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Security Services for High Profile Events
23 Jul 2018
VIP Security Guard


All professional event organisers understand the need to have security services to ensure a smooth running of their event, but this is especially important for organisers of high profile events. High profile events require high profile security.

What is a high-profile event?

A high-profile event is an event of high calibre and will most likely have VIP’s attending. Therefore, the security risk increases. Most organisers will sensibly instruct a security agency to provide VIP security services. The specialist agency will ensure that they deploy highly trained security professionals to ensure the security and safety of the people at the event.

A good security agency will take the time to understand the complete logistics of the event and carry out an in-depth risk assessment of the function before offering a complete security solution.

What does a complete security solution include?

Manned Security Guards

When people attend an event, they go to have an enjoyable time in a safe environment. Manned security guards are a tried and tested method of successfully ensuring the safety and security of staff and guests at events.

This is a security service that provides attendees with the reassurance that organisers have considered their safety. Not only are they a visual deterrent but are trained in effective conflict resolution. Of course, no one wants things to go wrong at their event but in the case that something does go wrong, having a professional security agency present means that things will be kept in order.   

First impressions count! Not many people realise but the first people you usually encounter in an event, is the manned security guards and they are often the last people you see when leaving. That’s why, when selecting a security agency, it is essential to make sure you pick one that has door supervisors who are not only SIA badge holders but are well dressed, polite, helpful and trained in delivering excellent customer service.  

Door supervision

The time of having burly bouncers stood staring menacingly at people as they came close to a venue are well and truly over! Old school bouncers that deal with people with a bad attitude and aggression do not make events enjoyable and put people off from attending.

A good door supervisor is a qualified professional who can handle all types of situations calmly and competently. Door supervision is about maintaining a good level of security, so people can feel comfortable that they are safe while making people feel welcome and assisting and helping with enquiries.

Security Patrolling

Whether the event is in a large venue or small, the need for security patrolling doesn’t change. Having professional security patrols around the venue is essential.

Why have security patrols? Simple, trouble does not occur in one place. If the manned security guards, door supervisors are stationed at the entrance and exits, then who is keeping an eye everywhere else?

Security patrols are also a great visual deterrent. When people see professional security guards patrolling the venue, they are less likely to cause trouble.

A good security patrol would include:

–    Keeping an eye on the venue

–    Checking the toilets for substance misuse

–    Looking for signs of vandalism

–    Looking for leaks and fire hazards

–    Health and safety hazards   

–    Parameter checks

Patrol guards also look out for suspicious activity including narcotics and terror threats.

If you are looking for a complete security solution from an SIA approved security contractor for your VIP event contact us at All Time Security today. 

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