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Monthly Archives: December 2016
construction site gurard
The Risks of Leaving Your Site Vacant Without a Construction Site Guard
05 Dec 2016













All Time Security takes its role in the security sector seriously and understands the risks that come with leaving your property unattended.

All construction sites should be monitored at all times to ensure that all work is undertaken smoothly and professionally. Leaving your site vacant leaves you open to a plethora of threats that can cease construction and bring an entire project to its knees.

Equipment theft

The tools required for construction work are very valuable. Leaving your site unattended means that your work tools are open for thieves to take. This not only delays construction significantly but could also cost your company dearly if you’re the one who supplied your workers with the tools.

Tool theft hinders both huge corporations and small sole traders on a daily basis. A thief wouldn’t need much time on the site to bring a halt to the project. As reported by PHAM News, power tools are among the items most frequently stolen from construction sites, but even small hand tools can cost a fortune to replace.

Onsite security services can ensure that any theft attempts are prevented and provide comprehensive monitoring that will deter future theft attempts.

Project sabotage

Sometimes, a person or group of people will oppose the construction of a building. Whether they want to make a statement against the company you’re representing or an anarchist wants to bring the structure down, sabotage could not only delay your project and take a toll on your finances, but also put your workers in mortal danger.

Even if you think you’re safe and don’t have any enemies, you and your workforce could still be subject to a random act of deadly sabotage from a radical. Without the proper supervision of a construction site, someone could slip through and plant a bomb or cause serious harm to a load-bearing portion of the building.

With a well-trained construction site guard, you can keep protestors or extremists from infiltrating the premises. Door supervision can prevent unauthorised access to the interior of a construction and provide your workers with a safe area in which to work.

Local wildlife may invade

Sometimes, it’s not a person posing a threat to your project, as animals can find their way onto construction sites and disrupt workers.

Invading wildlife is harder to get rid of because they won’t understand the consequences of invading a construction site and you can’t reason with them. What’s more, the animal could be dangerous, as this recent Daily Mail report on the discovery of an anaconda on a Brazilian building site may go some way to demonstrating! Even relatively harmless animals like cats or weasels can still carry rabies and spread it to your workers.

A doorman or onsite construction site guard will be able to spot these types of intruders while the lot is vacant and take the necessary steps to eject it from the premises before the workers return.

 Can you afford to leave your site unattended?

Leaving your construction site unattended could spell disaster for your business and employees, which is why it’s so important to put the most appropriate security measures in place.

All Time Security is dedicated to bringing a strong sense of safety to all areas to which we are appointed. We cover construction sites, event security, doorman services and much more, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about our services.

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