What is a Complete Security Solution?
04 Sep 2018
complete security solution


The purpose of security services provider is to create a complete security solution suited to your needs. Companies like All Time Security offer businesses complete security solutions tailored to suit your requirements.

Types of security solutions

There are various security services available, so it is important that companies know what is best for them and their specific requirements.

Security services range from security consultations all the way to providing professional security guards.

Here are some of the security services provided:

Security consultations

This is an opportunity for businesses to have a fully trained safety officer analyse your business and devise a suitable solution for implementing security services.

The safety officer is also trained in conducting a detailed risk assessment which is also useful for you to be aware of any vulnerabilities that you may have.

Security guards 

Many security packages include having professional security guards who are deployed to site to ensure the safety of your premises, staff and visitors. All security guards are SIA trained professionals which means that they will have a good understanding of how to deal with people and difficult situations.

Having security guards is a good way of reducing risks and taking losses. You can get security guards that are static, mobile and trained in operating CCTV systems.

Alarm Response and Keyholding

Another great security package is to have an alarm response and keyholding service. This means that if an alarm is activated, a professional response unit will visit the site immediately to investigate.

Keys are held in a secure key holding unit and have controlled access.

Event Security

If you are an event organiser, you will probably already know that having reliable and competent security in place is vital in running a successful event. Event security guards are trained to manage large crowds and maintain access control.

High Profile Security

Security services also offer high profile security for high profile events with high profile guests. This is an important service as these types of events have higher risks and need a specialised security package to ensure safety and security at the event. 

Construction Security

Construction is a big business and construction sites usually have expensive equipment left on-site overnight. This is a good opportunity for thieves to try to steal high value tools, equipment and materials. That is why building and construction site security is a must.

Construction sites can get a bespoke security package to ensure that their equipment and materials are kept safe and secure.   

Companies such as All Time Security can offer your business a complete security solution, bespoke to your exact needs and requirements. Contact us today for more information.

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