What does easing the lockdown mean for the security industry?
01 Jul 2020

What does easing the lockdown mean for the security industry?

With the world still in shock of the pandemic and with lockdown restrictions easing, how will this affect business and the security industry?

Although the lockdown is easing, there will be several restriction rules still in place. Some of these include a restriction of large crowds. With many businesses and venues relying on large numbers of people attending their venues to make a profit.

What impact will this have on venues?

The issue with the venue being open means that although they operational, they will endure the costs for being open but might not get enough people walking in through the doors to make it lucrative. And in some cases, venues might end up making a loss.

In addition, with venues not able to make much profit, they will still need security to ensure things are kept in order. Having security in place is probably more important now than ever before.

What impact will this have on Security?

With things transitioning to the new normal, the need for security will be heightened but the question lies in whether enough venues will open for security agencies to back to normal and also whether venues will have the adequate finances to continue the same level of payment.

What other implications are there for security?

Health and safety

Although the health and safety of security staff have always been a priority for security service providers, a lot has changed since the outbreak of Covid19. Security staff are trained professionals and are skilled in dealing with a variety of different situations but they are still human and being human means that they are susceptible to catching the Coronavirus (Covid19).

Of course, frontline workers have always been at higher risk than other workers, but the outbreak of a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus raises serious concerns.

Security staff are in close proximity with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people and thus makes them vulnerable.

What is the solution?

Unfortunately, there is no clear solution. With the virus being so contagious and unable to be contained, the only solution is to be more conscious and careful. Security staff should ensure that they do not put themselves in unnecessary risk. Stand closer than 1 meter to other people, visitors and staff. They must have adequate personal protective equipment and follow the government guidelines in avoiding catching the virus.    

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