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Benefits of CCTV for Businesses
01 Aug 2018








Most business owners know that securing their premises is a must. There are many security services available, ranging from security guards, mobile security patrols all the way to CCTV security and CCTV remote monitoring.

Although you would hope that your business remains safe, there is a risk of burglary, vandalism and sabotage. To reduce this risk, it is important to conduct a risk assessment and put relevant security services in place.

Why is having CCTV security important?

CCTV security has become a crucial component in securing a building. This becomes even more important when the building is unoccupied. Most businesses premises are empty evenings, nights and weekends – leaving them vulnerable and not secure. Having CCTV cameras installed means that you can rest assured that your building is being watched and footage is being recorded. If an incident were to occur, it would be recorded and can be used as evidence to catch and prosecute perpetrators.

CCTV cameras are also a visual deterrent. If a potential thief or vandal becomes aware that your building is secure, they will be less likely to commit a criminal offence.

What to consider when getting CCTV camera installation     

If you do not have CCTV cameras installed and have realised the benefits of having them, you really need to be careful when finding a security service that provides installation.

A company like All Time Security is reputable, provides high quality CCTV equipment and has qualified, trained and experienced CCTV installation engineers.  ATS ensures that all its cameras are of high resolution for a high definition, crisp picture. This is crucial when identifying culprits in action. Also, the company will also make certain that all external cameras are robust, resilient against vandalism, have night vision and are weatherproof.

It is important that your installer is experienced and has engineers who are trained to do the job. Installing CCTV cameras is not as simple as dotting cameras all over the building at random. You need an experienced security services provider to complete a full survey of your premises. From this survey, they will strategically work out the best places to install the cameras.

ATS will:

  • identify the most vulnerable areas
  • look at any historical incidents and the areas in which they occurred
  • find blind spots
  • take into considerations all entrances and exits
  • secure all doors and windows
  • look at any garages and car parks

The security services provider will also look at areas of low lighting and will advise on how to increase visibility. Criminals feel comfortable in low lit areas where they think they cannot be seen. ATS works relentlessly in discovering and creating preventative measures.

CCTV Remote Monitoring

Another great way of securing your premises is to have a security services provider who can remotely monitor your CCTV cameras. Companies such as All Time Security have a 24-hour secure remote monitoring station. This is manned with qualified and skilled professionals who will keep a close eye on your premises.

Remote CCTV monitoring means that you can cut the cost of hiring a full-time security guard. You will still have the advantage of having professional security operators surveying your premises, but will still be able to prevent:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Industrial espionage
  • Leaks
  • Fires  

All Time Security is an SIA approved contractor for security services. Contact us today to find out how we can help with CCTV installation and remote monitoring for your business or home. Security services are important for the safety and protection of your business, so make sure you are prepared for any potential incidents.

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