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Monthly Archives: September 2018
Security Cameras
Where are CCTV cameras commonly used?
24 Sep 2018
















Having CCTV cameras installed in businesses and homes is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due it being a great and affordable way of securing your premises and home.

CCTV Cameras and Equipment

Security companies that install CCTV cameras ensure that they are using reliable cameras, cables and recording devices that are of excellent quality. They make sure that any external cameras are weatherproof and robust. They are installed tightly and with heavy duty equipment to the exterior of buildings to ensure that can not be easily taken off or damaged.

CCTV cameras can have night vision, so they can see and record clearly even at night. This is incredibly important as criminals usually operate at night to avoid easy detection. But good cameras will catch all the action and store the evidence on a secure, high-quality recorder.

Installing CCTV Cameras

It is a good idea to get CCTV cameras installed by a professional security services provider as they have the right knowledge on what equipment is suitable for your specific requirements and will also provide you with the best advice as to where they should be placed.

Although cameras are a fantastic visual deterrent and can successfully reduce the risk of crimes occurring, they function as so much more. They are installed to provide you with better visibility. A CCTV camera installer will carry out a thorough survey of your premises and actively identify the best places to install them. These engineers are qualified in CCTV camera installation and have years of valuable experience in the field.

They will take the and size and type of building into consideration before devising a clear plan of where things will go. This will help ascertain what type of cameras will be required and how many. The good thing about having qualified and experienced engineers is that they will have a good understanding of electrics, wiring and will have the skills to properly and safely use
installation equipment. This means that you can rest assured that your CCTV equipment will be installed correctly
and safely.

Remote alarm and CCTV monitoring

Security service providers are always looking for ways to provide better, more efficient and cost-effective security solutions. One innovative method is offering a remote alarm and CCTV monitoring solution. This is where CCTV, and alarms if required, are installed in your premises and then smartly linked to a remote monitoring station.

The remote monitoring control room is a secure facility with restricted access. The room is manned by professionally trained and qualified CCTV operators who monitor your premises 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. This is a brilliant and affordable alternative to having 24 hour manned security guards.

All Time Security is a leading UK supplier of security services. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke services

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A complete security solution
What is involved in a security patrol?
20 Sep 2018
















What is a security patrol?

Over the years, companies have realised that having a security patrol service is not only a great way
of securing your premises but is also a cost-effective approach to a putting an active security
solution in place.

Mobile security patrols are particularly useful when your premises are vacant. Your premises are
usually the most vulnerable at night when no one is around to keep any eye on things. Mobile security patrols consist of professional security guards frequently patrolling your premises looking for vulnerabilities, signs of vandalism, break-ins, leaks and fires.

This is the perfect solution for business owners who do not require a full-time security presence or
simply want a more cost-effective security solution.

Why have a security patrol service?

The aim of the security patrol service is to ensure the safety and security of your premises. If you
have been working in your business all day the last thing you would want is to worry about your
building and assets when you are not around.

Construction companies were fast in learning that leaving your site empty with expensive materials
and equipment could mean that thieves take advantage and steal from the site. Mobile patrols mean that SIA qualified security guards will frequently check on the site to make sure everything is OK.

What is Key holding?

Another benefit of having professional security services is that as well as having the mobile
patrol, you can instruct the security provider to hold your keys. A key holding service is where you
give a spare set of keys to the key holder company and they ensure that it is kept stored in a key

The advantage to this, aside from the fact that your spare keys are in a secure key cabinet in a secure
room, is that you can request your keys at any time. So, if you have travelled to work and the
realised that you have forgotten to bring your keys, you can request that your key holder brings
them to you to open the building and let you in.

The key holding service is very popular and is usually used in conjunction with a scheduled opening
and closing of buildings service.

Why use an alarm response service?

Mobile patrols can also function as alarm response services. If an alarm in your premises has been
activated, whether that be a fire or intruder alarm you can rest assured that the mobile patrol and
response unit will be at your premises in no time. They will investigate the cause of the alarm and
will then take the appropriate action to deal with the situation. This is a timesaving and cost effective solution to dealing with alarm activations.

