What makes a good security service provider?
19 Sep 2021
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What makes a good security service provider? 

Before we get into what makes a good security provider, let’s first look at what a security provider is and what they do.  

A security provider or security services provider is a professional company that offers a range of security services for businesses, corporations, venues and retail outlets.  

Security is needed by venues that have guests and staff attend. Anywhere there are people attending, there needs to be a level of staff and guest management. Venues and businesses that have the capacity and events that cater to crowds of people owe a duty of care. Venue managers may opt not to have a professional security service provider to provide security, but they open their premises, staff, and guests to unnecessary risks.  

What do security service providers do? 

Security service providers have the knowledge, resources and trained staff to provide a suitable and effective security solution. A solution tailored to suit your specific needs. These services can range from risk assessments, CCTV and alarms, all the way to security guards and door supervisors.

What to consider when selecting a security services provider

Just the way you have to decide on anything important is how you must approach finding the best and most suited security provider for your event or venue.

Qualifications and accreditations

The security industry is led by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The SIA will only accredit a security services provider if they meet the industry standard for providing security services in the UK. Thus, a great place to start when hunting for the right security services provider will be to check whether the SIA has approved the company.


Another good idea would be to identify whether the security provider has an ISO9001 certification – this ensures that the company has been audited by the authority to ensure that it meets the criteria to operate to the highest quality. This ensures policies and procedures are in place for the company to offer a good service.  


Once the formalities are covered and you have identified a company that has complied with the correct regulations, is an SIA accredited, licensed security provider, it has a valid ISO9001 certification, then it might be a sensible idea to hunt around to see what sort of reputation the company has – the types of reviews it gets from customers and its employees.

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