What is involved in a security patrol?
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What is a security patrol?

Over the years, companies have realised that having a security patrol service is not only a great way
of securing your premises but is also a cost-effective approach to a putting an active security
solution in place.

Mobile security patrols are particularly useful when your premises are vacant. Your premises are
usually the most vulnerable at night when no one is around to keep any eye on things. Mobile security patrols consist of professional security guards frequently patrolling your premises looking for vulnerabilities, signs of vandalism, break-ins, leaks and fires.

This is the perfect solution for business owners who do not require a full-time security presence or
simply want a more cost-effective security solution.

Why have a security patrol service?

The aim of the security patrol service is to ensure the safety and security of your premises. If you
have been working in your business all day the last thing you would want is to worry about your
building and assets when you are not around.

Construction companies were fast in learning that leaving your site empty with expensive materials
and equipment could mean that thieves take advantage and steal from the site. Mobile patrols mean that SIA qualified security guards will frequently check on the site to make sure everything is OK.

What is Key holding?

Another benefit of having professional security services is that as well as having the mobile
patrol, you can instruct the security provider to hold your keys. A key holding service is where you
give a spare set of keys to the key holder company and they ensure that it is kept stored in a key

The advantage to this, aside from the fact that your spare keys are in a secure key cabinet in a secure
room, is that you can request your keys at any time. So, if you have travelled to work and the
realised that you have forgotten to bring your keys, you can request that your key holder brings
them to you to open the building and let you in.

The key holding service is very popular and is usually used in conjunction with a scheduled opening
and closing of buildings service.

Why use an alarm response service?

Mobile patrols can also function as alarm response services. If an alarm in your premises has been
activated, whether that be a fire or intruder alarm you can rest assured that the mobile patrol and
response unit will be at your premises in no time. They will investigate the cause of the alarm and
will then take the appropriate action to deal with the situation. This is a timesaving and cost effective solution to dealing with alarm activations.

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