How to secure your events in 2021
29 Oct 2020

How to secure your events in 2021

Events across the world have changed the way they operate. If the area that your event is being held is not in lockdown and it is open for guests to visit, then there are some strict government guidelines to follow and some good safety measures that should be considered. 

Social Distancing 

Although this is an obvious one, it is shocking to see how many venues are still not putting things in place to encourage people to maintain a safe distance from one another. 

Why is this important? This is a crucial step in keeping guests and staff safe during events. Although guests may not show obvious signs of having the virus, they may well be carrying and spreading the virus without even realising it. 

How can event organisers help ensure that social distancing is maintained? 

Covid19 specific signage. People have been used to seeing and reading signs for many years, “No Smoking” “No Entry” etc. Using Covid19 specific signs reminding people that they must maintain social distancing is a great way to keep people safe – including staff along with your staff. 

Instruct a security services provider to deploy professional security door staff. 

For many venues, especially in these unprecedented times, security is a must. Security service providers that are approved by the SIA, have security guards who are skilled and trained in managing crowds. 

This proves to be incredibly useful when trying to ensure that number of people present in the venue meet the government guidelines and that people are maintaining safe social distancing. 

Security service providers ensure that their security guards are upskilled on the latest guidelines to ensure that venues are not in breach of any old or recent laws due to Covid 19. 

Having a professional team ensuring that venues are following the law correctly, can save fines and prosecutions. 

If you are organising an event or have a venue, get in touch with All Time Security to see how they help.     

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Retail security during the COVID19 Pandemic
14 Jul 2020

Retail security during the COVID19 Pandemic

With retail outlets across the UK now opening and things returning to a new normal, there will be an influx of people visiting shopping centres and retail stores.

What does this mean for shopping centres and stores?

The increase in customers means more risk of contamination and unfortunately, first-line workers are at the forefront. And although security staff are skilled workers, they are not immune to viruses.

The government have tried to minimise the risk of the virus spreading by enforcing that people who are travelling to stores must wear face masks.

How is this an effective solution?

Although the spread of the virus has been almost unstoppable and millions have been affected, scientists and doctors have claimed that wearing a face mask drastically reduces the spread. If someone is carrying the virus is wearing a mask, he/she will not easily spread it.

What about retail security guards?

Retail security guards will spend many hours in a store and face thousands of people. This will make them much more vulnerable.

Here are some tips on how retail security guards can help keep themselves safe.

Note: Following these steps cannot guarantee that you will not get the virus, these are just some practical measures that have proven to be effective in reducing the risk.

  • Keep a safe distance from people (1-2 meters)
  • Wear a face mask
  • Ensure that the mask is of good quality and meets the UK safety standards  
  • Wash your hands frequently or wear gloves where possible.
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wipe phones and keys with antibacterial wipes
  • Avoid large crowds
  • Wash your uniform daily

By following the above advice, you can significantly reduce the risk of catching and spreading the virus. The COVID19 coronavirus can be carried by people who show no symptoms. This means that wearing the mask and adhering to the proper precautions is not just for your own personal safety but for the safety of others around you.

Although the lockdown rules have been eased, there are some things that should be followed:

  • Avoid unnecessary trips to shopping centres
  • Follow social distancing rules
  • Wear a face mask

Stay safe!

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Professional security is not just for businesses
05 May 2020
complete security solution

Professional security is not just for businesses

There is a common misconception that security is just for businesses. Security guards, CCTV, alarms, alarm response and keyholding, are all services that people conceive to be related to businesses and commercial premises, but this is not the case.

There are plenty of other areas that professional security services are required and used frequently. These areas include councils, emergency services and government.

 Security services

Private Security firms are commonly relied on by councils when running events, especially when running events that will have large numbers of people. Any event, whether it is public or private, indoors or outdoors, that has large numbers of people needs to have a few things in mind:


With any event, there are a number of risks that need to be identified and a plan put in place to reduce or remove them completely. Security service providers are trained in risk assessments and risk management.

