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Monthly Archives: June 2018
Does My Business Need CCTV Remote Monitoring?
11 Jun 2018













Everyone wants their business to be secure. You want to have the security and peace of mind that when the doors are locked and everyone has gone home for the day that there is something that would deter any potential intruder. Whether your business is based on an industrial estate in the countryside, or you have a large corporate work space, having an effective security package in place is essential. Perhaps the most important element of any security package is CCTV Remote Monitoring.

What is CCTV Remote Monitoring?

CCTV stands for ‘closed-circuit television’. CCTV offers a method for people to monitor their premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is a simpler and cheaper alternative to hiring manpower. A CCTV system will compromise of as many cameras as a security expert deems necessary, and is a great way to deter anyone from breaking and entering.

The Remote Monitoring aspect of this service means instead of just having cameras, you have a trained security supervisor, who is able to provide you with an essential off-site presence.

As a service, CCTV Remote Monitoring allows for a flexible plan to be put together based on the needs of the customer. Whether a small shop needs four cameras fitted to ensure all corners are covered, or a large office or warehouse requires a detailed network of CCTV cameras that are interconnected, there are no limits to what CCTV Remote Monitoring can achieve.

Here at All Time Security, we are an SIA Approved Contractor, complying with the British Standard for CCTVBS7958:2009. These accreditations show that we a more than capable of delivering professional CCTV Remote Monitoring services to a host of different sized business. Take a look at why you should choose us.

What are the advantages of having CCTV Remote Monitoring in a business?

The fact that there are businesses who continue to operate without a CCTV Remote Monitoring procedure in place is truly shocking, but it is still in fact the case. Every sector of security should incorporate CCTV into their budget, because the potential losses without it could be detrimental to a business. Here are just a few of the advantages of having Closed Circuit Television Remote Monitoring in your business:

Crime Deterrent

Although it’s a simple deterrent, but if a criminal notices a security camera system fitted to a business, they will be significantly discouraged from committing a potential crime and harming your business. Getting seen on CCTV means they face a higher chance of being caught and therefore deters them from proceeding.

Immediate Response

Unlike a simple CCTV security system, a CCTV Remote Monitoring service offers the chance for an immediate response if someone is partaking in criminal activities around your business. With highly trained security supervisors on hand to monitor CCTV 24/7, any intruder will be spotted instantly and the authorities contacted immediately.

Monitoring Workplace Activities

While not directly related to security, what a CCTV system also offers you is the chance to make sure you are always keeping tabs on what your employees and/or visitors are doing. With this, you are making sure all work is being completed, no short turns are being taken, you are protecting their best interests and also making sure you have a record of everything that is occurring in the workplace.

What businesses would CCTV Remote Monitoring be best suited to?

Every single business would benefit from CCTV Remote Monitoring. Whether you are after Retail Security, Commercial Security or Corporate Security, all businesses should consider the appeal of a CCTV system being implemented in their workplace. As a cost and resource effective security measure, you are not required to have any facilities on site, or do anything to the CCTV cameras that have been installed for your business.

A team of highly skilled security engineers will install your cameras for you, and once this is completed you just need to ensure that they stay turned on. With a remote security supervisor always having eyes on what the cameras are recording, you can simply sit back and relax, with peace of mind that your businesses security is covered.

What other security services should I consider?

This all depends on what the security needs of your business are. Every single business will have its own unique needs that would impact what services we would advise you to include within your security package.

Your security package can be tailored to ensure that CCTV Remote Monitoring is as effective as possible, with our Alarm Response and Keyholding service being most compatible. Another one of our services that would contribute to these two services to make a comprehensive security package would be Security Patrolling, which would help as an extra deterrent.

If you are interested in CCTV Remote Monitoring, or any of our other Security Services, Contact Us today to speak to one of our security professionals about the best tailored package for you.

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