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Security Service Providers
13 Aug 2018












Not all security service providers are the same. A lot of security providers offer a standard service and charge you a great deal of money because they know you need security. These companies don’t always possess the capabilities of providing sufficient security services for your particular business.

This can become problematic for you especially if you are an events organiser and require event security. Events need a security service provider that has a good team and experience in the field. A good company will be an SIA accredited/approved contractor which means they will have been audited and meet the industry standards. They will visit the site that the intended event is to occur and conduct a thorough risk assessment. This will give them a clear understanding of the site’s entrances, exits, capacity and vulnerabilities.

This not only helps with maintaining health and safety at your event, but also helps to keep you compliant within health and safety law.

Professional security guards are not just for events but are used to help maintain security in many areas – this includes retail.

How Security Services Go Beyond Just Security

Retail Security

It is no secret that retail is an area that suffers from theft. Having retail security helps prevent loss through theft by creating a visual deterrent for thieves.

The cost of retail security is far less than what retail stores lose and that’s why all major retailers choose to hire a professional security service.

The retail industry thrives on delivering a great customer experience and that’s why security service providers train their security staff in delivering excellent customer service as well as acting as strong security presence. Security guards are well dressed, polite and helpful and aid the friendly customer experience.

Most people feel more comfortable knowing that they are protected by a security guard whilst they are shopping. Customers also feel that you are taking their safety seriously by having a security service in store.   

Office Security

Security service providers often supply security guards who are SIA qualified and know how to manage reception desks. This becomes particularly important when controlling access into the building.

Your office staff and visitors will feel assured that there is a professional looking out for their safety. Office security man the building reception desk but also carry out security patrols though out the building and in carparks to make sure everything is in order.

Hotel security

Hotels know the value of having a hotel security guards in their premises. Hotel security manage the reception desk and help with enquires whilst maintaining a safe secure environment for their staff and visitors. Security guards are fire safety, health and safety trained as well as being first aiders. Security services often save lives.

Whether you are run a retail outlet or an office building, having a security service provider is essential to keep you, your staff, visitors and premises safe and secure.   

Contact the team here at All Time Security today to find out which security services you would benefit from having, whether for your home, or for your business.


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