Crowd management

Large crowds often cause chaos and security service providers to deploy professional security teams that are highly trained and skilled in managing crowds.


Security is a vital part of events. Having the correct security services means that as event organisers, you are taking the responsible precautions in keeping staff and visitors safe and secure. This also gives people the reassurance that you take their safety seriously.

Emergency Services

There are often times when emergency services are under extreme pressure and are unable to keep up with demand. This is where professional security service providers step up and aid the emergency services in keeping people safe and places secure. Security guards are SIA qualified and are able to deal with many different situations.


Like councils, government events usually require a combination of Police and security guards. Security service providers like All Time Security are often called on to carry out thorough risk assessments and put robust plans in place for securing conferences and various other events.

Personal Protection

High profile people, including celebrities and public figures, personal security is a must. High profile people are often at risk. Risk of attacks, both physical and verbal. Security guards who are trained and qualified in personal protection are skilled in vigilance and protection.

This means they will stay with their client at all times and ensure that no harm comes to them.

If you require professional security services for your events, business or personal security services, contact All Time Security and see how they can help you.    

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How to safeguard yourself as a security professional
04 May 2020

How to safeguard yourself as a security professional

Security is an industry that is often on the front-line, especially in events and other functions. This puts security personnel at considerable risk. They are relied on to protect buildings, assets and people. But they can also be vulnerable, especially amidst an outbreak of disease and virus.

Although many businesses have been forced to close for the duration of the lockdown, professional and opportunist vandals, arsonists, thieves and burglars are viewing this a good opportunity to target vulnerable businesses.

What makes a vulnerable business during the lockdown?

With the country in lockdown, many businesses are left empty. Due to the nature of the pandemic, the rate that it spread and with all the uncertainty, businesses have not had the time to prepare appropriately. Not all businesses had efficient security measures in place.

  • No alarms
  • No CCTV
  • No security personnel
  • No security signage

In the current circumstances, installing alarms and CCTV is not that simple, and not all businesses are in the financial position to hire security guards. This leaves them vulnerable.

With the emergency services tight up with the pandemic, many businesses are relying on bespoke and affordable security solutions, like security patrols and alarm response. This is where a professionally trained security guard will make regular patrols of the premises and ensure that everything is in order and if there is a problem, the guard will take the appropriate action.

If premises are fortunate enough to have an alarm, then security service providers can also provide a rapid alarm response service, where if any alarm were to activate, they would respond immediately. Guards will investigate the activation and take the appropriate action.      

Why are security guards at risk?

As mentioned earlier, Security guards are regularly on the frontline and therefore are at the forefront of exposure. They are exposed to having to deal with situations, people and are forced to be in close proximity of other people – people who could be violent or contagious.

The government guidelines for maintaining a 2-meter distance can be complicated in this situation – especially if a security guard is confronted with a problematic situation or violent person.

What steps can security guards take to keep safe?

Maintain a distance

Although 2 meters might not be possible, guards must try to maintain some distance


Personal Protection equipment is a must. Where possible, guards should wear the appropriate PPE to ensure that they are safe.    

Avoid spittle

If guards are face to face with people, they need to avoid spittle for people’s mouth being transferred on to them as this is how Covid19 and other viruses are spread.

Do not shake hands or make unnecessary contact with people

Handshaking and any other contact must be avoided.

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Why social distancing is particularly important in the security industry
10 Apr 2020

Why social distancing is particularly important in the security industry

The security Industry has become even more important and relied on since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trained security professionals are often relied on to offer crucial additional support to various industries ranging from emergency services to retail outlets.

With the UK going into lockdown, the pressure mounts for supermarkets and hospitals – thus they instruct professional security firms to provide additional security and support.

Why is security important?

Having adequate security measure in place is more important now than ever before. This is a time of heightened anxiety and often in times such as these, people panic. Security are instructed to help keep things in order and protect people who are on the front line and the vulnerable.

