How Construction Security Guards Protect Your Assets
06 Aug 2018













Construction can be a tough business and the last thing business owners want is to worry about construction site security. In the latest blog from All Time Security, we look at how construction security guards protect your assets.

High value machines and various tools and building apparatus are common place within construction sites – this, along with expensive materials can a be little gold mine for potential criminals.

Losing these assets can sometimes affect the construction project so much so that the work is stopped.

How can Security Services help?

Hiring a security services provider that understands and has experience in the proving construction security is a great way of protecting assets and expensive materials.

Building security

Building, especially when under construction, are left empty over night and due to the construction work occurring, there is normally often easy access. These leaves the building and assets vulnerable to:

  • Criminal damage/vandalism
  • Arson
  • Industrial sabotage
  • Leaks and fire  
  • Theft/burglary

Along with this there is always the risk of having squatters. Unauthorised people who enter the building and occupy it. This can become a huge problem and can delay the work and can pose a serious health and safety threat.

A good security services provider will arrange for construction site security to be vigilant of such threats and ensure that any unauthorised people are not permitted on site.  

Access control

Construction site security guards are trained in access control. They are briefed on who is permitted access and who is not and the timings in which people can enter and by which time they must leave.

These gives business owners the peace of mind that there building is being kept safe and secure and no unauthorised people are entering the site.  

Construction security patrols   

The great thing about having construction site security is that the professional security guards will carry out regular security patrols and actively seek out problems such as:

  • Evidence of forced entry
  • Signs of squatters
  • Signs of vandalism
  • Vulnerable areas and blind spots

Good security guards are skilled in identifying fire risks and are fire warden trained. Having construction site security guards who are fire safety and health and safety trained can save lives.

If you are looking for an SIA approved security provider that is ISO9001 compliant for your construction site, contact All Time Security:

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