Secure Your Business In 2022
25 Feb 2022

Secure Your Business In 2022

Most businesses are aware that without suitable security measures in place your business is at risk. The risks involve getting vandalised, sabotaged or burgled. Without proper precautions, your premises is also at risk from flooding and fire. This can have a catastrophic effect on a business and thousands of businesses suffer from these types of losses every year.

So, what can you do to prevent loss?

Here are 5 simple ways to secure your business:

1. Use effective warning signage

The use of signs warning potential criminals and opportunist thieves of the security system in place often goes underrated and deserves a lot more credit than it is given.

Although it seems a little old school, it is super simple and still super effective. “Old is gold!” As they say. It reminds people that buildings are secured with alarms and CCTV, making them think twice before they commit a crime.

2. Ensure lighting is adequate

Most criminals use the cover of night to assist them in committing a crime and getting away undetected. And that is why it is crucial that you have got the area around your premises well lit. Criminals are less likely to act if they suspect that they are in clear sight and may get detected.

Security lights should be installed in areas that are particularly dark.

3. Ensure CCTV cameras are not obstructed, and footage is visible and clear

Many business owners spend the time and money on installing a great, state of the art CCTV system but not all of them maintain their cameras. CCTV cameras should be regularly checked to ensure they are clean and pointing in the right direction without anything obstructing their view.

The recording device should be tested frequently to ensure that footage is being recorded and is clear and light and visibility is good.

The main to consider when securing your premises is to take it seriously. Make sure that you have carried out detailed risk assessments and have ironed out the vulnerabilities. 

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