Security guards are not immune to COVID-19

Often people rely on security to help offer support and protect them but forget that they are not impervious to viruses, be it COVID or any other. This is why social distancing is crucial to prevent the virus from spreading. Security is a difficult industry and security professionals often have their work well and truly cut out for them but the epidemic has made things far more complicated.   

Security professionals are trained in dealing with people and difficult situations but in trying to uphold the social distancing requirements, are putting themselves at risk. They are often faced with people who do not want to comply to the law and thus are in a vulnerable position, especially as the people who they may have to deal with could be carrying the virus.

How can security guards and other security professionals keep themselves safe?

The truth of the matter is that if you are on the frontline, you are more at risk of contrating the virus – that’s just a fact. But there are some precautionary steps that can be taken to help reduce or even prevent the risk of catching the virus entirely.

  1. Make sure your hands are clean and try to wear gloves
  2. Keep a safe distance from other people
  3. Do not shake hands or make any other physical contact with people even if you know them
  4. Do not touch items unnecessarily, including door handles

By adhering to these simple steps you are already reducing the risk of catching and spreading the virus.

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Importance of Security in times of heightened anxiety
08 Apr 2020

Importance of Security in times of heightened anxiety

When people think of law and order, they usually assume this is all related to emergency services such as the Police. But there are, especially in times of heightened anxiety, when additional security is required.

What do we mean by additional security?

In unprecedented times such as times that the entire world is currently experiencing through with the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency services are stretched and under extreme pressure. It is at points like this where professional security providers who are trained and approved SIA contractors step in and support the emergency services.

What does ‘approved SIA contractor’ mean?

The SIA leads the security industry standard and awards certain security providers who qualify to join their scheme and meet the highest industry standards in security.

Why is this important?

This is crucial as security is at the frontline of protecting people and assets. If the security provider does not meet the correct standards, they might be incapable of providing adequate levels of protection. This can have a disastrous effect and lead to injury and monetary losses.

Being an approved contractor means the SIA have conducted vigorous checks and audits on the security provider’s processes, finance, insurance, staff, training and more. This gives clients the reassurance and confidence that they are in competent hands. They will know that they are being protected by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals.

More personalised security

Security services are not just crucial on a large scale; they are also vital on a smaller scale, like protecting and securing small businesses and even homes.

In a time where people are being forced to self-isolate, businesses are left unattended, leaving them open to both professional and opportunities thieves and burglars, vandals, arsonists – along with them being vulnerable to leaks, fires and industrial espionage.  

What professional security providers do

Professional security providers are great at carrying out risk assessments and then creating a precise and bespoke security plan. After a thorough needs assessment is carried out, they will formulate a bespoke security plan which may include a specific type of security service such as guarding, patrolling, CCTV or a combination of services to ensure your business or home is kept safe.  

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Covid-19 and its impact on the Security sector
25 Mar 2020

Covid-19 and its impact on the Security sector

As everyone is aware, Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is a serious epidemic that is causing chaos across the globe. Aside from causing harm and even death to people, it is having an impact on economies and businesses.

Of course, this will have an impact on the security industry but what people need to understand is that professional security persons come under the banner of key workers. In times like these that security becomes incredibly more important.

In times of heightened anxiety, people look to security providers to help keep things in order and keep people safe. Police and other emergency services are limited in their resources and often rely on security industry-approved contractors to help with the overall goal to maintain the safety of people.

Why is important that the security providers being used should be Security Industry Approved?

With many security firms out there, people don’t always know which provider to use to get the best and most effective service possible. But SIA approved contractors are easily identifiable from the rest.

SIA approved contractors have been audited, regulated and approved by the SIA and thus qualify to provide the highest standard in security services. In times of uncertainty, you need to select a security provider that can be skilled, qualified, dependable, reliable and trustworthy.     

Professional security guards are trained in social distancing and health protocols that have been advised by health care professionals and the government.

