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Monthly Archives: May 2019
What is alarm response and how can it help your business?
30 May 2019
Alarm response
Alarm response

What is alarm response and how can it help your business?

The problem with many businesses is that they are often left empty overnight. Most of the work is done during the day. This means that during the day there are staff and people around who can deal with issues but once the business is closed, and unless you have night security guards, the premises are left empty.

Having night security guards is a great option in securing your premises. They are professionally trained security personnel who are skilled in identifying problems and dealing with them efficiently and effectively. The problem arises when you don’t have such measures in place.

So what is alarm response and how can this help in securing your business and potentially saving you from incurring losses?

Simply put, your business premises are vulnerable when it unattended and empty. It is at risk of burglary and vandalism. Gone are the days when Police would respond rapidly to a burglar alarm – they simply don’t have those sorts of resources available anymore. Now it is down to the business owners themselves to put measures in place to help keep their premises and assets safe and secure.

Loses are not incurred just through burglary, vandalism and arson but thousands are lost in leaks, fires and industrial espionage. If your building were to have a burst pipe or a leak then it may take until someone comes to the premises many hours later to discover it – by which time, your business may have suffered an enormous amount of losses. You can imagine that most businesses have expensive assets on their premises that water from a leaking pipe could cause a considerable amount of damage.

The same would apply in the event of a fire. If a fire is to occur, thousands can be lost in fire damage. With hundreds of false fire alarms activating every night, it is impossible for the emergency fire services to respond to each and every one. The fire services will require verification of an actual fire before valuable resources are allocated to investigate the alarm activation. False alarms cost the fire emergency services thousands and distract them from real emergencies.

This is where a professional alarm response service can really be effective. If your premises has an alarm activated, whether it be something life threatening like a fire or burglary, or whether you have temperature sensitive products that require a certain temperature they cannot rise above or fall below, the rapid alarm response unit will respond immediately. They will investigate the activation and investigate the problem. And after they have located the issue they will take the appropriate actions that could save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

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Top 3 Security Tips for an event
23 May 2019

Top 3 Security Tips for an event

Whether you are a party or any other type of event organiser, there are some key security protocols that you should consider to ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely.

Risk assessment

One of the first things to consider when organising an event is to carry out a detailed inspection of the venue or area that the event will be held. This will help conduct a risk assessment.

Risk assessments help to identify possible issues and vulnerabilities. This will mean that you will get a better understanding of what security protocols you will require to keep your event safe and secure.

Security guards/Door supervisors

Events, where there will be a lot of people, can often mean that you need a measure of crowd control and entry management.

Professional Security staff are trained to ensure only authorised persons are permitted entrance into the event. This will reduce the risk of trouble being caused at the event.

SIA trained Security staff are also skilled in positioning themselves to cover vulnerable areas.   

Security patrols

Security staff are rehearsed in carrying out red routed and random patrols. This will include checking vulnerable areas, low light and high-risk areas. The patrols will include high-risk areas such as toilets and store rooms.

The patrols will include security identifying additional risks such as fire and leaks. Thus creating an overall safer environment.

Security staff make events much safer by offering:

  • A visual security presence
  • Access control
  • Searches (if required)
  • Wrist bands (if required)
  • Patrols
  • Red routes

Professional security guards are SIA approved, fire Marshall and First Aid trained.  

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All Time Security – A complete Security Solutions provider
10 May 2019

All Time Security – A complete Security Solutions provider

How a professional security service can make your event run smoothly

All Time Security is one of the very few security providers in the UK that is SIA approved in Security Guarding, Door Supervision, Key Holding, Close Protection and CCTV Public Surveillance.

This means that ATS has met the standards and requirements for all these areas from the official security Authority.

Security Guarding

ATS ensures that all security guards hold a valid SIA licence – which authorises them to work in the security industry. This also means that they have undergone and qualified from the official SIA training courses.

Within the SIA course, security guards are trained to deal with various difficult situations and in trained in conflict resolution.

If you are organising an event or have a premises that you need guarding – professional security guard will ensure that your event is managed properly. Guards are trained to supervise large crowds and position themselves strategically to ensure the security and safety of everyone present.

When guarding a premises, guards will ensure that they access control is maintained, thus giving people who are working or visiting the premises that they are in a safe and controlled environment.

Reception security

Guards are also trained in reception security duty. They will ensure enquires are taken care off along with dealing with phone calls and signing people in and out of the premises. Security guards are also trained as Fire Marshalls and First Aid trained.

Door Supervision   

ATS also specialises in Door supervision. The security provider deploys professionally trained Door Supervisors nationwide to venues that require them.

Door supervisors are incredibly useful in securing events such as parties and other special events. They are trained in crowd control and can control limited access when appropriate.

Key holding

ATS provide a professional key holding service. Clients can now leave their spare keys with ATS who ensure the keys are locked away in a secure key cabinet in a secure facility. This can be helpful if you require a entry or need your premises locked up and do not have your main keys.

The spare keys can be signed out by an authorised guard who can bring the keys directly to your site. ATS also offer an opening an closing service for your premises. This means that you can rest assured that a professional security guard will be there at the opening times of your promises to allow people in and also be there on the closing time to ensure that no one is remaining in the premises before locking up and securing your premises.  

If you require any of these services, contact All Time Security today and see how we can help you.

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