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What are Security Receptionists and Why Have Them?

04 Dec 2017
What are security services and why have them?















What are security receptionists and why have them?

Most businesses now that first impressions count. When clients or even staff walk into your premises, they are usually met by a receptionist. And sometimes their experience with the receptionist can determine how their time at your premises goes.

That is why it is important to have a confident, presentable and polite person managing the reception desk. The reception desk is usually the first point of call for enquires and emergencies.

Why have a professional Security reception guard?

Knowing that the reception desk is usually the first point of call in most situations, it becomes imperative that the person managing the desk is skilled and trained to deal with anything that comes his or her way.

Professional security companies such All Time Security Ltd, who are SIA approved contractors in security guarding, ensure that the staff that they deploy are fully SIA qualified.

But is that enough? The answer is no. It’s not enough. Security guards, especially guards who are manning reception desks, as well as being a visual security presence and crime deterrent, must also be confident, courteous and helpful. They should be familiar with the building, so they can help direct people. They should also be familiar with key areas; this could be areas that contractors need to be able to access or vulnerable areas that need extra surveillance.

Guards should have an understanding of the business and the type of clients that will be visiting. They should be aware of policies, procedures and protocols.

What else do reception security do?

Reception security also sign people in and out of the building, ensuring that only authorised persons are entering the premises. This gives business owners, clients and visitors confidence that they are safe and secure. This also shows clients that the business owners have taken a professional approach to ensuring their safety.


People that run or manage businesses or any premises will know that the management of keys can be chaos. A lot of the time, keys are incredibly important and can grant access to sensitive areas. It is common sense that their needs to be a strict access control and management of the keys. And this is where the professional reception security guard comes in. The guard will ensure that keys are securely locked and under constant surveillance. Keys, especially the ones leading to restricted areas are signed in and out by authorised persons only.

Guards also conduct regular key audits to ensure that all keys are present and the ones that are not have been properly signed out, in accordance to company policy and to authorised persons only.

Security guards will investigate and report missing or lost keys and depending on the situation can help arrange replacement keys or replacement locks.

If you are looking for a professional reception security guard service that will be reliable and guarantee a high standard of work, then contact All Time Security today for a free quote:

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