With the pandemic causing a distraction for people, opportunists are using this to take advantage of people and businesses.  

Security guards are not only skilled and qualified, but they are also equipped with the correct PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to carry out their job without putting themselves in danger.

Security services providers such as All Time Security are approved contractors that can assist emergency services as well as help businesses and individuals in securing business premises and buildings.

With the UK in lockdown, many business owners are unable to keep an eye on their businesses or business assets. Due to exceptional circumstances, emergency services are stretched and may not be able to assist you if you believe your business is at risk. This is where All Time Security can step in and ensure that while you are unable to keep an eye on things, they can send regular patrol guards to check the premises and patrol the area – vigilantly looking for any issues and acting as a visual deterrent.

Opportunist and professional burglars are far less likely to commit a crime where a security company is present.

All Time Security also provides a professional and reliable rapid alarm response service. If your business alarm is activated for whatever reason, they will respond immediately – ensuring that your business and assets are safe and secure.

It’s not all about theft, however, when buildings are empty, they are also at risk of arson, vandalism, fires, leaks and flooding. ATS professional security guards are vigilant and fast-acting.

If you are worried about your premises, business or assets, call All Time Security to see how they can help.

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Effective Door supervision
26 Sep 2019

It’s not news that venues, especially when there will be large crowds, instruct a professional security services provider to provide a door supervision service. But there are a few ways to ensure that you get the best from your door supervision services.


One of the great things about using a professional security services provider is that the door supervisors that they will send will be SIA qualified guards who have experience in providing security at events.

This means that they will be used to protecting visitors and staff as well as keeping the venue safe and secure.

The dress code

Professionally trained door supervisors always attend the venue in the right attire. They will ensure that what they are wearing suits you venue and your venues ethos. They will be dressed to impress.


Door supervisors, as well as possessing the right skills to carry out their job properly, come equipped with all the necessary tools to do their role effectively.

This includes any protective clothing and footwear, high visibility and water-resistant clothing. Various radio and communication equipment, safety helmets, if required.

Communication devices are incredibly important in emergency and high-risk situations.

The great thing about the deployment of professional security guards from an approved security service provider is that they have direct links to control rooms and the Police. This means that they have easy and quick access to additional support when needed. Additional security personnel or emergency services.

Crowd control

Crowd control is a broad term but in the instance of securing and keeping premises safe, it can be specified as controlling how many people are permitted to enter a premises, ensure people are not entering restricted areas and people are kept safe.

When a venue has reached maximum capacity, guards will be using counting devices to ensure that people are let in on a 1 in and 1 out basis. This will give people the opportunity to enter without exceeding the specified limit of people allowed in at one time.  

Fire safety

Door supervisors are also trained to keep fire exits clear and accessible. They will also be aware of the locations of all the venue’s fire exits along with the venue’s fire safety protocols and evacuation procedures. They are skilled in coordinating staff to the nearest fire exits and directing people safely to the venue’s fire assembly points.

First Aid

Another great thing about professional door supervisors is that they first aid trained. This is incredibly helpful and can even be life-saving in the event of injuries and accidents.   


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The Unique Characteristics of Retail Security
09 Oct 2018













Security has now become an important part of everyday life, and impacts everything we do. This is especially the case in the retail industry. It’s no secret that retail, due to its customer facing nature is at considerable risk of taking losses through theft. It was reported that in 2015, the annual bill for UK retail crime soared to £613m (The Guardian), but the impact retail theft leaves is more than just financial – the repercussions of retail theft on employees can also be incredibly damaging. However, by hiring professional security services you are reducing the risk of theft, keeping your employees safe and minimising  the potential damage.


Professionally trained retail security guards are skilled in deterring and apprehending shoplifters, which has a huge positive impact on the outlet.

Theft in Retail

Theft in retail is one of the most common types of theft. Many companies know there is a theft problem in their retail store, but often struggle to identify where the theft is occurring, making it a challenge to prevent it. Most thieves are people who enter the store posing as potential customers. Some are opportunist thieves, who when an opportunity arises commit the crime, while others are professional shoplifters. These types of thefts can cause considerable losses to a company.

