of these services and protect your business with an SIA approved security provider then contact All Time Security now.

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How Security Services Can Lower Your Insurance Costs
21 Aug 2018












Insurance companies charge a lot of money to cover your premises and hiring a professional security service provider is a great way of, not only securing your premises, but to help reduce insurance costs.

When insurance companies discover that you are taking securing your premises and protecting it from theft, criminal/accidental damage and fire, they will make amendments to reduce your costs.

They will know that by having security services in place you have significantly reduced the risks they are usually securing you against.

Advantages of Security Services for Insurance

There are many advantages of having security services in your premises. Here are just a few:

  • Your building is more secure
  • Insurance costs could go down
  • Less risk of criminal damage
  • Less risk of burglary
  • Less risk of vandalism

Along with this, the security services are also used to prevent industrial sabotage and accidental damage from leaks and fire.

There are many different types of security services you can get for your business and reputable security companies usually have a variety of security solutions to meet your needs.

Security guards

Good old-fashioned security guards are a simple yet effective way of securing your premises. Security guards and SIA qualified professionals who are skilled in being vigilant and competent.

Security guards are a great visual deterrent and are one of the best ways of having access control in the building. Having professional security guards also gives your staff the peace of mind that you are taking their personal security seriously.  Our guards are trained in fire safety, health & safety, first aid, having also had training in conflict management and customer service.

Security guards carry out regular security patrols and are trained to be vigilant. They look out for fire hazards, health and safety and signs of vandalism and leaks. Good security guards can save you thousands of pounds in damages and insurance costs.

CCTV Remote Monitoring & Alarm Remote Monitoring

Many businesses these days have discovered the benefit of having a security services provider providing remote CCTV monitoring and alarm remote monitoring for their business.

Having your business monitored remotely could significantly reduce your insurance costs as the insurance company will know that you have put security measures in place to prevent losses.

Remote monitoring means that you can get a CCTV and alarm security professional monitoring your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is especially useful when premises are empty. This is an option that offers great security and protection and at the fraction of having manned security guards.  We highly recommend CCTV for businesses, especially those with a high amount of valuable assets.

Alarm response and Key Holding

Security services providers offer a complete security solution, catered for your specific business needs.

Another great option they offer is alarm response and key holding. This means that if an alarm is to be activated, whether it be an intruder alarm or fire alarm, professional security response guards will respond by getting to your premises fast.

This is a sure way of keeping your business protected and secure. The security services provider also keeps hold of your keys. The keys are kept in a secure lockup and can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

This is also incredibly useful if you misplace your keys and are unable to get access in to your premises. You can call the security provider and they can assist.

A security services provider will ensure that they offer you a bespoke and complete security solution catered for you.

All Time Security is a leading provider of UK security services. With bases in High Wycombe and London, we have a nationwide presence, with clientele consisting of your everyday home owners, to multi-national corporations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get started with security protection.

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Security Service Providers
13 Aug 2018












Not all security service providers are the same. A lot of security providers offer a standard service and charge you a great deal of money because they know you need security. These companies don’t always possess the capabilities of providing sufficient security services for your particular business.

This can become problematic for you especially if you are an events organiser and require event security. Events need a security service provider that has a good team and experience in the field. A good company will be an SIA accredited/approved contractor which means they will have been audited and meet the industry standards. They will visit the site that the intended event is to occur and conduct a thorough risk assessment. This will give them a clear understanding of the site’s entrances, exits, capacity and vulnerabilities.

This not only helps with maintaining health and safety at your event, but also helps to keep you compliant within health and safety law.

Professional security guards are not just for events but are used to help maintain security in many areas – this includes retail.

How Security Services Go Beyond Just Security

Retail Security

It is no secret that retail is an area that suffers from theft. Having retail security helps prevent loss through theft by creating a visual deterrent for thieves.

The cost of retail security is far less than what retail stores lose and that’s why all major retailers choose to hire a professional security service.

The retail industry thrives on delivering a great customer experience and that’s why security service providers train their security staff in delivering excellent customer service as well as acting as strong security presence. Security guards are well dressed, polite and helpful and aid the friendly customer experience.

Most people feel more comfortable knowing that they are protected by a security guard whilst they are shopping. Customers also feel that you are taking their safety seriously by having a security service in store.   

Office Security

Security service providers often supply security guards who are SIA qualified and know how to manage reception desks. This becomes particularly important when controlling access into the building.

Your office staff and visitors will feel assured that there is a professional looking out for their safety. Office security man the building reception desk but also carry out security patrols though out the building and in carparks to make sure everything is in order.

Hotel security

Hotels know the value of having a hotel security guards in their premises. Hotel security manage the reception desk and help with enquires whilst maintaining a safe secure environment for their staff and visitors. Security guards are fire safety, health and safety trained as well as being first aiders. Security services often save lives.

