Securing your premises
02 Feb 2022

Securing your premises

If you own a business, then you know how much work goes into building a strong business and clients. Your services, products and customer service must be outstanding and prices competitive.

The problem is often in losses – as an owner and organiser of your business you are so engrossed in keeping the business making a profit to sustain itself, that you often overlook where you may be losing money or may be at potential risk of losing money.

There are many reasons why you should consider using tried and tested methods of incorporating a good level of security to protect your business, products, assets, guests and staff.

Here are some key things to think about when you’re securing your premises

Is your location a problem area?  

Does the area or surrounding area of your premises have a high crime rate, especially with regards to burglary, vandalism and arson?

If the area in which you operate does have a high crime rate then you might want to consider adding some security measures to help reduce the risk to your business.

What are your options?

After identifying the types of risks, you are facing you must consider the most effective methods to help.

Many companies resort to having Security Guards. And with good reason! Professional SIA trained security guards are highly trained to prevent burglaries, thefts, vandalism and arson. Security guards are vigilant and are good at identifying potential problems.

Security guards are also trained to man reception desks and operate access control systems. This gives you the confidence that only authorised personnel will be permitted entrance to your premises. This also reassures your guests and staff that you take their security seriously.

Security guards are trained to patrol your premise and help identify risks, vulnerabilities and other serious issues like leeks and fires which could end up saving you hundreds of thousands in losses.


Some companies choose to have professional CCTV Close Circuit Television installed in their premises. This is a fantastic visual deterrent as would be thieves, vandals and arsonists, will think twice about attacking a building that has CCTV installed.

Having CCTV installed means that perpetrators are more likely to be identified and apprehended. CCTV footage is also a solid form of evidence for the prosecution in court.

Most professional businesses choose to incorporate a combination of Security Guards and CCTV giving you a varied and robust form of security.          

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