How to Combat Theft in Retail

Retail security guards will man the doors, identify potential thieves and keep an eye on them. Through surveying people’s body language and watching behavioural patterns, they’re able to spot adverse behaviours commonly associated with shoplifting. Security guards are trained in shop floor patrols, CCTV control room operating and remote monitoring.

Conflict management

Retail security guards are trained to deal with all types of situations. They possess conflict management skills which allows store managers and owners to feel rest assured by their backup. Security guards are able to handle incidents appropriately and in accordance with security regulations and the law.

Internal theft

The good thing about having professional retail security guards is that they are trained in identifying all types of thieves – including staff. Many retail companies suffer losses through theft of products and money by staff working in their store. Retail security guards keep a close eye on everyone and are trained to carry out random checks and staff searches. Never underestimate the power of a staff search – they are a great deterrence for potential thieves and usually save stores thousands of pounds every year.

Incidents and incident reporting

Security service providers ensure that all retail security guards are trained to handle all types of incidents. They are also coached to follow the correct incident reporting procedures set by the outlet. Security guards always remain polite and professional. Their main priority is to de-escalate situations and keep people and the premises safe and secure.

Safety of customers and staff

Retail security guards are not just there to protect products from thieves, they are also there to protect people as well. Customers and employees will feel much more comfortable at a store that has professional retail security guards. Knowing a professional is close by and ready to help at any moment gives employees peace of mind.

Customer service

The retail industry is heavily focused on providing great customer service. That’s why having a retail security guard who is dressed smartly, greets customers and is helpful adds to a great overall customer experience.  

All Time Security is a leading UK supplier of retail security services. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke security services.


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Security Cameras
Where are CCTV cameras commonly used?
24 Sep 2018
















Having CCTV cameras installed in businesses and homes is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due it being a great and affordable way of securing your premises and home.

CCTV Cameras and Equipment

Security companies that install CCTV cameras ensure that they are using reliable cameras, cables and recording devices that are of excellent quality. They make sure that any external cameras are weatherproof and robust. They are installed tightly and with heavy duty equipment to the exterior of buildings to ensure that can not be easily taken off or damaged.

CCTV cameras can have night vision, so they can see and record clearly even at night. This is incredibly important as criminals usually operate at night to avoid easy detection. But good cameras will catch all the action and store the evidence on a secure, high-quality recorder.

Installing CCTV Cameras

It is a good idea to get CCTV cameras installed by a professional security services provider as they have the right knowledge on what equipment is suitable for your specific requirements and will also provide you with the best advice as to where they should be placed.

Although cameras are a fantastic visual deterrent and can successfully reduce the risk of crimes occurring, they function as so much more. They are installed to provide you with better visibility. A CCTV camera installer will carry out a thorough survey of your premises and actively identify the best places to install them. These engineers are qualified in CCTV camera installation and have years of valuable experience in the field.

They will take the and size and type of building into consideration before devising a clear plan of where things will go. This will help ascertain what type of cameras will be required and how many. The good thing about having qualified and experienced engineers is that they will have a good understanding of electrics, wiring and will have the skills to properly and safely use
installation equipment. This means that you can rest assured that your CCTV equipment will be installed correctly
and safely.

Remote alarm and CCTV monitoring

Security service providers are always looking for ways to provide better, more efficient and cost-effective security solutions. One innovative method is offering a remote alarm and CCTV monitoring solution. This is where CCTV, and alarms if required, are installed in your premises and then smartly linked to a remote monitoring station.

The remote monitoring control room is a secure facility with restricted access. The room is manned by professionally trained and qualified CCTV operators who monitor your premises 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. This is a brilliant and affordable alternative to having 24 hour manned security guards.

All Time Security is a leading UK supplier of security services. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke services

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