What is an SIA approved contractor?
11 Jul 2016
SIA Approved Contractor







So what exactly does an SIA approved contractor mean? And why should the security company you are hiring have a valid SIA approved accreditation?

The answer is simple, when a security company becomes an approved contractor, they have complied with the highest standards in the security industry.

What is the SIA?

The Security Industry Authority is an independent organisation that was set up by the government and is responsible for regulating the private security industry. When a security company applies for the scheme, it is the SIA that ensure that the highest standards are met. This then ensures correct operations, processes, professionalism and trust.

Being SIA Accredited

Companies that have this logo displayed have voluntarily applied for the scheme and have gone through the gruelling process of the SIA inspecting their operations, processes, values, performance and more. And have been awarded the accreditation by demonstrating that they qualify to be a serious and reliable security company.

Approved contractors are dedicated to providing great customer service and, importantly, their customers can be assured that all the security staff deployed to their p

remises or events are fully trained and approved SIA staff.

Quality Assurance

Customers that hire a security company that is an approved contractor will have the confidence that the team securing their premises or event have been extensively assessed for quality and best practice.

Customers will also have assurance that the security company will have robust customer focused procedures to overcome any concerns that may occur.

In conclusion, when you hire a security company that is an SIA Approved Contractor, you are getting an all-round professional, trusted service. Guaranteeing high standards in providing security services, including qualified, competent and customer-focused security guards, resilient procedures and policies and fantastic customer care.

If you require a security company that is an SIA Approved Contractor for Security Guarding, Key Holding, Door Supervision, Close Protection and CCTV Public Surveillance then contact All Time Security on: 03330 050945 or visit: www.alltimesecurity.co.uk

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