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Monthly Archives: October 2022
Building Site Security: Crafting a Construction Security Plan
18 Oct 2022

Building sites are places with constant movement. With people coming and going at all times, keeping an eye on all the action on-site tends to get challenging. Plus, building sites are always the target of vandalism, making managing the area even more difficult. 

Having a Construction Security Plan (CSP) is essential in dealing with the constant threats from trespassers and criminals. Measures like fencing, having building site security guards at access points, installing CCTV remote monitoring, and other solutions are a must.

Keep reading to learn how to craft a CSP for utmost safety and security.

What Does a Construction Security Plan Include?

The content of the CSP largely depends on the location, size and purpose of the premises. For that reason, every CSP varies from the other. 

However, all CSPs include some basic information, such as:

  • Information on the site location, project description, start and completion dates, and names of site owners and security manager
  • Persons in charge of working with police
  • Description of site security measures (guards, cameras, fencing, etc.)
  • A list of all workers allowed on site. 

What to Consider When Preparing a CSP

Creating security plans is a demanding but necessary job that needs to include as many details as possible. A well-prepared and well-thought-out plan will help you run the site efficiently and smoothly. 

Here are some tips to remember when crafting a CSP:

Secure the Building Site Perimeter

It is simply impossible to be everywhere at the same time while keeping the whole perimeter secure. Install a perimeter fence to set clear boundaries, allowing you to store and keep all valuable tools, equipment, and supplies away from prying eyes. 

Hire the Best Manager

A well-developed CSP is worth nothing if the person managing and enforcing it is not well-trained. A Site Security Manager should have a solid background in the field, maintain good team communication and coordination, and be a great leader overall.

The manager’s job will include:

  • Security inspections
  • Identifying possible violations of the CSP
  • Communicating the said violations to the Accrediting Official.

Such heavy-duty management entails a person in charge that is highly trained, knows all the industry needs and secrets, and can be relied upon to resolve any conflict.

Hire Trained Security Guards

You can only have up-to-par site security if you hire security guards to check the building site. They should be highly-trained professionals who can deal with trespassers, vandals, and thieves. Regular night security patrols will prevent unauthorised entrance to the premises. 

Assigning security guards at the access point will facilitate who enters and exits the site. They are also trained to watch the surveillance cameras and alert you about any on-site problems. 

Install a Surveillance System

Installing a surveillance system allows for 24/7 monitoring of the site. Detecting unauthorised entrance by intruders becomes a breeze, allowing for an immediate reaction. Any illegal activities will be caught on camera, and the footage will help clear the air later. 

Install Lights

Dark and unlit corners welcome vandals and thieves to building sites, granting them easy access to expensive machinery, equipment, and materials. Protecting a building site at night is hard, so installing bright lights will be helpful. 

Lighting the site well at night makes it less attractive for trespassers. It also helps guards who are doing security patrols to have better visibility. A well-lit construction area will give security cameras a clear shot of any possible incident. 

Don’t Over-secure the Building Site

Having more security doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for the site. When creating the CSP, consider what you truly need to secure the area.

More security means more money, which can drain your budget. Plan the size of the security team wisely and only spend on necessities. 

Do an In-depth Risk and Security Analysis

When preparing the CSP, you should thoroughly analyse the security options and possibilities. Take a closer look at the risk assessment and include site control measures like identity verification, vehicle inspections, physical security barriers, and random searches. 

Create Smart Delivery Schedules

Material lying around the site is tempting for thieves and takes up too much space on-site. Having a carefully-planned delivery schedule will ensure you only have items and tools delivered when you need them without leaving them out in the open for days. 

Besides increasing the possibility of being stolen, leaving materials in the open creates a breeding ground for damages from bumping into them or dropping something on the items. Materials may also be damaged when left out in bad weather conditions. 

Don’t Burden the CSP 

The purpose of the Construction Security Plan is to include information on how to protect and secure the building site, meaning you have to implement security measures before and during construction. 

Don’t overload the CSP with documents and details that are not useful for these phases of the project. It will only confuse the staff and create unnecessary work for the Site Security Manager. Keep things as simple as possible.

Provide Detailed Information

Everyone working on-site must be up to speed to achieve a fully-functioning building site project. Things will turn hectic as the project progresses, and it’s better to address everything sooner than later before it’s too late to fix some mistakes. 

So, once the Accrediting Official approves the CSP, everyone involved in the process must know their duties – from day-to-day tasks to document handling and restrictions. Anyone that fails to comply with their assigned tasks will face the consequences.

Partner with All Time Security for Professional Building Site Security

When it comes to building site security, you’ll want to partner with experienced and highly skilled professionals – such as our team at All Time Security.

We offer high-level building site security and possess a deep understanding of all security-related products and technologies. Our highly-trained team will ensure your project is always running smoothly and nothing goes unnoticed.

Safeguarding building sites is what we do best. Contact us today, and place the security of your building site in only the most capable hands.

