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Monthly Archives: December 2021
Why is it crucial for you to have reliable security at the brink of 2022
12 Dec 2021

Why is it crucial for you to have reliable security at the brink of 2022

These past years 2021 and 2020 have been a rollercoaster of events due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, which has swept us all off our feet and put us in the deep end. Forcing us to comply to government rules and not go out for extended periods of time, due to this pandemic and a lot of companies not having the facilities to provide work from home; many people have lost their jobs and source of income. Alongside this, many buildings have been left empty and this is an incentive for opportunist thieves and vandals.

If adequate and up to date security is not in place, your premises is at risk of loss. Loss in goods and possibly items holding sentimental value as well as being victim to the breach of your personal belongings and privacy. Furthermore, most robberies no matter how advanced and tactical they are planned usually result in the damage of the property. This could be due to forced entry resulting in damages to external and internal and external doors/windows. The damage could easily extended to the furniture and other property within the building. How would you react and feel if you came back to your business to find your property and goods stolen, damaged or completely destroyed? Would the invasion of privacy leave you feeling violated? Would the loss of expensive and sentimental goods leave you feeling distraught and panicked?

With a reliable security services provider that can offer a variety of security solutions, this can all be prevented, and your property and belongings can be protected and kept safe and secure. Instructing a professional security services provider to provide effective security measures ensures the risk of a robbery, vandalism, arson and industrial espionage is significantly reduced.

Security measures such as working cameras and alarms reduce the risk of robberies to a degree. Burglars are put off robbing a property when there are cameras as they don’t want it to be captured on CCTV. An alarm is also a good deterrent – when an alarm sounds as it raises attention and neighbours can contact the police. But for these systems to be effective they need to be positioned correctly. A security service provider like All Time Security offers expert advice and can conduct effective and accurate risk assessments – identifying possible vulnerabilities and threats,

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