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Monthly Archives: October 2019
What makes an effective door supervisor?
30 Oct 2019

What makes an effective door supervisor?

Many people are under the misconception that Door supervisors are used just for pubs and night clubs but the fact is that the security industry has changed dramatically over the years.

Door supervisors are used for a variety of other events. This includes private parties and functions.

Door supervisors are trained and qualified with numerous skills in how not deal with different situations. Security guards are trained in crowd control and ensure that they keep within the maximum capacity of the venue.

This is especially important when venues have restricted capacity. Some venues risk losing their license when the maximum capacity is exceeded. Door supervisors are trained to follow a one out one in procedure. This will make sure that people have the opportunity to enter the venue when others leave giving them the chance to enjoy the venue without compromising the venue’s capacity restrictions.

Door supervisors are also trained to monitor and check people wanting to enter the venue – this includes checking people’s ID to ensure that they or the legal age to enter the venue. If the venue has an age restriction of 18, door supervisors will ask to see appropriate and acceptable ID to make sure that people under the age of 18 are not permitted entrance.

Venues are at risk of losing their license to operate if people under the legal age enter the venue. This is why venues and event organisers rely heavily on door supervisors to be vigilant and check everyone they deem to be underage.

Age is not the only thing door supervisors look out for. They also look out for people who are intoxicated or are considered a threat to the venue and the people inside. They will not allow anyone they consider to be a danger to the people inside.

Door supervisors are trained and skilled in carrying out searches, looking for illegal substances including drugs and offensive weapons. They will confiscate items that are not permitted into the venue and will report their finding to the authorities where required.

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What makes a good close protection security guard?
28 Oct 2019

What makes a good close protection security guard?

Close Protection Security

VIP Security Guard
High Profile Security Guard

What is Close Protection Security and do people need it?

When a VIP person, a celebrity or a person of that calibre is travelling or attending an event, they are sometimes at risk. In order to reduce this risk, security providers such as All Time Security, provide a professional Close Protection Security Service.

This means that they always have a qualified and skilled security professional by their side. This gives them peace of mind that they’ll be kept safe and secure while they are at the event.


Close Protection security guards can also be instructed to provide the transport for the VIP. This means that they will pick up the VIP and take them to their destination, always remain with them and then take them back to their place of pick up. This will give them the assurance that they will be kept safe throughout the journey and at the event.

Close protection security guards are also skilled in collaborating with security personnel such as door supervisors and security guards. They are effective in communication and risk assessments.

This gives them the ability to utilise other security measures to help increase the security and safety of the VIP.

A good Close protection security guard will also be effective in communicating with emergency services in case of an emergency. This includes Police, Ambulance, and Fire Services.

Close Protection guards are also first aid and fire safety trained. If there were to be an accident or injury, they would be able to assist until the emergency services arrived. This could be a lifesaving feature.

Always professional

The great thing about Professional Security Service providers such as All Time Security is that they are an SIA accredited and approved contractors. This simply means that they are approved by the SIA and meet the industry standards in providing such services.

Close Protect Security personnel along with security guards, door supervisors, CCTV operators are skilled in always remaining polite, punctual and professional.

Security persons are always dressed to suit the occasion, venue or specific dress code guidelines. They will look the part and act the part.


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The benefits of key holding and why do people use it
15 Oct 2019

The benefits of key holding and why do people use it

Traditional security measures have been used by businesses for many years but not all businesses know that there some additional services that can be incredibly useful and can help with not only the security but can help with operations.

organising event security
organising event security

Alarm response is a service that has become popular over the years as it helps give business owners the peace of mind that even when they are not around that there are measures in place to deal with unexpected alarm activations.

This can become incredibly important when the building is empty and assets are left vulnerable. If an alarm goes off due to a fire, it will take a while for someone to discover what has happened and in that time a business could suffer loses, whereas when a business has instructed an alarm response security service, they can rest assured that in case of activation, a professional repose guard will investigate what happened.


Most businesses that use this service consider a key holding service to help. This means that a professional security company will keep another set of keys for your business. The keys are kept in a monitored secure key lock-up where there are complete key control and restricted access.

Why would a business owner consider a key holding service?

There are a few really great benefits of having a using a key holding service:

Your business will have a spare set of keys available for in case of an activation. Not all activations mean something sinister has occurred – sometimes alarms are activated by accident. Either way, business owners will not need to worry about the activation. The alarm response will have a set of keys and will investigate the alarm activation. If it is a false alarm, they will investigate why it triggered and deactivate the alarm. They will not disturb the business owner, especially at night, unless it is necessary. If the alarm activation is due to a real fire or break-in, they will act accordingly and contact the emergency services and notify the business owner of what has happened immediately.

Keyholding also has other benefits, such as if staff forget to bring their keys to open the building, the security service provider (key holder) can be called on to bring their set of keys to the premises to unlock it and let the staff in,

Some businesses take a contract with professional security service providers to open and close their buildings daily. This means that a security guard will come to your premises in the morning and open the building to allow staff to enter and then return at the time it should be closed to lock up.

Guards are trained to make sure the building is safe and secure before leaving.

This also gives business owners the peace of mind that their staff will have access to the building and the building will be securely locked up after staff have left.

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A complete security solution
08 Oct 2019

A complete security solution

A complete security solution
A complete security solution

So many businesses suffer from security issues and many of them adopted robust security measures to help protect their business premises and their business assets.

What many business owners don’t understand is that there are a variety of security solutions available for all sorts of businesses. Not all security solutions available are suitable for every business. This why many businesses opt for bespoke security options – security solutions customised for specific business security solutions.

Bespoke security solutions

They are a variety of security options available such as:

Security guards

Some business opt for the traditional, tried and tested method of instructing a security services provider to deploy professional SIA trained security guards.

Security guards are a brilliant visual deterrent as well as a means to deter and prevent crimes from occurring. This could include theft, burglary, arson and vandalism.

Security guards are trained to watch out for criminals and protect assets as well as looking after staff and visitors. They are also trained to carry out other checks such as security patrols and entrance and exit checks.

Security staff are also trained to manage access control to make sure that only authorised personnel are permitted access into the building. This is an extremely effective way to protect your premises from security concerns.

Security guards also specialise in CCTV and offer a great CCTV operator solution.

But this solution is not suited for every business, for example, this may not be an affordable option for all businesses – small businesses might be in the financial position to afford to be able to use this option.

Here are some other security solutions available for smaller companies:

Mobile security patrols

This is a great solution for smaller companies who don’t feel they need or cannot afford full-time security guards.

This more affordable option offers an easy solution to have a professional security presence for your premises. Business owners can arrange to have a security provider provide security guards to make scheduled visits to the premises and ensure everything is safe and secure.

They will carry out various security checks including security patrols and door and window checks. And the really great part is that if there is a problem, they will know how to deal with the situation quickly and effectively.

If there is an emergency, they can get in contact with emergency services and ensure that any risks to your business or business assets are eradicated or reduced completely.

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