What are the main duties of being a security guard?
14 Sep 2018
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Regardless of the type of industry you are in, security guards are usually required to possess the same skills and often perform the same sort of duties. But what are the main duties of being a security guard? The the latest blog from ATS, we look into the specifics.

The role of a security guard

The role of a security guard is to firstly be a visual security presence and often acts as a visual deterrent. When criminals see a security guard they know immediately that it will not be easy to commit a crime. A security officer is dressed in security uniform, clearly showing who he is.

The role of a security officer is not only to provide security but is also to provide a good customer experience. It is the role of the security guard to ensure that people feel safe and secure – this includes staff and guests.

Security guard duties

Although industries vary and so do requirements, there are some fundamental duties that are expected from security guards. This includes security patrols where the security guard is required to carry out frequent patrols in and around the premises. The key objective of this is to look out for vulnerabilities, theft, signs of vandalism, forced entry along with looking for water leaks, fire hazards and health and safety hazards.

Other duties include access control – this is a sure way of ensuring that only authorised people are permitted into the premises. This makes staff and guests feel safe and comfortable which in turn increases productivity.

Security officer skills

Security officers are skilled in conflict management and effective communication – both of which are key in providing professional security services.

They should also be alert, confident and familiar with how to secure a premises.

Along with possessing skills in handling security situations and being first aid trained, they should also be polite, courteous and helpful. Especially as a security officer is the first person you see when visiting a premises and last person you see when you leave. And first impressions count.

Security guards in the UK conform to the UK standards and must have a SIA licence to operate in the security industry. This is the case with any professional security service provider.

This means that the security guards will have had training in various elements of professional security. This gives them a broad understanding of what is expected of them in accordance to UK regulations.

Customer service

Security guards are trained to be polite, helpful and offer customers and staff great customer service. Guards are not only present for safety and security but to provide a good overall customer experience.

This is why companies such as All Time Security have their own SIA accredited training centre where they offer their guards additional training in customer service.

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