Whether you are run a retail outlet or an office building, having a security service provider is essential to keep you, your staff, visitors and premises safe and secure.   

Contact the team here at All Time Security today to find out which security services you would benefit from having, whether for your home, or for your business.


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How Construction Security Guards Protect Your Assets
06 Aug 2018













Construction can be a tough business and the last thing business owners want is to worry about construction site security. In the latest blog from All Time Security, we look at how construction security guards protect your assets.

High value machines and various tools and building apparatus are common place within construction sites – this, along with expensive materials can a be little gold mine for potential criminals.

Losing these assets can sometimes affect the construction project so much so that the work is stopped.

How can Security Services help?

Hiring a security services provider that understands and has experience in the proving construction security is a great way of protecting assets and expensive materials.

Building security

Building, especially when under construction, are left empty over night and due to the construction work occurring, there is normally often easy access. These leaves the building and assets vulnerable to:

  • Criminal damage/vandalism
  • Arson
  • Industrial sabotage
  • Leaks and fire  
  • Theft/burglary

Along with this there is always the risk of having squatters. Unauthorised people who enter the building and occupy it. This can become a huge problem and can delay the work and can pose a serious health and safety threat.

A good security services provider will arrange for construction site security to be vigilant of such threats and ensure that any unauthorised people are not permitted on site.  

Access control

Construction site security guards are trained in access control. They are briefed on who is permitted access and who is not and the timings in which people can enter and by which time they must leave.

These gives business owners the peace of mind that there building is being kept safe and secure and no unauthorised people are entering the site.  

Construction security patrols   

The great thing about having construction site security is that the professional security guards will carry out regular security patrols and actively seek out problems such as:

  • Evidence of forced entry
  • Signs of squatters
  • Signs of vandalism
  • Vulnerable areas and blind spots

Good security guards are skilled in identifying fire risks and are fire warden trained. Having construction site security guards who are fire safety and health and safety trained can save lives.

If you are looking for an SIA approved security provider that is ISO9001 compliant for your construction site, contact All Time Security:

Tel. 0333 005 0945

Email: [email protected]  

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VIP Security Guard
Security Services for High Profile Events
23 Jul 2018












All professional event organisers understand the need to have security services to ensure a smooth running of their event, but this is especially important for organisers of high profile events. High profile events require high profile security.

What is a high-profile event?

A high-profile event is an event of high calibre and will most likely have VIP’s attending. Therefore, the security risk increases. Most organisers will sensibly instruct a security agency to provide VIP security services. The specialist agency will ensure that they deploy highly trained security professionals to ensure the security and safety of the people at the event.

A good security agency will take the time to understand the complete logistics of the event and carry out an in-depth risk assessment of the function before offering a complete security solution.

What does a complete security solution include?

Manned Security Guards

When people attend an event, they go to have an enjoyable time in a safe environment. Manned security guards are a tried and tested method of successfully ensuring the safety and security of staff and guests at events.

This is a security service that provides attendees with the reassurance that organisers have considered their safety. Not only are they a visual deterrent but are trained in effective conflict resolution. Of course, no one wants things to go wrong at their event but in the case that something does go wrong, having a professional security agency present means that things will be kept in order.   

First impressions count! Not many people realise but the first people you usually encounter in an event, is the manned security guards and they are often the last people you see when leaving. That’s why, when selecting a security agency, it is essential to make sure you pick one that has door supervisors who are not only SIA badge holders but are well dressed, polite, helpful and trained in delivering excellent customer service.  

Door supervision

The time of having burly bouncers stood staring menacingly at people as they came close to a venue are well and truly over! Old school bouncers that deal with people with a bad attitude and aggression do not make events enjoyable and put people off from attending.

A good door supervisor is a qualified professional who can handle all types of situations calmly and competently. Door supervision is about maintaining a good level of security, so people can feel comfortable that they are safe while making people feel welcome and assisting and helping with enquiries.

Security Patrolling

Whether the event is in a large venue or small, the need for security patrolling doesn’t change. Having professional security patrols around the venue is essential.

Why have security patrols? Simple, trouble does not occur in one place. If the manned security guards, door supervisors are stationed at the entrance and exits, then who is keeping an eye everywhere else?

Security patrols are also a great visual deterrent. When people see professional security guards patrolling the venue, they are less likely to cause trouble.

A good security patrol would include:

–    Keeping an eye on the venue

–    Checking the toilets for substance misuse

–    Looking for signs of vandalism

–    Looking for leaks and fire hazards

–    Health and safety hazards   

–    Parameter checks

Patrol guards also look out for suspicious activity including narcotics and terror threats.

If you are looking for a complete security solution from an SIA approved security contractor for your VIP event contact us at All Time Security today. 

Tel: 03330050945

Email: [email protected]


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