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Security Patrol Firms: Which Industries Need Them Most?

The safety and security of staff and data is a burning issue across many industries. Organisational security in the UK is trending, and security patrol firms are increasingly offering their services. 

Security guards are vital in many situations where it’s necessary to think on one’s feet. Sometimes a customer will present anti-social behaviour, or a break-in will lead to theft, compromising property safety.

Some industries depend more on security patrols than others – let’s explore them below.

Organisational Security by Industry

Many industries have grown to rely on the services of security guards – and for a good reason. A 2021 statistic revealed that around 38% of retail and wholesale UK businesses suffered from criminal activity between April 2020 and March 2021. While burglary was the least common, theft, threats, and physical assault were prevalent.

From financial institutions and retail stores to construction and educational facilities, here are the industries that benefit from these services the most: 

Financial Institutions

Where money is involved, security and safety are a top priority. The financial industry records the highest demand for high-level security. 

However, it is not only about protecting the money. It is also about protecting the employees and clients and their valuables. 

A security guard is a familiar face in every bank or financial institution. Most of the in-house security measures and procedures implemented in these institutions are not disclosed to the public. However, some are disclosed to deter criminals from taking action. It is wise to let criminals know that security will easily catch them if they engage in criminal activity inside the bank. 

Educational Facilities

Sadly, more schools and other educational institutions require hiring security guards. With the increased violence in schools due to vandalism, classmate bullying, and disruptive behaviours, the presence of security guards can help deter these occurrences. 

Some incidents involve students carrying weapons, so guards need to ensure that educational facilities remain a weapon-free environment. Their presence is intended to provide students, teachers, and other employees with a safe learning environment.

Hotels and Other Types of Accommodation

The reason for travelling may differ, as some travel for business and others for pleasure. What all hotel guests have in common is that they want to have a stress-free environment where they can feel safe and unwind.

The role of security guards is to maintain peace in all shared spaces and escort intoxicated guests off the hotel property. Guards have regular patrols of the lobbies and parking lots. They also patrol and monitor all hotel facilities like stairwells and mechanic rooms through CCTV surveillance and take care of any security issues. 

If guests feel their valuable possessions are in danger, security guards should respond to calls or complaints. 

Retail and Wholesale Facilities

It is known that retailers lose a lot of money due to shoplifting. And it is a misconception that teenagers are the group that does most of the shoplifting. 

Thieves come from all age groups, and retailers take the hit. No items are spared – from clothes and accessories to alcohol, shoes, or electronics. 

Busy stores are in desperate need of security guards who can help prevent theft. If shoplifters see a security guard at the entrance, there is a high possibility that they will not enter the store. 

Larger stores go for a more sophisticated strategy in preventing loss and damage. They employ video monitoring from a surveillance room where security guards can follow real-time activity 24/7. Video surveillance is also helpful in offering clarification during an investigation or incident. 

It is not rare for security guards to walk among the customers in regular clothes. This is an excellent way to blend in with customers and be on the lookout for possible suspicious activity. 

Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are one of the busiest places in a town or city. The staff can’t monitor the visitors, so security guards are the answer to this problem. Guards can conduct regular patrols throughout the buildings and monitor the staircases. 

Medicine storage units, equipment rooms, and emergency exits also need to be under maximum security. If any inconsistency is spotted during regular patrols, guards should contact appropriate parties to inform them about the occurrences. 

Medical and healthcare security is required to provide a safe environment for the medical staff, the patients, suppliers, and all other parties on the premises. 

Construction Sites

Construction sites are places where you can find a lot of valuable machinery and tools. Vandalism, theft, and trespassing are common on these sites, leading to significant losses and delays in projects. 

Hiring security guards who will implement rules and orders for those accessing the site is advisable. Regular security patrols can help deter criminals from getting tempted to enter the site without authorisation. 

Event Sites

Events are gatherings with a high concentration of people in one place. Whether it’s a concert, a festival, or a business event, the organiser should prioritise the safety of all parties on the site.

Hosts must create a safe and violence-free environment for all guests. Security guards should arrive prior to the event to make the necessary preparations. 

If you are hosting a private party and don’t wish to have intruders barging in, the security guards will make sure to keep them out. You should prepare a detailed guest list and give them precise instructions to help them do their job. 

Security patrols are always present during public events to maintain order and peace among participants. Large gatherings are sites for potential crimes, inappropriate behaviour, possible misuse of substances or firearms, and others – so it only makes sense they’d entail full security measures. 

Partner with a Professional Security Patrol Firm

Protecting your property, staff, and assets should be a priority and security patrol firms can provide the required safety.

All Time Security offers a range of security services tailored to meet the needs of various businesses and industries.

We offer 24/7 protection through CCTV remote monitoring, alarm response and key holding, or mobile surveillance.

Contact us today, and have any security breaches taken care of right away.

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