Top 3 Security Tips for an event
23 May 2019

Top 3 Security Tips for an event

Whether you are a party or any other type of event organiser, there are some key security protocols that you should consider to ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely.

Risk assessment

One of the first things to consider when organising an event is to carry out a detailed inspection of the venue or area that the event will be held. This will help conduct a risk assessment.

Risk assessments help to identify possible issues and vulnerabilities. This will mean that you will get a better understanding of what security protocols you will require to keep your event safe and secure.

Security guards/Door supervisors

Events, where there will be a lot of people, can often mean that you need a measure of crowd control and entry management.

Professional Security staff are trained to ensure only authorised persons are permitted entrance into the event. This will reduce the risk of trouble being caused at the event.

SIA trained Security staff are also skilled in positioning themselves to cover vulnerable areas.   

Security patrols

Security staff are rehearsed in carrying out red routed and random patrols. This will include checking vulnerable areas, low light and high-risk areas. The patrols will include high-risk areas such as toilets and store rooms.

The patrols will include security identifying additional risks such as fire and leaks. Thus creating an overall safer environment.

Security staff make events much safer by offering:

  • A visual security presence
  • Access control
  • Searches (if required)
  • Wrist bands (if required)
  • Patrols
  • Red routes

Professional security guards are SIA approved, fire Marshall and First Aid trained.  

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