Contact All Time Security today for a direct quote for our security patrol services.

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advantages security guard
What are the main duties of being a security guard?
14 Sep 2018














Regardless of the type of industry you are in, security guards are usually required to possess the same skills and often perform the same sort of duties. But what are the main duties of being a security guard? The the latest blog from ATS, we look into the specifics.

The role of a security guard

The role of a security guard is to firstly be a visual security presence and often acts as a visual deterrent. When criminals see a security guard they know immediately that it will not be easy to commit a crime. A security officer is dressed in security uniform, clearly showing who he is.

The role of a security officer is not only to provide security but is also to provide a good customer experience. It is the role of the security guard to ensure that people feel safe and secure – this includes staff and guests.

Security guard duties

Although industries vary and so do requirements, there are some fundamental duties that are expected from security guards. This includes security patrols where the security guard is required to carry out frequent patrols in and around the premises. The key objective of this is to look out for vulnerabilities, theft, signs of vandalism, forced entry along with looking for water leaks, fire hazards and health and safety hazards.

Other duties include access control – this is a sure way of ensuring that only authorised people are permitted into the premises. This makes staff and guests feel safe and comfortable which in turn increases productivity.

Security officer skills

Security officers are skilled in conflict management and effective communication – both of which are key in providing professional security services.

They should also be alert, confident and familiar with how to secure a premises.

Along with possessing skills in handling security situations and being first aid trained, they should also be polite, courteous and helpful. Especially as a security officer is the first person you see when visiting a premises and last person you see when you leave. And first impressions count.

Security guards in the UK conform to the UK standards and must have a SIA licence to operate in the security industry. This is the case with any professional security service provider.

This means that the security guards will have had training in various elements of professional security. This gives them a broad understanding of what is expected of them in accordance to UK regulations.

Customer service

Security guards are trained to be polite, helpful and offer customers and staff great customer service. Guards are not only present for safety and security but to provide a good overall customer experience.

This is why companies such as All Time Security have their own SIA accredited training centre where they offer their guards additional training in customer service.

Contact All Time Security today for a comprehensive evaluation of your security needs and an on the spot quotation.

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complete security solution
What is a Complete Security Solution?
04 Sep 2018


The purpose of security services provider is to create a complete security solution suited to your needs. Companies like All Time Security offer businesses complete security solutions tailored to suit your requirements.

Types of security solutions

There are various security services available, so it is important that companies know what is best for them and their specific requirements.

Security services range from security consultations all the way to providing professional security guards.

Here are some of the security services provided:

Security consultations

This is an opportunity for businesses to have a fully trained safety officer analyse your business and devise a suitable solution for implementing security services.

The safety officer is also trained in conducting a detailed risk assessment which is also useful for you to be aware of any vulnerabilities that you may have.

Security guards 

Many security packages include having professional security guards who are deployed to site to ensure the safety of your premises, staff and visitors. All security guards are SIA trained professionals which means that they will have a good understanding of how to deal with people and difficult situations.

Having security guards is a good way of reducing risks and taking losses. You can get security guards that are static, mobile and trained in operating CCTV systems.

Alarm Response and Keyholding

Another great security package is to have an alarm response and keyholding service. This means that if an alarm is activated, a professional response unit will visit the site immediately to investigate.

Keys are held in a secure key holding unit and have controlled access.

Event Security

If you are an event organiser, you will probably already know that having reliable and competent security in place is vital in running a successful event. Event security guards are trained to manage large crowds and maintain access control.

High Profile Security

Security services also offer high profile security for high profile events with high profile guests. This is an important service as these types of events have higher risks and need a specialised security package to ensure safety and security at the event. 

Construction Security

Construction is a big business and construction sites usually have expensive equipment left on-site overnight. This is a good opportunity for thieves to try to steal high value tools, equipment and materials. That is why building and construction site security is a must.

Construction sites can get a bespoke security package to ensure that their equipment and materials are kept safe and secure.   

Companies such as All Time Security can offer your business a complete security solution, bespoke to your exact needs and requirements. Contact us today for more information.

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