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Education And Campus Security Service in Oundle

It takes highly skilled concierge security staff to provide adequate security and reception services in educational institutions.

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities have a diverse range of attendees, which can pose a problem for security. Therefore, security staff must be trained to understand diversity and help create a safe environment that encourages confidence and learning.

Institutions usually have large campuses and a variety of buildings – this means staff need to be aware of areas and building locations.

Good educational concierge staff will have the ability to converse with students to suit the academic environment. This includes a good understanding of the location and areas around the campus. They would also need to be familiar with essential parts of the campus, like the main offices, student welfare and libraries.

As well as being helpful, concierge staff must also act like responsible adults who can be relied on for genuine help. For example, staff can help diffuse volatile situations, offer support in dealing with conflict and have a passionate enthusiasm in ensuring the safety and welfare of students.

Having good concierge staff also demonstrates that institutions show a vital duty of care towards students, teachers, staff and guests. People attending the campus will feel a sense of ease that fully trained professionals are onsite to help deal with difficult situations.

What makes educational concierge staff unique?

Educational concierge staff are a combination of security, customer service and student support. Staff understand, appreciate and respect the diversity of people attending the campus – this gives them the edge over standard security guards who, if not trained correctly, can often make many situations worse.


Many educational campuses have various buildings linked to the main campus, including canteens, tuck shops, and student accommodation. You need a specialist in securing and assisting in various areas to ensure smooth operations. The concierge staff will help act as a visual deterrent and significantly reduce the risk of violence and vandalism while behaving in a responsible and friendly manner.

Concierge staff are trained in being extra vigilant. They will keep a close eye on people’s behaviour and look out for bullying or any other type of misbehaviour. In addition, they will look out for vulnerable attendees and offer help wherever they can. 

Educational Care and Security staff:

  • Fully SIA qualified and trained
  • Trained and skilled in delivering outstanding customer service
  • Trained in conflict resolution and management
  • Capable of conducting risk assessments 
  • Skilled in operating/recording/reviewing CCTV systems
  • Offer general maintenance assistance  
  • First aid trained
  • Fire marshal trained

Professional Concierge staff can assist in medical issues as they are first aid trained. Staff can also help in other emergencies like fires and floods.  

If you are looking for professional Educational Concierge staff to help secure your educational institution get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.    


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