Industrial & Warehouse Security Service in Windsor

Industrial areas and warehouses are especially susceptible to suffering from losses. These losses are not limited to theft and burglaries but include damages from fires, arson, and floods. Damage from fire and flooding costs companies thousands every year, especially when they have not put any special measures to lower the risk.  

This is where having a professional security service becomes advantageous. In addition, industrial buildings warehouses are often empty or have areas that people do not visit. This can cause a level of vulnerability regarding theft, burglary, vandalism, arson, industrial sabotage, and natural disasters.

How can security help?

Security guards are fully SIA qualified and trained to conduct professional and detailed risk assessments. Risk assessments are crucial in identifying various vulnerabilities, ranging from low–lit areas with limited visibility to the obstruction of fire exits.

Security guards are skilled in creating red routes where they patrol certain areas frequently to ensure there are signs of criminality or damage (leaking pipes, emerging smoke, etc.).  

What are the advantages of having security guards?

Although there are many forms of security services, ranging from CCTV monitoring and alarm response, there is little that can compare to having professional, and SIA qualified security guards.

Security guards act as a visual deterrent for criminals and opportunists and a vigilant preventative.

  • Visual deterrent
  • Staff feel protected
  • Building and assets are secured
  • Less risk of damages and sabotage
  • Frequent security patrols
  • CCTV monitoring ability
  • Identify suspicious activity
  • Keyholding Ability
  • Authorised and monitored entry
  • Save businesses money in the long run

Instructing a professional and accredited security service provider is undoubtedly a good business decision. They have the knowledge and skill to provide you with the best security solutions – explicitly catered to your business requirements.

SIA accredited security service providers like All Time Security only deploy thoroughly trained and qualified security guards who are experienced and specialise in providing industrial and warehouse security. ATS also ensures security guards and site managers have direct access to the 24-hour control room, which a fully qualified security manager mans. The control room can offer additional support at short notice and have direct contact with the emergency services.


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